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From WFR Char RACE Page:

Info to integrate:
Human - umm, yeah, I think you know what THAT is. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and we eat a lot, and waste even more. Humans are highly opinionated, and selfish, mainly believing that they are the supreme race, above all others (though there are some that don't think this way....mainly ones that are more educated than the rest, and generally more open-minded). Often power-hungry and controlling, they have created a huge amount of havoc upon the continent of Eastonia, including wars, disease, famine, and violence, and that only recalls what they do to themselves...

Elves - Now, this is where it gets fun.
On the continent of Eastonia, elves are nearly legendary, most of them leaving the land of their ancestry for more beautiful and hospitable places in the multiverse.
There are apparently about as many different kinds of elves as there are singular ELVES, so the limits must be pretty high on this category.... There are a woodland variety, called wild elves, or Grugach (by some), and a more common, and sophisticated division, known mostly as high elves, or just elves. Moon elves, though claims differ, are different from night elves, neither of which have been satisfactorily defined/researched, but remain in power throughout the cosmos, and some have reputed to be spiritually and physically linked to the moon itself, although to which of three moons, most are unsure. Another type of elf is the elusive Ghost Elves.
Most of the elves on Eastonia, left behind after the Elven Transmigration of the Fourth Age of Man, live on a small peninsula of land just beyond the boundaries of Styilya, stretching far out into the Blue Ocean. These elves work closely with the human population of Stilya to keep their existence unknown of, helping the Stilyan nation with magical defense and knowledge. Most elves that once populated this land left after the humans of the world became too selfish and power-hungry, seeking to wrest control from the elven lords. The elves of eastern Eastonia sought to cooperatively govern the lands with the humans, but it did not happen effectively, with the humans pointing fingers, and seeking revenge for conspiratorial events. The chaotic nation of the present Ionia came about after the High Elves left this world, seeking another more hospitable place among the stars to call home, and left the Drow (subterranean CE elves, check out About Drow) to call the land their own. Strong and vicious human lords sought to gain acceptance and alliance with the Drow, and many soldiers and officers are hybrid half-drows, commanding the great armies of the expansionist Ionian Rule. Rumors have been told of the High Elves' return to capture and enslave humans, some even claiming that the returned souls of the men and women (reincarnated) of the last age are the most prized of the captured. These are rumor, and may have no real occurence in the land. There is also the rumored Unari. A half-elf, half-unicorn breed that have the horn of the unicorn and all of the beauty of their elven parents. The Unari are so very rarely seen that they're rumored to be extinct.
The Avariel elvin race is the most reclusive and hard to find when they don't want to be. Most apon seeing them think of the avariels as angels. Though most avariels spout 10 to 12 foot wing spans, avariels are elvin, said to be the children of the air goddess. All have warble white skin (which does not burn in the sun), white or black hair and most any eye color. The avariel's tend to be from 5 foot to 6 1/2 feet in height and weig accordingly because of their wings and bone structure, which allows them to fly. In the history there have been a few avariel who have had unusual hair color, like auburn, not many are found and is are very rare. Because of their hair color, their wings are often the same color. The avariel race does practice the dying of their wing tips or whole wings, to different colors.
If you have more to post about elves in any land, including TR or Vraisynn, please erase this last sentence, and post them here. 

Dwarves - mainly mountain-dwelling, short, stocky beings, capable of the long lives of many elven people's 1,000+ year lifespans. Known to be highly skilled in metal- and stone-work, and to have great inherent skill with items made of both substances, both weaponry, and mundane (like stone paths, or iron gates, etc). Dwarves often have heavy accents, especially the more common type, found mainly below the mountains of the land, living in tunnel-structured cities of the underground portion of Eastonia.
Small tribal communities have sought to populate the surface, living amid crevices and hilly lands in or near the mountain ranges of the Capett (north), Suut (east), and Dredge (equatorial). See the coming Map/Eastonia wiki for more...
Anything else?

