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2007-05-05 04:56:47
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Omg... somebody kill me please

Well... umm...
There is no real explanation for this :P
This is me (Kill-Me Frank) and my sister, [Phlau] (Bang-Bang Barbi).


/ [Frenk]

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2007-05-08 [evil beavle]: awww :P well, she shouldn't be afraid..

(and just to be sure, she isn't emo, right?)

2007-05-08 [Frenk]: But she is
(And no, she hates emos ><)

2007-05-09 [evil beavle]: aww, tell her she isn't allowed to be afraid :P



2007-05-09 [Frenk]: I cant ><
She is downstairs and I'm tired

Actually I will starve the whole night because I'm tired to go downstairs to find some dinner ><

2007-05-09 [evil beavle]: < if I was there I would get your sister to answer and get you some dinner ><

2007-05-10 [Frenk]: I doubt that you can make proper Beaprítós ><
I actually had dinner before sleep ^^
Now I should go downstairs to make breakfast and go to work, but my legs ache ><

2007-05-10 [evil beavle]: what's beapritós??? ><
you had dinner..before you went to sleep..??? that's not so good.. didn't you had nightmares???

2007-05-10 [Frenk]: Nooooo, I had fun dreams
I got (or stole) a new volkswagen golf and was speeding around in town

And beaprítós is umm... cereal-coffee with warm milk and sugar and some... croissant-like thingies. (Mjamm!)

2007-05-11 [evil beavle]: aha... okeej.. cereal coffee? you put cereals in your coffee!!! I think this is a disgrace to the cereals ><

2007-05-12 [Frenk]: Then I got to check what "cereal" means. I thought it meant "breakfast stuff"

2007-05-14 [evil beavle]: yes!!! and you don't put coffee with the cereals (do you know corn flakes??? those are cereals) and whatever everybody says, you also don't put milk in them, then they get all wet and soapy, and I like them crispy ^^

2007-05-14 [Frenk]: Ah...
Though... I'm sure that there are coffee cereals. They also come with caffeine

Anyway... I never really liked cereals because... it sucks with milk. But it also sucks *without* milk
Its... food for parrots ><

2007-05-14 [evil beavle]: nooo, it's lovely food ^^ it crunches and it has loads of iron in it, which is good for my low blood-pressure ^^

2007-05-14 [Frenk]: oh well... I still prefer things with more... ingredients
Its just not designed for my taste :P

2007-05-14 [evil beavle]: okaay :P
You will eat them in holland :P

2007-05-14 [Frenk]: I'm no parro! ><
Make meatballs. Or something out of dead animals

2007-05-15 [evil beavle]: okay.... *cough*with cornflakes*cough*

2007-05-15 [Frenk]: <cant make smiley that would display his disgust>
Ewwwww ><

2007-05-15 [evil beavle]: noo, yummie!!!! :P

2007-05-16 [Frenk]: <pouts>


<gets pizza with chickenliver and mushroom>

2007-05-21 [evil beavle]: talking bout something yackie..

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