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Original Character Contest



We know lots of you Elftowners love creating and portraying new characters. So whether your character was designed for that novel you're planning, a comic, a role-play, or just for your day-dreams, we want to see it here!


Moderators: [Chel.] & [Alexi Ice]


Contest Begun: March 23rd 2009
Contest Closed: May 23rd 2010

Thank you to all that contributed!



<news:[Original Character Contest@wiki] winner! >

By: [Kaimee]

A wood elf, in this image Birch is a few weeks behind her trees from living in the warmth indoors, and so her colouring is still the bright red of the Autumn leaves. As the winter gets colder the colours will leech out of her hair and skin, gradually transforming her to her original colouring; the blue-grey colour of her eyes and birch bark.




1. NO STEALING: Images must be created by Elftowners and posted here by the original artist.

2.TRACINGS AND PAINT OVERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED: Referencing is fine, but if a large part of the image is referenced please post the reference picture used along with your submission.

3. QUALITY-ISSUES: Please put forth your best effort and quality, drawings on lined notebook paper, or poor quality scannings of your drawings will not be accepted. Drawings must be shaded and/or coloured.

4. OLD ART ALLOWED: Old pieces of art are allowed in this contest, providing they have not already been submitted to another official Elftown Contest. If your art has been submitted in an unofficial contest, then you are still free to enter it here.

5. READ THE [#THEME]!: Your entry must follow the set theme.



8. SUBJECT MATTER: Images that depict graphic violence, pornography or other disturbing actions will not be accepted. Only images that fit the theme will be allowed.

9. MEDIUM: All mediums, except photography, photomanipulations and animated GIFs, will be accepted. NOTE: This means you cannot use a photograph or a photomanipulation even for the background.

10. VOTE-MONGERING: Asking people to vote for you is not allowed. You may ask people to vote in the poll in general, but not specifically for you.

11. QUERIES: If you wish to discuss something about how the contest is run, or the rules, then please use the official contest forum: <forum:Elftown contests>! If you wish to query whether a certain entry fits the theme, please speak up before the entries make it to the polls. You can still speak up even after the contest is closed, as long as the polls have not yet gone up yet. Complaints received after the aforementioned will not be considered valid. However, if you wish to query whether an entry is stolen art or breaks any other rules, you may still bring this up after the poll has been made.


Theme and deadline

What will we be expecting?
The theme is: Original Characters - your own original character designed for an original setting (characters designed for settings such as Middle Earth or X-Men will not be accepted).

The deadline of this competition is 23/05/10

1 image will be chosen as the winner. Winners and participants will receive the following badges:

<img:stuff/artist6b.gif> <img:stuff/z/61513/bdg/artist2.gif> <img:img/new/Build2.gif>


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2010-05-17 [Veltzeh]: An original D&D character designed for an original setting would be accepted, right? D&D in that case would just mean the rules by which the character is played in an RPG.
I did start wondering if an original character for a friend's setting would be okay, though...

2010-05-17 [Lord Josmar]: Thats what I figured. Its an original storyline thought up by me and his character is not a copy of any other character. If that rule is applied this way then no character that is from a fantasy world would be allowed.

2010-05-17 [Veltzeh]: Storylines still happen within settings... I'm not sure how strict the rule is there.

2010-05-17 [Alexi Ice]: The rule seems stupid, and I'm the contest mod. It seems as if the present wouldn't be considered an origional setting either, but I BELIVE it means more along the lines of no Rolo Bagor from LOTR, you know?

2010-05-17 [Kaimee]: I would think D&D would be ok, being (as Veltzeh said) simply a set of rules developed for an original character to play within. Whereas a character made for middle earth or x-men is set within an unoriginal, copyright world. You would own full rights to your D&D character, whereas you can't own full rights to your hobbit character in middle earth :P

2010-05-18 [shadow of darkness]: seriously though. He's my own original character, I can take him from my friend, [Lord Josmar]'s, game and place him into any D&D storyline. Unlike with say my Marvel character, who attended Xavier's School for the Gifted Youngsters; who was written entirely for the purpose of an Xmen RPG. I can take him out of an Xmen RPG, but he MUST stay within the Marvel Universe, because he attended Xavier's.

2010-05-18 [Kyrinn]: DnD is such a large part of the RPing world, I could see it being allowed, so long as its totally original. I play a lot of DnD and have a lot of original characters that could translate into other systems unlike one that would be made for a Marvel universe. Id say an original character from DnD could be allowed. 

But then, thats just me, and Im not a mod.

2010-05-18 [Alexi Ice]: I say it's allowed. Let's see what Chel thinks

2010-05-18 [Veltzeh]: Here's a brief info about D&D settings (like Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk): they can be or not be an integral part of a D&D character. There is the possibility of just using the gods and/or general maps of a D&D setting while the adventure (story) and places are completely original, and, as I said, it's possible to just use the rules and make up everything else (though very few actually make up new races and stuff though it's certainly possible). It's also possible to make an original character just for a specific D&D setting and even storyline.

2010-05-18 [Urmando The Elfling]: A Character contest? How Nice! Let's see if I can make it till the deadline....

2010-05-18 [Chel.]: Alright already- D&D is allowed.

2010-05-18 [Veltzeh]: Even when the characters are designed for non-original settings?

2010-05-18 [Chel.]: Well if D&D is nothing but a basis of rules for making up a world/character on your own... I think it's fine.
I mean you are creating all of this on your's not a given time/place like middle earth or something.

2010-05-19 [Ocean Soul]: Ooooh the badge!

2010-05-19 [Veltzeh]: [Chel.]: Oh, it isn't necessarily so. Most D&D games I've played have used an unoriginal setting and many of those again an unoriginal storyline. The only original things were the characters.

2010-05-19 [jaraden]: thats a tricky one, because the character your creating isn't completely original or yourown because your presetting perramitors from the D&D universe and your limited to their rules. it is possible to create a pretty unique character from their presets, but in the end it'll be a character you created from D&D, not your head... still, who am i to judge, i used to play D&D way back in the days and i had freaking loads of creative fun!

2010-05-19 [Chel.]: I brought it up to the crew and they said it's fine. I sort of disagree, but majority rules.

2010-05-19 [jaraden]: i hear that, i ain't complaining, would be a shame though to have a bunch of characters developed from games making their way into the compitition, but as there are 41 thus far which are all pretty unique i reckon it's just me being an old codger!! har!

2010-06-15 [Sliverbane]: Contest results? If I missed the link or what have you, apologies.

2010-06-16 [Chel.]: pardon?

2010-06-16 [Kyrinn]: A mainstreet poll will be up soon. 

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