Gnomes - Sometimes referred to as Dwarves by the less educated, gnomes are short little creatures, some races being more animalistic, with buggy eyes, and even whiskers, and the more common form, being the social gnomes, known among those that can get straight answers from them, to be called the Fyrboen (fehr-been). Bright, skilled, and knowledgeable of things greater than even human capacity, these modest creatures tend to stray far from human land and notice. They keep their homes well-hidden, sometimes even below ground, and those that aren't welcome will never find them. Some have very large noses, bulbous, or sometimes very pointy, or stout, and some can be found to grow to very old age, those that are most educated being the most insane.
Gnomes have been known to communicate openly with beings of all races, but generally only on the most stable of conditions.

Fae/spirit-folk - There are too numerous divisions of sentient creatures that sometimes inhabit the realms of the worldly, many coming from magical realms of lore and pure fantasy, where wishes are thought, and dreams are reality. Some call the lands of Eastonia their true home, although few will tell you of the nature of their origin, rather mysterious, and protective of their magical worlds from the cruelty and perversion of the human world.
Faeries, Fae, Dryads, Nymphs, Pixies, and Sprites, among many others - some have wings, some don't; some can fly, some can't (these two things aren't closely related, either, in many cases....); some live here, some commute, and some will only live in a world of eternal twilight. Some have great magical ability, some can only spray you with colorful, luminescent pixie-dust, then leave you coughing, while you dance wildly, whilst they flee; some live in trees(dryads), some wander eternally, on agendas unknown or unwritten. There are some humanoids that try to classify the faefolk that appear mainly in the wilderness, often near or around groups of fungi or plant-life....although it seems rather impossible, with the rapidly growing number. Some like to live in or near water....some adore flying through the coals of flaming campfires....still others exist as mists, or even frog- or insect-like creatures.
Dryads are tree-spirits that live symbiotically in a magical lifelong commune with a tree of the forest, many being oaks, willows, or elms. Some are small, living in connection with a young sprout or small plant, and they can get taller than most humans, as in the case of the Fehrmi Dryads, a rare race connected to the vanishing Fehrmi Tree. Legend has it that a dryad of this kind lives within the body of an eccentric plant that vanishes, often upon the manifestation of the fae. The Genedai of the islands amid the great Blue Ocean have reportedly been able to accomplish this feat as well, and are able to travel the seas accordingly. Both of these races (Fehrmi and Genedai) are highly magical, and can only be played after thoroughly speaking with [xido], no questions asked.
Nymphs are female-looking spirits that convey the needs of other more powerful spirits or elementals of a given natural territory to the mortal world. They only trust those they are taught to trust, and unwelcome humanoids will never find the way into a Nymph's domain. They are nearly always the size of commone humans and elves.
Nixies are insect-like faeries, pixies are cute little winged sparkly things, often playful and magical. Sprites, Faeries, etc.....there are too many.
Half-elemental spirits of nature often find themselves in this category, as well as that of Half-folk.
Kitsune - Creature of our own Japanese myth, who travel the lands of Eastonia on errands devised on their native dimension, among the spirit realms of the deities and higher beings of the cosmos. More...
Kitsune-bito - The physical form of a Kitsune. Exact translation is Fox Folk. They are tan-white foxes that stand on ther hind legs only standing about 3 feet tall. They have no visible mouth, but can speak like a human. They are often Clerics, but can be warriors as well. Very nimble, much faster than a human despite their size. Very good reflexes.
Angels, Demons, and half-such beings - these come from other planes, too, like the heavens and hells of the people of the world. Everyone's story differs; that's the beauty of BELIEF.

