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Of Myth

Poem by [Linderel]

Regale us with tales
in the light of blazing hearth
of a beast, a bird so majestic
there shall be no other akin

Had we in our battle-wearied hearts
if but a spark of that fire
that brightly burns in those apart
feeding the fall of the phoenix

In mortal, bound bodies
nary a shadow of deadly grace
which lives in souls of the wildest
as they roam their tangled roads

Come, come, this path shall take
beyond deepest valley reaches
where the phoenix doth fly
its eternal cycle--

death, resurrection, only to perish
in incandescent glory
yet clad in finest feathers
rise once more to the winds

This sight a kind of beauty
one could give life to glimpse
have to hold in his hand
yet no man shall ever come to possess

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