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Order of the Stick review

The Order of the Stick is a webcomic about the adventures of the title-named group The Order of the Stick and their quest to destroy the evil lich named Xylon and to prevent him from succeeding in his plot to open one of many evil, world destroying portals. It is a semi-stick figure, Dungeons & Dragons universe based comic with lots of fourth wall breaking and references to non-ingame things. The comic is full of action and comedy in equal measure and, much to character Elan's delight, full of intrigue and plot twists. If any of these things are something you think you would enjoy, then head on over to (Giant in the Playground) and check it out. (Direct link to comic from main page should be located on the left side of the page and may be listed as OOTS).
/ [Lord Josmar]

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2011-05-14 [iippo]: There is also the Order of the Stick wikipage, if shameless advertising is not bad...

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