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2007-05-05 04:56:47
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Omg... somebody kill me please

Well... umm...
There is no real explanation for this :P
This is me (Kill-Me Frank) and my sister, [Phlau] (Bang-Bang Barbi).


/ [Frenk]

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2007-05-05 [Teufelsweib]: ...................................*kills you*

2007-05-05 [Frenk]: What is the problem? (a)
I recall *YOU* being an emo at EFF

2007-05-05 [Teufelsweib]: did I say that I'm not meant to be killed? :P

2007-05-05 [Frenk]: Oh yay!
Let's die together!
<prepares rusty razorblades>

2007-05-05 [evil beavle]: waaaaah!!!! I think you and your sister are a little bit more emo then al and I were >< *kills him*

2007-05-05 [Frenk]: I dont think I deserve these insults :P
<runs away to a dark corner and cries>

2007-05-05 [evil beavle]: wo ow!!! sowwy!!! >< .. but it is kinda bad you know!!! ><

2007-05-05 [Teufelsweib]: yes you do deserve it. fucking emo. :P

2007-05-06 [Frenk]: O_O
<swallows hair-dryer>

You'll see! One days Emos will rule the world!
We will all solve are problems by crying a lot!

2007-05-06 [evil beavle]: come on!! get over yourself >< I hat those emo's now!!! I saw too much of them in fucking ENGLAND ><

2007-05-06 [Frenk]: Aww poor you
<gets military uniform back and grabs P-38>
Happy now?

2007-05-06 [evil beavle]: yope!!! that's better :P

2007-05-07 [Frenk]: <salutes>
Thanks, Ma'am!
<make-up kit falls on the ground from his pocket>

2007-05-07 [evil beavle]: hmmm.. still I'm not totally convinced of you not being emo anymore ><

but it's okay for now :P

2007-05-07 [Frenk]: (a)
Okay then
<walks away in his room and closes the door>

2007-05-07 [evil beavle]: xD ... why isn't your sis talking here?

2007-05-07 [Frenk]: She is afraid I guess :P
She is afraid of showing her emo self to the world ><

2007-05-08 [evil beavle]: awww :P well, she shouldn't be afraid..

(and just to be sure, she isn't emo, right?)

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