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So, I have a whole bunch of different galleries now, for different media and themes.. here they're all listed :) Have a look at them and enjoy.. or don't look and don't enjoy :P
- [Ocean Soul]


Ocean's Layouts
Some layouts for websites I made.. nothing outstandingly special, but some of them are quite nice I think :)

Ocean's pics
Photos I took.. not quite a "huge" gallery you have here, just some shots.. it does look like I like taking photos of plants.. mh!

Ocean's Vectors and Drawings
Vectorial drawings and airbrush-ish drawings I made with Photoshop or Illustrator..

Ocean's Traditional
Art created with traditional media such as pencil, ink, oil, sculptures and the like.

Ocean's Elftowners
Portraits of Elftowners I made. I made the portraits, not the Elftowners.

Ocean Soul's Coloredness
Lineart which was colored by me but drawn by other people :)

Ocean Soul's Tutorials
Tutorials I made, to help you with your art and techniques ^_^

Graphics by Ocean Soul
Graphics I made, which are free for usage on Elftown by all Elftowners :)

That's it ^_^

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