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No Rest for the Wicked (Fairytale Assassin Short Stories) by Rebecca Knight review

Okay, so... I guess these short (emphasis on the short) stories weren't bad. They didn't precisely leave me wanted more, either, but they did seem so brief as to be incomplete. There's probably a lot that could be done, using what was written as a basis for better, longer short stories.

The stories revolve around Veronica Grim, who is some sorta... fairy tale detective gal. Not a bad premise for a story, short or long, especially since I really do enjoy fairy tale-based literature. There were allusions to Blackbeard, Hansel and Gretel and a longer tale about Snow White, who ran away from home to work in a strip club. Not that I have any issue with that concept, the story was just kinda ehhhh.

It was another free book from Kindle, which are truly hit-or-miss, despite the reviews (not that I ever base my decision based on someone's glowing or lousy review, of course ;-)).

/ [Ms. Steel]

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