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2014-10-10 13:06:20
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Ha ha, made you look!

Elftown has more abandoned places than downtown Detroit. Who cares if they're occupied or not, as long as the real estate prices are low and the gang people are pulling up their saggy pants?

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2014-10-10 [Teufelsweib]: <img:>

first comment!

2014-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Third comment!


2014-10-10 [Paul Doyle]: Going out of our way to annoy the snot out of people, we are? Comment four! . . . . skin.

2014-10-10 [Paul Doyle]: <img200*0:> I ought to do another (incomplete, of course) version of this picture with his middle finger flipping off the viewer. Just because nobody really cares anymore. Occupy this.

2014-11-10 [Nocturnaliss]: Aww and I thought this was a real page D: lol

2014-11-10 [Paul Doyle]: It's gallows humor, pretty much.

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