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Nio's Reading List for 2012

Haven't read much lately. Suggest something I may like? Our local library is excellent at getting books in upon request.

☆ - Currently own
* - Requested from the Library
± - Currently reading
strike - Finished Reading
♥ - Recommend
⃠ - Do not recommend


1. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/polgara.jpg>
by David & Leigh Eddings
Suggested by [Cillamoon]

Polgara The Sorceress review
2. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/wind.jpg>
The Name of the Wind
by Patrick Rothfuss
Suggested by [Avaz]

The Name of the Wind review
3. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/fear.jpg>
The Wise Man's Fear
by Patrick Rothfuss
Suggested by [Avaz]

Wise Man's Fear review
4. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/demonkeeping.jpg>
Practical Demonkeeping
by Christopher Moore
Suggested by [Viking]

Practical Demonkeeping review

5. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/wintergirls.jpg>
by Laurie Halse Anderson
Suggested by [Thrice]

Wintergirls review
6. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/thebelljar.jpg>
The Bell Jar
by Sylvia Plath
Suggested by [Akayume]
7. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/emma.jpg>
by Jane Austen
Suggested by [Linderel]
8. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/souls.jpg>
The Desert of Souls
by Howard Andrew Jones
Suggested by [Viking]

9. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/brom.jpg>
The Child Thief
by Brom
Suggested by [Lord Josmar]
10. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/wicked.jpg>
Wicked Appetite
by Janet Evanovich
Suggested by [Alexi Ice]
11. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/bowie1.jpg>
Bowie In Berlin
by Thomas Jerome Seabrook
My own choice 
12. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/buffy.jpg>
Buffy Omnibus V. 2
My own choice

13. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/beauty.jpg>
by Sheri Tepper
Suggested by [Linderel]
14. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/bsr.jpg>
Black Sun Rising
by C.S. Friedman
Suggested by [Cillamoon]
15. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/wtnf.jpg>
When True Night Falls
by C.S. Friedman
Suggested by [Cillamoon]
16. <img0*200:stuff/aj/169023/cos.jpg>
Crown of Shadows
by C.S. Friedman
Suggested by [Cillamoon]

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2012-02-08 [Nioniel]: For those who have read/enjoyed The Coldfire Trilogy, FYI, there's a fourth book that's supposed to be a prequel called Dominion that's going to be (or may have already been?) released this year. Dunno if that's of interest to anyone. I couldn't find it in the Library system.

Anyway, I just added the Trilogy to my read-list. :P

2012-02-10 [Sideways]: Coldfire? Sounds like a rip off of A Song of Ice and Fire. George R.R. Martin has demonstrably dethroned Tolkian. His books are AWESOME! Now I know Nio-Chan doesn't love me o~o she won't put A Game of Thrones on her list!

2012-02-15 [Nioniel]: [Avaz], I think you've ruined reading for me. I'm staring at this huge pile of something like 20 books I'm supposed to be reading and all I can think is "they won't be as good as the Kingkiller Chronicle" so I lose motivation to start them. I can't believe we have to wait until May to read the next book in the series. :(

2012-02-15 [Thrice]: Well you dont have to read my suggestion. The more i think about it the more i think you wont like it. Excuse horible typos and grammar.. on tablet.

2012-02-15 [Nioniel]: I'll read all the stuff that's up there, I just need to find the motivation. :P

2012-02-15 [Avaz]: Haha, sorry! But I definitely know what you mean. That's exactly why I stopped reading WMF partway so I could get the other books out of the way first... and then have the satisfaction of coming back to the greatest series of all time :D

And May can't come soon enough!

2012-02-15 [Nioniel]: :P

2012-02-15 [Akayume]: Mebbe I should read this series... >.> I am a little disappointed in Brooks. :/ His novels lack character development. E'ry time a character dies I'm like... Oh well. >.> Usually I frickin' cry and so far e'ry death I'm like... Meh.

2012-02-15 [Nioniel]: You should definitely read the Kingkiller Chronicle. I finished reading the second book over a week ago and my mind is still racing about it.

2012-02-16 [Nioniel]: Shanny, I'm reading Wintergirls now, and I do like it. The writing style is lovely and poetic, which makes the dark subject matter somehow ...okay, in contrast. Interesting...

Already halfway done with it, actually. ^^

2012-02-16 [Akayume]: *might have to read this too* :P

2012-02-17 [Akayume]: wait why is winter girls on there twice? O.o

2012-02-17 [Nioniel]: Ah. Because I moved it up since it was the next thing I read, but forgot to remove it from it's lower position afterwards.

2012-02-17 [Akayume]: Ohhhh I see I see. At first I thought mebbe it was a sequel or something but then I was like noooo... O.o

2012-02-17 [Nioniel]: Nuu. :P

2012-02-24 [Nioniel]: Must do some reading. Motivation ran away. :/

2012-02-24 [Akayume]: Is oke. <3

2012-02-24 [Nioniel]: I've renewed the books from the library twice already, so the order in which I need to read them has been shuffled around as a result. I just have too many distractions around here *cough*internet*cough*

2012-06-25 [Nioniel]: Well. This kind of just got put on hold. :/
I am currently rereading The Name of the Wind, as the third book was supposed to be released this past May, but got postponed until May of next year.

I'll probably switch some of the books out of here, simply because I now currently lack any real access to some of them. However, I do have the Kindle App, and have fantastic access to a lot of awesome books that don't cost anything to read.

Not that I'd ever want to read anything new ever again after coming across The Kingkiller Chronicle. Thanks, [Avaz]. Definitely got me addicted. :P

2012-06-25 [Avaz]: It's the best books ever written. I finished book 2 and was like, PAT ROTHFUSS, Y U NO WRITE FASTER?

2012-06-25 [Nioniel]: No kidding. >.<

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