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2006-10-01 09:52:53
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I do sometimes take part in things like the 10 days of photography or the PhotoHunt on deviantART.

10 days of photography:
Here you get a new theme every day and after 10 days you had 10 different themes and hopefully took 10 photos ;) You do have some time to think about what to do, but not endlessly big amounts of time. So it is pretty spontaneous (as long as you take the photos after you get the theme and don't just select previously taken photos from your folders).

Here you go to the PhotoHunt chatroom and wait for at least two others 'hunters' and one 'judge' to get online and active, so a hunt can be started. Once there are enough people, the judge will makw the theme public and starting from that very point you'll have 20 minutes to think of what to do, take a photo, upload it to the computer, resize and edit it in Photoshop if needed and upload it to an online gallery. I have experienced that you do pretty much need 20 minutes to do all of that, if you work fast and quickly get an idea.

<img100*150:stuff/chemistry%20copy.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/funky%20copy.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/lifestyle_hunt%20copy.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/pages%20copy.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/scratch%20copy.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/SANY0012%20copia.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/SANY0002222%20copy.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/waste_hunt%20copy2.jpg>
<img100*150:stuff/veggie_oc%20copy.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/bitchslap_oc%20copy.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/waterdropfootprint1.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/redlightsleepiness.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/fallingonmynose2.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/bluehatguitarsmashing1.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/readingreadingreading.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/diezeitlaeuftmirdavon.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/spigelhaftespiegelungohnespiegel.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/fangfangfangdenwind.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/sevensevensevencards.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/schreihals.jpg>

Back to Ocean's pics.. please!

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2006-10-02 [Jitter]: I love the book one! :D Mind if I sometime do a similar one? :) (will credit you of course ^_^)

2006-10-02 [Ocean Soul]: The turning pages or the me in the middle of books?
Aaannd.. sure you can do one like that ^__^

2006-10-02 [Jitter]: Heehee yeah that one. Moving is a good excuse to do such one ^_^

2006-10-02 [Ocean Soul]: =^_^=

2007-03-16 [Coffeecontrolsme]: AAAAAH!!! you're awsome

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