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Week 1:

Content - The Content of a Robin's Egg

Week 2:

Alien - Alien Parasite

Week 3:

Spiral - Spiral Shell and Friends

Week 4:

Pride - The Downfall of Pride

Week 5:

Genesis - In The Beginning

Week 6:

Zodiac - Leo

Week 7:

Mania - A Look of Mania

Week 8:

Trial - Shooting Streets at Night in a Traveling Vehicle (Can be a Trial)

Week 9:

Drain - The Life Drains from My Eyes

Week 10:

Bite - Biting my Lip


Bones - Dem Dry Bones


Glass - Bottles

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2011-08-23 [Chimes]: The drain one is mega cool!

2011-08-23 [Nioniel]: Thank you. ^^

2013-01-31 [Sideways]: I'm a fan of week 10's "Bite." it hurts me. It makes me weepy... _-_

2013-01-31 [Nioniel]: Aww. :(

2013-01-31 [Sideways]: It's too intriguing. For one specific body part to portray youth, coyness, thoughtfulness, sexuality, and the perfect shade of pink, all at once? You... You... There is no derogatory word to accurately account for your perfection, and subsequent cruelty. Of course, I can always pull the classic "compliment shark-jump" and make you feel self-conscious and weird. That's a small victory. ~_^

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