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Nocura Wolf
Nocura has done a lot of things over the years, healer, teacher, but at the moment she works for the royal guard. She is the third highest ranking officer in the guard. King Rockmar trusts her more then anyone else in the guard, which is why he has selected her to avenge his sister's death.
Drawing, painting, writing, singing, dancing, and practicing her battling skills.
Sometimes Nocura comes off as too serious, she makes her troops very nervous at times with her stone cold exterior. But once someone gets to know her, they learn that she is a very loving and caring woman.
Nocura was born in a very small village called Mulgore. This town was filled with different species, but mainly their were druids, learning different trades and tricks.

Nocura's parents were just like everyone else, trying to make their way in the world during hard times. Nocura was taught the way of the druids and at her rightful age, she moved on, looking for bigger and better things.

She came across the kingdom of Lorath early on in her travels. She decided to stay for a while and got a job with a blacksmith. After that she jumped around a lot from job to job, always wanting to learn new things.

Until one day after she'd been training in a battlefield, an officer of the guard asked if she wanted a job protecting the kingdom. Excited with the chance to protect these wonderful people, she snatched up the opportunity and has progressed very well in the guard, becoming the third highest ranking officer with a huge amount of respect from her troops and fellow officers.

King Rockmar had trusted her very early on, due to her skill and intelligence. Normally he kept her near by just in case but since the act of murder on his sister, he has asked Nocura to gather a small group of her best men and women to avenge his sister.
Animals, art, music.
Liars, Criminals, Plain and simple.
Aside from her sword and bow and arrows, she also carries around a leather bound book filled with her writing and drawings. She has an enchanted pouch that has an extending charm on it from her grandmother that carries all of her prized possessions.
Has several, a wolf by the name of Deazael, a Morgan horse by the name of Stormy Day, and an eagle by the name of Falroc. These two have been with her all her life, the others have just come along the way. Since all of these animals are tied to her in a way, they live abnormally long lives.
History of Druids:
There are very little evidences of magic from the ancient druids in Gaul that appeared frequently in Irish and Welsh literature's. The classical authors believed that druids practiced magic and witchcraft, but were very vague to what sort of magic. What is clear is that the ancient druids took special interests in healing and divination.

Like shaman or medicine man, the druids made charms and talisman to ward off evil spirits.

As physicians and healers, the druids gathered herbs and poultice. They gathered plants known as selago, without using iron. Another special plants were the marsh plant, known as the samolus, used as charm against diseases of cattle.


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2013-06-07 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: You REALLY put a lot of work into her... I'm not sure my character(s) will have as much thought/research put into them.

2013-06-07 [Celtore]: *Shrugs* No worries... I just liked it so much I ran with it

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