Half-folk, halflings, brownies, hobbits, hybrids, gnomes, and their differences - Well, let's get one thing straight....we all need to know what each other is talking about.
A halfling is an older term for a half-folk, being one composed of two different races. However, throughout the years of fantasy life in Eastonia, so many races have bred and out-bred in so many despicably various forms, that the term halfling had to be elaborated upon.
A hybrid is any two or more differing species that create a child of mixed race. If you use the term 'halfling' to describe such a creature, I will slay you in-game....j/k.  Please, always, use the following terms to name the appropriate race of your chars.
A Halfling (with a proper H) is a shorter being, appearing like that of a tiny waist-tall human, and with a rather more elliptical head, and often no significant signs of facial hair. They have a similar build to that of thin humans, and very few have ever been found to become obese, perhaps a racial feature yet undefined. They are often quick, agile, and responsive to even the most surprising of scenarios, many becoming renowned rogues, and master theives. These are generally different from that of the rather stout dwarf-like beings of the plains and woodlands (Hobbits), which can be found to get rather overweight, and often have a rather thick growth of general body hair, neither of which would characterize a (D&D) Halfling, as opposed to a (Tolkienn) Hobbit. Neither of the species have been known to live to older age than most humans, and some have even learned to live aside humans in peaceful nations that welcome the little folk, who are found to be great workers, and humble helpers for any task, great or small. Halflings tend to be light and nimble, while Hobbits are stout, and steadfast, some being particularly strong, even by human standards.
Sometimes Halflings are also known or referred to as Brownies, and some beings of the TRUE Brownie race (a small division of half-fae little folk) find it amusing and laughable, but not offensive, to have their humanoid counterparts called by their name. Brownies are rare, whimsical beings who prefer to commune with the little people of the land, and play an occasional joke on the 'biggins' when at their most sociable of times. Brownies will occasionally hold conference with the taller, less magical races, and even elves, although only on the rarest event, and within only the most hilarious of proposals, and they never have less than thirteen ways to escape, in the event that their tricks offend the 'big ol' puddy general'. They're crazy antics are near that of gnomes, but even gnomes won't go as far as the Brownie does to give themselves a good laugh.
Gnomes, although similar to all of these accounted 'little people', are not related, unless by hybrid nature (which is more than possible)
Both Brownies and Gnomes are known to be inherently very magical, although Hobbits and Halflings are often without special abilities, unless they have done rather intense research into the Arcane Arts, or have magical ancestry, and have been born as sorcerors (natural mages). Also, there is a race of deep gnomes called svirneblin who live in the Underdark, but are not cruel like the Drow.
Anything else...?

Dragon -Dragons are incredably rare to come by. Most are thousands upon thousands of years old, and some have been known to live up to two million years before going to the wyvern in the sky, as they refer to it. Dragons come in many variaties, some evil, some good, and some who don't care. All dragons have wings, and they all can breathe fire. They all have exeptionaly good eye-sight, the can see up to five times the distance of humans, and can see in the dark nearly as well as they can in the light. Dragons have diffrent stages of age, wyrmling, infant, very young, young, pubertic, maturing, adult, mature adult, wyrm, and great wyrm. There are legends about dragons that have grown older and more powerfull than greatwyrms. . .
Here is a list of the common dragon species:
Good dragons:
Gold- the most powerfull good dragon there is. they are a shining gold color, and when they reach maturaty, some can blind lesser beings (meaning all non-dragons) by reflecting the sun's most harmfull rays. Their eyes are gold when they are young, but lose their color and become egg-white later on in life. They are extremley intelligent, and can even read minds when they reach the Mature adult stage. Gold dragons are noble and honorable, and sometimes help adventuring heros IF their quest is pure and just. Gold dragons can transform into a humanoid shape at will. (Humanoid can be anything from human to elvish to orcish)
Silver- not as powerfull as Gold dragons, but are still EXTREMLEY powerfull. They are a lot like gold dragons, so much so that they are exactly the same exept for color, strength, and what they belive to be good. Silver dragons will embark on any quest, so long as it doesn't involve senseless killing, but they have a very high price on their servaces.
Metalic-Metalic dragons are a metalic-blue color, and are esentially good, but they have no problem with stealing for what they want. They will never kill for no reason or for their personal gain, but they are known to keep hords of gold and platinum and other valuables. They don't have the ability to blind things with their scales, and their eyes are a greenish/blue color their whole life. As far as adventuring goes, they usually won't risk their own life for anyone else, or for any concept of good. They will help in a special cases, but those are usually cases that involve more gold than any one person has. They are not quite as strong as silver dragons, but are still EXTREMLEY powerfull. It is absolutley imposible for metalic dragons to read minds, because they aren't as smart as gold and silver dragons. Their average intelligence is that of a smart humanoid.
Evil Dragons:
Red-Red dragons are the most powerfull of the evil dragons. They are just as powerfull and have all the same abilities and gold dragons. They usually live near a village or town, and regularley torment and pillage that village or town. They keep a large amount of treasure, and will kill anything that crosses their path instantley. Red dragons are very cunning and smart.
Black-Black dragons are a deep black color, and are no where near as strong as gold or red dragons, but are, as always, EXTREMLEY powerfull. They cannot blind people, and their eyes are blck their whole life. They can hide in the shadows, if they are large enough, and they can hide underwater in marshes or swamps. They are very evil, and if they ever come across any form of life exept dragons or other stronger creatures, they will attempt to kill and eat it. They value treasure over all else, and will do anything to find it. They are about as smart as a regular humanoid.
White- White dragons are very uninteligent. they live to hunt, and the only things they can do is fight and kill. They are weaker than other dragons, but are still, not to seem repetative, but they really are EXTREMLEY powerfull. They are good as npcs, but are very bad pcs.
As you can probabley tell, I've left a lot to the imagination, and that's because there is no certain type of dragon, they are all diffrent, and are only similar in how they look and how they act.

