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Hi I am [Unicorn Tamer], the owner and bartender, along with the other bartender, [Angel Dreamer], my best friend. Have a seat at a table, order something from our cook, [Klyle]. He'll have it out for you in a jiff! Or, if you wish, you can play a game of pool at one of the pool tables scattered around the room. Also, you can sit at the bar and try our special, Something Under the Sun. Its made of mango, pineapple, kiwi, and orange juice, with a shot of rum.


part of the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay

Impatiently, Callen says, "Angeline DeThrayne, I just told you people. Do you or don't you know where I can find her? And why am I locked in here?"

"I not where she is but of where she was, but I know not how to return back to the place ask Tamer she'll know where she is or at least I hope she will." Klyle says, " As for 'locked' I know not why but I do know you can open the doors by pulling not pushing." Klyle adds. "Sorry my mind is in another world, literally."

Tamer "You are locked in beacuse of a locater spell. I have not heard from your sister and I am starting to get worried." "Klyle be a dear and get me a cup of tea, make sure to add a little rum I am feeling a little faint." Tamer walks over and sits at a table. As she sits her eyes wonder over to Klyle and looks at him with deep intint.

Klyle walks over to the bar and graps the rum, taking it to the pot of freshly brewed tea in the kitchen and comes out with Tamers 'Tea'. "here you are, just like you like it." Klyle says as he sets it down infront of Tamer, "I want to see you happy." Klyle wispers to Tamer as he walks overto the bar to replace the rum bottle he has just used. Klyle then pour himself a highballer of rum and gin and something from an unmarked bottle, shakes it and askes the wierd man,"Do you want something?"

Tamer puts her hand out as to becon Klyle over to her.

"Just my sister," Callen replies tensely.

Klyle downs his drink and then walks over to Tamer,"Yes?" Klyle asks Tamer.

Tamer "Klyle will you help me to my room upstairs please I will rest up and try to get ahold of Angel again.

Angel calmly wanders into the tavern as if she had only been gone a few moments and not months. She gives Tamer and Klyle an absent wave, then wanders behind the counter and makes herself a fruit drink.

Hardly able to believe that this serene young woman is his sister, Callen asks, "Angeline?"

Angel turns to see who had called her name. When she spots Callen, the glass slips out of her hand and shatters on the floor, and her face pales.

Whitetrash gets up to go take a piss.

Klyle prances around like a little fairy.

Tamer has a shocked look on her face and says " I just tried to get ahold of you where have you been? I was worried, where are the guys?"

Still staring at Callen, Angel tells Tamer, "They're...coming...later..."

A young maiden around 23 walks out from behind a room that was behind the bar.She has a sleder figure and long black hair and blue eyes. She stands behind the counter and starts to wash the glasses

Klyle stops in mid-prance, "who the hell are you?

she smiles and looks at Klyle "A helper" her long black hair falls in her face as she looks at him and she pushes it behind her shoulder~

"You're not on the payroll, but if you want to work for free, go right ahead." Klyle pauses, "but I will need to know who you are, we get a few people every now and then that turn out to be a lot more trouble than they're worth."

Markela looks up from wherever she's been napping and whistles her agreement with Klyle.

"Well..." Klyle says awaiting her answer and slowly reaching for something at the bar.

"Quilathe nailo...age well in human years I say I'm around 3000, but lets say I'm twenty." ~she looks at him and smiles~

Klyle grabs a bottle of unmarked substance and pours just a little bit into his glass and then smiles back And says,"Well... you don't look a day older than 2750 years old... and you are... umm well..." Klyle pauses and takes a small sip of his drink then continues without taking a breath"Where are my manners... would like something to drink...or how about something to drink." Klyle says as he completely 'checks out' Quilathe.

~she laughs slightly as she is used to it and just smiles~ "I'll just have water with a hint of red wine in it." ~she looks at him~

Whitetrash walks out of the bathroom, beer in hand, "Sorry, I must have forgotten what I was doing. Who's that?"

~smiles at him~ "Ask for yourself..."

