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The Nymian Beastlands

The World of Nym and the Peoples of Omarka/Omakwa

   The savage wilds of the face of Nym can appear as many masks, each somehow representative and simultaneously mocking itself and its own authority to the authority of the vicious cycle of predator and prey. The divine-protected Happy Hunting Grounds is not always so pleasant and 'happy' though a beast with a full belly could hardly be called dissatisfied.

   The Nymian Beastlands is a campaign setting for role-playing games focused on savage wilderness, primitive cultures, animals and beasts free from the standard fantasy stereotypes such as elves, dragons, and gnomes - though being a heavily nature-oriented location, fey and the sylvan folk can be found here in protected areas. Humans and other primitive humanoids can be found here, though they are not the most populous or most powerful species on the planet. Other races include the minotaur, tengu, neanderthal, pygmy, rubil, wilderling, oroka, and many others, including more powerful monstrous races with special rules systems.

   The Nymian Beastlands is a completely Pathfinder RPG compatible setting, and will be released over the coming months and years (as of May 12, 2010). [xido] (Will) is seeking volunteer artist media contributors at this time in exchange for potential publication in a digital/physical publication with mentions in the book credits and along with each image on or near the page it occupies. An email address can be found below - please do not spam.

<img400*0:stuff/Nym_WorldMap01.jpg>   <img400*0:stuff/Nym_WorldMap02.jpg>

   This campaign setting and related material will contain the following aspects of niche game design based on Pathfinder ruleset standards:
      -- New player and monstrous races (as above, plus many more), plus a ton of new or revised player options.
      -- New base classes (including the Akashic Expert, Omarkan Beastmaster, Juju Shaman, Junglethorn, Omarkan Outrider, and Primordial Hunter, as well as new Sorcerer Bloodlines options such as Rakshasa, Agathion (Dinopriminal), Faunarian, & Anakim), and related feats, skills, and abilities. New variation on incarnum/meldshaping, called 'Pranamelding'.
      -- New rules & mechanics for monstrous and powerful PC and NPC/Monster races, along with a large amount of races showing the examples of its implementation - these mechanics will include base racial traits (as any base PC race), base racial HD level, advanced racial HD levels, and paragon racial advanced HD levels; each tier will have their own requirements and benefits.
      -- Tons of new monsters, monstrous humanoids, modern and prehistoric animals, vermin, plants, and more critters, plus rules on plants, animals and environmental traits as in-game challenges and how they apply to overland movement, skill/ability/spell use, etc.
      -- A 'Races of Omarka' supplement outlining the major facets of the sentient races of the Omarkan peoples, powerful races, advanced and paragon HD level rules, and covering other aspects of society dealing with the groups of races and their purposes/motivations.
      -- Separate publications for players and game masters, plus excellent campaign-oriented GM-only material; Player's (or Pathfinder's) Guide and Storyteller's Guide to Nym, plus a GM-only sourcebook for great in-depth campaign material: 'Secrets of Nym' - with GM material covering secret society aspects of the Faunar, mysteries & lore, secrets magics and sigilry, variant technology, interplanetary/planar travel and the cosmos, as well as many other various aspects that a storyteller might need to bring a rich and thorough campaign setting to life through their adventures.

PDF files for names and images of dinosaur and primitive animal species:








<img0*240:stuff/dinopriminals02.jpg>   <img0*240:stuff/sivanal01-fullbody.jpg>   <img0*140:stuff/dinopriminal_badge01.jpg>

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2008-01-17 [xido]: Minotaur
Animals / Dire Animals / Dinosaurs

Animals, Vermin
Dire Animals & Advanced Animals (Prehistoric Animals, or PreAnims)
Dire Dinosaurs
Awakened Creatures (children: Neo-Animals - )
Anthro Creatures
Humans (Savage), Wildren, & Forest Folk
Humans (Enlightened, Civilized)
Bariaur & Centaurs / Tauric Creatures (Taurians of SW Continent)
Felynne, Catfolk
Faunarian, Shapeshifters - Felynne & Hengeyokai
Rare Magical Beasts

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