Golems are great NPC/props for any story, but mainly unintelligent, they are not the greatest of PCs... However, if you come up with the story of how your golem claimed a soul, it's all yours.

Savage humanoids come in many variaties. The are orcs, half orcs, gnolls, and about 100 others. They all have basicly the same properties of humans, but are often stronger. They live on the far outskirts of towns, and like to regularly pillage and torment the town. They think they are unstopable, but a good party of strong adventurers can usually teach them a lesson.

A true Felynne is essentially a humanoid cat, and as such, they have fur all over their bodies. The males sport a fine, lion like mane when mature; the females tend to grow long, hair like fur on their heads. Their fur is softer on the abdominal regions and about the face; longer and thicker on their backs, legs and tails. The fur can be a range of patterns and colours, however they are all natural hues, (so no bright blues, pinks or greens thanks!). A Felynnes' eyes are cat like, with elliptical pupils, and can vary in colour, though they are most commonly a grey blue when born and golden yellow when mature. Their ears are also cat like and are of similar proportions to their skulls and sit in the same position just above the eyes. They have a tail like most cats; however some are know to have bobbed tails, but this is rare as it hinders their balance, especially when on their hind legs. Their claws are retractable and they walk on their toes, four to a paw, just like cats. They vary in height, weight and build, but are generally between five foot and seven foot tall when standing on hind legs.

Many of the Felynne race are known to be thieves or rogues, without honour or respect for any authority. However there are some nobler houses that preserve the codes of chivalry and nobility. Much like humans, the Felynnes are versatile creatures that follow many different lifestyles and have varying personalities. They are more prevalent in the land of TearRem and the continent of Qor, under [Lexicon]'s rule. Typically, Felynnes don't live in Eastonia, but the occasional rogue traveller could find himself on the continent with an iron stomach, if he/she can handle stashing away in the cargo bay of some ship. Many of those that do prefer to settle down somewhere in Eastonia rather than risking a return journey.

Technical details.
They have slightly narrower pelvises compared to an ordinary cat, with the femurs tilted slightly more inward to facilitate bipedalism (so they can walk upright); however they are still comfortable walking on all fours. They have four toes on each paw, however the carpals on the fore paws are lower, larger and set more to the inside of each paw, acting like an opposable thumb with a short claw that doesn't retract. This “opposable thumb” hangs to the side when walking on all fours.

Pheonixi are commonly refered to as "Bird-Men" they are born now through the same processes as any other humanoid creature but originally were created when a pheonix merged with a group of humans rather than coming back to life.

Generally human shaped, Pheonixi have some very different features. One being fully functional wings. Wingspan tends to average about twice the length of the Pheonixi's body. The wings, back, neck and head are all feathered while a tough, leathery skin is displayed everywhere else. Their bonestructure is not delicate but very light. Their bones are not the same as human bones, although they can take about the same strain. The face resembles a bird rather than a human and plumage can take an extrodinary range of colors and displays. Heads range from hawklike to parrotlike to sparrowesque.

