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2004-11-19 03:45:28
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 This is a place for all the lovers, sluts, and bitches of the mighty [Miss Brightside] to come and give sacrifices and give praise in her name and glory. If you do not know Nikki... well then WHAT THE HELL'S YOUR PROBLEM???!... o.o but if you don't know her and just love her sexiness... then join, I reckon. O.o


 Please partake of my banner, for it is of my body ... o.O



- [~AbraKaDagger~] I am her #1 follower! She is my sun, my god, my breath of life... the reason why I know I Nikki... O.o
- [Truthless Hero] who other than the koolness to join an unworthy cause, it's not like I was handcuffed to Nikki's bed and shackled to the wall and whipped pleasurely while make believing it was torture....>.>.....or was it??? ~;)
- [Gaara of the Desert] I just wanted to be in a club...and/or feal spezical!
- [Mikey Blazen] ya im joinin cuz nikki's a hottie :)
- [Gone, get used to it] I lurves this girl :D
-[Shadow Gypsey] Yeah, you are hot Nikki, but I bet you didnt need me to tell you that....*mumbles something about this being a cult* lol
-[Monoxide Child] *says while bowing continuously* I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
-[Rob the Multiplying Man] what a geek you are, MC! I am sooo worthy to follow the great and powerful nikki!!! =D

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2004-11-22 [Truthless Hero]: dunno, didn't decide definitively.......derrrr...*drops downstairs doorway decapitated*

2004-11-22 [~AbraKaDagger~]: *rushes over to rescue* O.o

2004-11-22 [Truthless Hero]: hmmm.......thank you? =\

2004-11-22 [Truthless Hero]: hmmm.......thank you? =\  (is reminded of the commercial where they say that outta nowhere) O.o

2004-11-23 [~AbraKaDagger~]: WHOOHOO! I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL!

2004-11-23 [Miss Brightside]: jimmy dean squirrel tag is still the best..."I lost 8 lbs., my job, and my girlfriend..." hehehehehehe

2004-11-24 [Truthless Hero]: at lest you lost 8 pounds! >.> oh and by the way......I kinda got your job....and well uhmm....*takes a step towards the exit* ...and well...your girlfriend too! gaaah! *runs for the hills*

2004-11-24 [Truthless Hero]: Cuz it's shake N' bake, N' I helped! *smiles real big*

2004-11-25 [~AbraKaDagger~]: o.o Ri..ghhht..? O.o

2004-11-26 [Truthless Hero]: that's prolly what I'd say......if I didn't know what to say either! =P

2004-11-26 [~AbraKaDagger~]: ya know it, bitch! >.<

2004-11-27 [Miss Brightside]: HAHA!! My friend steven just said that to creepy!!!!! *the shake n bake thing*

2004-11-27 [Truthless Hero]: wow that's like so totally awesome and stuff! *is all ditzed out* ^_^ like freakin sweet! =P

2004-11-28 [~AbraKaDagger~]: I'm cooking.. SHAKE N BAKE!! >_<

2004-11-28 [Truthless Hero]: uhmmm....can I help?         *smiles using the puppy eye effect* (much like pussn' boots from shrek2)

2004-11-28 [~AbraKaDagger~]: *pokes your eyes* <.<

2004-11-29 [Truthless Hero]: *rants and raves* stupid.....!@#%^&*(..........Gaaah!! eyes.....=\

2004-11-29 [~AbraKaDagger~]: *splinkereds*

2004-12-01 [Miss Brightside]: sooo....hows life???? 

2004-12-01 [Truthless Hero]: it goes on as it must.......that's as much as I can tell you for now until something actually happens taht's worth talking about! =\ hope you live long if you expect to hear something like that! =P

2004-12-06 [~AbraKaDagger~]: <.< tsk tsk O.o dunno why tsk tsk but yeah, DONT QUESTION ME!

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