Klyle walks to the back of the bar pours a glass of water then pours just a little red wine. Klyle then hands it to her and asks Whitetrash,"Want another..." and then turns his attention over to Quilathe and thinks to himself *She's kinnda cute*

"I'll get my own, shthank yoo. So who tha hell are ya?" Whitetrash stumbles to the bar for another beer, yet still manages to get his empty bottle into the trash can.

~she turns to klyle~ "Thank you." ~she adds a bit of powder and it turns a slight pink and she smiles then takes a sip then looks to whitetrash~ "The names Quilathe.." ~she gives him a short glare~

"exshcuse my mannersh," Whitetrash lays down on a table, "whoo, shpinny!"

~Quilathe looks at whitetrash~ "yeah sure..." `she glares at hm~ "I have no sympothy for drunkards..."

Angel edges around her brother and goes behind the bar. "Actually, Whitetrash acts like that whether he's drunk or not. And I don't remember Tamer hiring you..." She gives Quilathe a hard look.

~Quilathe smiles~ "It is free work, I wasn't hired..." ~smiles at Klyle~

Whitetrash looks up with a huge grin, "No such thing as a free lunch, honey. I see what you're workin' for. What do you think Angel?" His glazed eyes move to Klyle.

Angel coughs, hiding her laughter. "Why, Whitetrash, I'm sure I don't know what you mean. Surely you believe that she truly is working for free?"

~ Quilathe raises an eyebrow at him and takes a seat as she sips her drink~ "I surely have no idea what you are talking about."

Tamer walks over to the bar and pours a drink from a bottle marked with 3 X's.

Callen takes Angel's arm and pulls her off to a corner, where they talk quietly for several moments, Callen apparently trying to persuade Angel into doing something.

The touching family moment is ruined by Angel jerking her arm out of his grasp and shouting, "Are you insane or just stupid, Callen? I'm not going back there to be 'questioned' by a bunch of witch-hunting psychos!"

Klyle, in seeing this walks up to Angel and says, "Angel what is going on?" looking very conserned over the last comment shouted aloud.

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2005-06-23 [Whitetrash Rocker]: Its bavarian beer stupid, dark ale tastes different than your Rocky Mountain Piss Water

2005-06-23 [Klyle]: shinner bock is bock beer stupid

2005-06-23 [Whitetrash Rocker]: it says bavarian beer on the bottle dumbass, I'm looking at it right now

2005-06-23 [Klyle]: well i am looking at the bartenders bible for all the types of beer and it says the types of beer are lagers...bock...malt liquor... ales...stout...porter...bitter...brown ale...cream ale...scotch ale...pale ale...mild...barley wine...and lastly sake...... and under bock beer it says"Dark, strong, and sweet, Bock beer can be, although rarely is, top fermernted, when it becomes an ale." bavarian is just the way and by whom it was made...or in other words which method.......

so there!!!

2005-06-23 [Whitetrash Rocker]: see this-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->  (_Y_)     lick it

2005-06-23 [Klyle]: your just pissed off cause a drunk man proved you wrong

2005-06-23 [Whitetrash Rocker]: not really, cuz its still better

2005-06-23 [Klyle]: i think everybody else is going to be pissed off when they see all that we have said do you think @$$h()|E

2005-06-23 [Whitetrash Rocker]: I think they will find it quite entertaining

2005-06-23 [Klyle]: yes quite brb got to get more beers :)..... ok back with beers

2005-06-24 [medianduel]: shut the hell up both of you .... shiner rules because i said so ..... so there

2005-06-24 [Angel Dreamer]: *thwaps them all for drinking too much*....silly males

2005-07-04 [quilathe_nailo]: ~Also fwaps them~ know, some would call you sad and utterly pathetic.... :p

2005-07-06 [Angel Dreamer]: well, R doesnt get on much...I'm not that chatty and don't want to be one of only 2 that leaves ian, medi, and tamer to blame! >:)

2005-07-06 [Whitetrash Rocker]: huh?

2005-07-08 [quilathe_nailo]: lol

2005-07-08 [medianduel]: i didnt do it

2005-07-11 [quilathe_nailo]: of course not

2006-02-20 [Klyle]: i have internet again

2006-02-21 [Angel Dreamer]: aha! and just why has it taken you so long? :P

2006-07-25 [Klyle]: ya sorry i just got it again

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