Physical strengths are exactly human in standard with the ensuing range applied. Mentally though the Pheonixi outstrip humans in one particular area. They can become Psionic. Psionic abilities range from communication telepathically to telekinetics (transfering energy to an object to make it move, or stop depending on the will projected upon the object). They cannot read minds or any silly things like that but their empathic sensitivities are far greater than humans. Can speak almost any language if the knowledge is there as their vocal capabilities allow them to mimic almost any sound.
(For questions or additions to Pheonixi, please message me, [MathiasIV], Thanks! ^_^)

Were-people are members of any race, which have been biten by another were creature. This causes them to shapeshift into the animal they were bitten by, either fully or in a half-humanoid form. There are many variations on were creatures, the most known would be werewolves. Others are werecats, wererats, werebears or any other animal. There is no such thing as a were version of a magical creature, as gryphons or dragons.

Faunarian (feminine suffix-Faunarien)- A magical being of any race, the abilities of a Faunarian are usually passed on from parent to child. Faunarian's are capable of transforming themselves into any sentient creature of flesh, provided they have some understanding of how different elements of them are composed; for example, the way a wing is formed and moves. Simple observation is generally enough for a Faunarian, as long as they can maintain detailed images of what they have observed to guide the transformation. They have a natural instinct for such observation and find most transformation to be effortless, especially once accustomed to it. However, these abilities are known to skip generations.
The most common race of Faunarian ancestry is the Felynne, although the origin of the shapeshifting ability is lost to myth and legend, many of which are innacurate.
Faunar (plural) often travel, and have one major community settled in Tearra Réhm, and some on other worlds unknown to the majority of Jashnian citizens.

Centaur-live primarily on plains or lightly wooded areas.  A mostly nomadic people with a strict social hierarchy called, and based upon equine herds. The herd is lead by the lead male, stallion, but also comprised of weaker, lower ranking stallions. The females, mares, also have a strict hierarchy with a leading female. Religion is mostly nature oriented, but may change between individual herds.  Though primarily huntsmen, or ranger types, they also have a rich culture of crafts and knowledge gathering, also individual and varying between herds. Centaurs are omnivorous, very social, but mildly xenophobic.

Hylian (Dis. from Zelda) Beings that live in the land of Hyrule. Hylians are legendary for there many skills and intellegent minds. Many think they are way ahead of there time. They are simple beings that remind most of a human. They look like the normal "elf" because of the long pointed ears that petrude out about three inches. No person knows excatly why they are like this, but it said in an old myth that "the Hylians ears are this way so they can hear the voices of the gods." Not every Hylian can use magic. They are ruled by a King and watched over by seven sages. They prayed to three golden goddesses that made the land they live in. One to make the land, one to make the law, and one to make those who would uphold the law. They left upon this land a golden relic that held together what made the life of Hylians. A strong and beautiful creature, a Hylian is. They may not be as respctful as a and Elf, but given the right role, they are a fine being indeed.
(I did not make a Hylian. Nintendo did.)

Vampires are well known throughout the Realms as evil bloodsuckers, murderers and seducers. A vampire is created after somebody is bitten by vampire and their blood is drained. A vampire can be a member of any race. There are vampire humans, elves, gnomes, you name it. Vampires are usually pale in appearance as they cannot survive in sunlight (when they do are in sunlight, they will catch flame untill they die or reach shadows within short time). Vampires have large fangs, which give them their blood sucking ability. The sucking of blood is a vampire's way of feeding, and usually has some restoring ability on him as well. Most vampires have the abilty to change into a bat, and some can change into wolves as well. The most powerfull can even take on a foglike form. Mage vampires can often summon swarms of bats or wolves to aid them in battle. Some vampires can also take on the form of a hybrid bat, humanoid but with large bat like wings, fur and face. Vampires have hypnotic abilities, which they mostly use to seduce victims, often of the gender they prefere. A vampire has a self regenerating ability, and can only be slain by hitting it's heart (not necissarily with a wooden stake), or ripping out the heart. Garlic and crusifixes have no effect on vampires, these are mere stories. Holy water does affect vampires though, as they are undead. e: Vampires always hunger for blood, but do not have to drink it. They can choose to supress this hunger, or to drink blood from mice, cattle, or pets. Surpressin it for long periods of time requires a great willpower though.

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