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2007-07-13 02:30:08
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welcome to Opposites Attract!!

I am sure most of the people on Elftown know of Kissing Boys and Kissing girls. Well I got curious and thought well shouldn't there be a Strait one? well no more sexual preference bias. ^-^

*laughs* well boys and girls look like the world is a small place. there is an alternative to us if you wish you can go there or stay here or just join both! *laughs* i am going to! look at Kissing

The only rule for membership is you must be an opposite sex liker... aka you have to be heterosexual.. (bisexual doesn't count) to become a member of opposites attract. O.o i mean.. it only makes sence no? You are welcome to read here if you are gay lesbian or bi... but this is a meeting places for straight people. Thank you.

They get theirs and we get ours. ^-^ welcome one and all! If you see any spelling or grammatical errors, or if you just want to join msg [Cougar] or [~Shadow_Blade]

We are holding a contest for the badge. As many entries as you want and just msg me. 0.o please people advertise this place and the contest. *wimpers* pls???

here is the badge for now.

There are badges at OA contest... and you can still add more!!!!
here is the link if you want to join the contest for the badge!!
OA contest

and now there is the chat.
Chat OA

And now the Beloved members!!!

1) [shadowic]
2) [/Save The Sound;]
3) [~Kai]
4) [3L]
5) [Flight of the Butterfly]
5) [Tiger Prints]
6) [Never to return again]
7) [Nothingxxx]
8) [DarkRedKrueger]
9) [how about no?]
10) [noodles]
11) [Penfalathion]
12) [colbert;]
13) removed
14) [wubbbus]
15) removed
16) [CYANIDE.]~>on ponderage... read deadlines for oa
17) [Jimbaliah]
18) [if i followed you home would you keep me]
19) [Beautiful Disaster]
20) [~*~Tethryn~*~]
21) [PsychoticBliss]
22) [Shadow Dove]
23) [deleted, gone]
24) [Feugo]
25) removed
26) [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]
27) [Kai'ckul]
28) [Leelo]
29) [vash_159]
30) [aeternus spero]
31) [silvermoon dragon]
32) [Itsme2]
33) [Antianira]
34) [A Dragons Hero]*]~>on ponderage... read deadlines for oa
35) removed
36) [Shadow Minx]
37) [SapphireArcher]
38) [Shee A'beanne Alainn]
39) removed
40) [Supercharged In Denial]
41) [punk_sk8er]
42) [Carla86]
43) [Omied]
44) [Danboo]
45) [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]
46) [Queen of Hearts]
47) [RoseAngel]
48) [e5hnzwu5]
49) [Lexicon]
50) [RaineDrop]
51) [CelebriänEluch]
52) [stephsteph]
53) [hjgfjk]
54) [Raesha]
55) [Amphetamine Psychosis]
56) [xAshesXxFallingX]

Man's guide to Women

: for all you males out there that are just confused or wanting some spiffy ideas... Check it out... if you are male and like chicks... Seriously... Glance over it at least!(A naked woman is hidden in the words... o.o)

Username (or number or email):


2005-05-15 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: I'm not condeming people for being bisexual...I just find it insulting when they claim to be so inorder to "turn on" a member of the opposit sex. And I know you haven't mentioned names..but I just thought I'd clear that up

2005-07-11 [shadowic]: a mans guide to women...O.o...arent women too damned complicated for a manual..and how many guys do you think actually reads the manuals to hooking up electrical appliances..not i wonder how many guys will read that..XD..

2005-07-11 [Cougar]: .> almost every guy i mentioned it to has... ^^ they won't read it for electronics to putting something together.. but then>.> <,< that doesn't involve getting layed either.

2005-07-11 [shadowic]: hahaha true...thats why you need to tell them there is a naken woman made in the letters and you have to look at the pages carefully to see it..O.o..XD

2005-07-11 [Cougar]: LMAO!!!!!!!!! that is a wonderful suggestion!!!

2005-07-11 [shadowic]: will get them to actually intensly read something..XD

2005-07-12 [Danboo]: hey all

2005-07-12 [shadowic]: o.o....*waves frantically for now particular reason*...i dont think coffee while im sick was a good idea...O.o...meh oh well..XD

2005-07-16 [cherry_pie]: hey everyone!!!

2005-07-16 [Cougar]: hi

2005-07-16 [shadowic]: 'ello o.O..*goes into a sneezing spasm* uhg! *keels over exhausted*...grrr damned allergies!!! T_T

2005-07-19 [Flight of the Butterfly]: 0.0 impressive! *applaudes*

2005-07-19 [shadowic]: o.O

2005-07-20 [Flight of the Butterfly]: *grins* sorry. .

2005-07-20 [shadowic]: i ish be very confuzzled...@_@

2005-07-21 [Flight of the Butterfly]: I seem to have that effect on people.

2005-09-27 [Amphetamine Psychosis]: oooh...can i join?

2005-09-27 [shadowic]: looks like you already did..

2007-07-12 [xAshesXxFallingX]: May I join?

2007-07-12 [Cougar]: sure! it's been kinda dead since '05 though.

2007-07-12 [xAshesXxFallingX]: Oooh..well, I'll join anyway. :)

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