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151. [*nightwolf*]
152. [Asfaloth]
153. [Coca-Cola]
154. [Morbid Carrot] Let us all worship Nightwish.
156. [LiLPsychoke] I love their songs, those are so GREAT: Nightwish ROCKS!!!!!
157. [666th_poison] :D nightwish!!! :D i just love them
158. [FiSHr.] - whooooohoooooo
159. [Lithium Lullaby]
160. [Mirindyin] Wheee...^^
161. [Artemis Riddle]
162. [Passion and the opera] Wooo!!!!! I love Nightwish! I love Tarja!
163. [RaineDagyr] Mhm.
164. [GnomviD]
165. [Dark Sekret Love] - OMG Why didn't I see this earlier, Nightwish is one of my all time most favourite bands, I Love Tarja's voice, it's like Ambrosia for my ears.
166. [Sahraminkukka] They are the best!
167. [Azkaronne]
168. [*Eternity*]
169. [boopysnella] i <3 NIGHTWISH!
170. [_habnabit] Nightwish is one of two metal bands I like... the rest are rather crap.
171. [--Insert interesting person here--] a METAL band? are we thinking of the same Nightwish? lol. <3333 Nightwish
172. [*Eternity*]
173. [KnightAngel] better music? very very small choices then o.O
174. [Anthrax]
175. [Rosie.] ^_^
176. [Roma] One of the best bands ever XD
177. [_LĂșthien_]
178. [Lilieth Lumino] Nightwish rocks ! ^^
179. [beautiful _ darkness] so kicks ass
180. [Vampire Akis] - the best Symphonic Goth Metal ever!
181. [merihevonen] I grew up listening to them...
182. [Relphien] I just love them..
183. [speakyourwords] they're amazing.

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2006-09-27 [OceanBorn]: Uhm, on another note...those of you who odntk now sinergy...go check them out. another powerful unknown voice..

2006-09-29 [Morbid Carrot]: I think the vocals of Sinergy are the most irritating vocals I've ever heard. "Dark Smurf on speed"-vocals! And with such cheesy lyrics... Happy music about suicide (thinking about the "Suicide by my side"-album)? No way, it doesn't work. I understand why you like it, but I dislike most power metal, so it's no wonder I don't like them.

2006-09-30 [OceanBorn]: I like her voice, I think she probably has the mose powerful voice out of any of the femalve vocalists in her catogory. then again, if its not for you its not for you.

On ANOTHER note, i saw nevermore last night. fucking fantastic... :D:D:D Just had to be said!

2006-10-12 [Strad]: hmm... regarding the Turunen/Jansen debate I started, I must say oceanborn has a point there... I really should hear both solo before judging them individually, however, within their respective bands, I find Floor Jansen has a lot more emotion driving her voice.

2006-10-12 [Strad]: I haven't heard loads of Sinergy, but I liked what I did hear

2007-04-06 [OceanBorn]: Hello.. Since you're all part of my wonderful wiki I thought maybe you'd like to know i'm running for council ^^ If you'd like to support me please add your name to OceanBorn's application.. Thankyou!

2007-06-01 [sky fox]: so, have you guys heard the new sample songs with anette (the new singer)?

they're on nightwish's myspace, and the new album's out in autumn.

2007-06-01 [OceanBorn]: I haven't heard it myself. I wander what was with the rumour saying that Sarah brightman was the new vocalist? weird..

2007-06-01 [sky fox]: nah, anette's got a powerful voice, but not a classically trained as tarja.... new song samples still have all that nightwish magic though..... if anyone wants a link to the nightwish myspace, check the link in my diary.

2007-06-01 [OceanBorn]: Yeah I just saw. She has a nice voice, and actually it sounds pretty good... but I think tthe ne wnightwish will be like many other gothic female frotned bands, good, but not good enough. Maybe alot of the music will sound alike. Who knows?

2007-06-01 [sky fox]: the style of music sounds the same as nightwish had progressed..... i know a lot of people defined the difference in nightwish by tarja's voice, but there's definitely something about tuomas' music that sets them apart too... i think annette makes the music sound a little closer to within temptation, but not enough to stop me from enjoying it as nightwish's music.

2007-06-01 [Sahraminkukka]: o.O I didn't recognize it was Nightwish when I heard it a couple days ago... I think they've changed a bit.

2007-06-01 [sky fox]: lol, nightwish haven't ever done two albums the same, but there's some character to the composing that's remained constant..... i think it's apparent in the violon solo on '7 days to the wolves' that hearkens back to 'wayfarer' or 'moondance'.... not instantly obvious because they've moved from synth to orchestra since then.....

2007-06-01 [OceanBorn]: I understand that if you removed her voice the music does sound quite the same, but i honastly think it has changed over the years anyway and now its porgressed to something that with her voice does sound not so unique anymore. For me its like theatre of tragedy, yes beautiful music...but for too alike. Thats my opinion anyway..

2007-06-02 [sky fox]: yeah, i get that... but the genre's getting more and more crowded, so unique music is going to be harder and harder to come by anyway... i enjoy listening to the stuff, so i don't see other music being similar as a bad point.... if anything, it's a bonus! more good stuff to listen to!

but that's probbably just me trying to keep a positive spin on things.

2007-06-03 [OceanBorn]: What I meant was similar through the songs, not so much to other bands, but i understand what you're sayng. only time will tell anyway ;)

2008-02-06 [Diiwica]: You all should look up Xandria, they are simular to nightwish and have some awsome songs

2008-11-19 [thomas]: Stragely enough, I just installed a ring tone from an Xandria song today on my mobile :)

2008-11-22 [sky fox]: still need to get round to listening to Xandria. I've been listening to a lot of Epica and opeth recently.

2009-01-22 [Rook.]: May I join?

2009-03-04 [Jace Beleren]: my new forum come see

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