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Nicole Rád

Age: 19

Race: Wolf / Human

Kingdom Born in: 6th Kingdom

Good/Bad Guy: Good

Personality: Nicole, prefering to be called Nic, seems very cukekess, but is anything But. Not only is she quite good at tracking, but she's a great cook. However, when it comes to the most basic domestic things she is awfull. She has a sweet personailty and is not easily angered. She cares deeply protective over those she does care for.

Discription: Nic has highten senses of smell, hearing, sight, and speed. She works as a tracker for the sixth Kingdom, which is helped by the fact she knows the forets of the kingdom by the back of her hand.

History: Nic grew up with both of her parnets watching over her; however, she has to hid the fact the she is THE Red Riding Hood's daughter because the people of the sixth kingdom despise the rumored relationship between her parents. Nic's mother does spend much time with her daughter to keep her safe; however, this cause Nic to be closer to her father and wolf pack she grew up with. Although, when she turned 15 she was brought to the 6th kingdom palace to be a tracker. However, she is treated harshly since she is half wolf. As result she spends most time alone.



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