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January, 2008

2008-01-02 (08:49:51) <news:[Elftown's Means of Transportation@wiki] Contest!>
The Elftown's Means of Transportation contest is announced! The theme is draw/create what you believe an Elftowner would drive around Elftown. Deadline - 15 Feb. 2008

2008-01-08 (19:32:35) <news:[Elftown Valentine Competitions@wiki]!>
The official Elftown Valentine Competitions are opened with the simple theme of 'Valentine'

2008-01-13 (14:38:17) <news:[Festivals@wiki]!>
Festivals is opened! This project allows members to create and run contests dedicated to a specific festival. The first festival was: St. Patrick's Day Festival.

2008-01-19 (00:56:44) <news:[Vampire@wiki] Photo winner!>
The winners of the ECM Vampire Photo competition are announced! First place went to: [Tableau Vivant]. In second was: [Rasperel] and third was: [CaRa83]. All entries can be found on Vampire photos.

2008-01-23 (19:52:16) <news:[ECM Fairy/Fae@wiki]!>
ECM Fairy/Fae is opened. The gist of it is the same as the previous ECM contests: gather as much info on the mythical beastie as possible. Also numerous photo sessions for various ECM contests are/have been running. Check out Elftown Creature Marathon for more details.
Dealine: 1 May 2008

February, 2008

2008-02-07 (19:34:14) <news: [Featured Wiki@wiki] and [Elftown Museum@wiki]>
The Featured Wiki returns and with a new box on Main Street for all to see. But that's not all, the busy bees behind the Elftown Museum have created the Elftown Museum Permanent Exposition where you can submit your best/favorite piece of writing/art to be forever displayed in Elftown's fine history.

2008-02-10 (21:11:04) <news:Christmas Photography Winners!>
Winners of the Christmas Photography Competition are announced.

2008-02-14 (22:37:47) <news:Valentine Competition Winners!>
Winners of the Elftown Valentine Competitions - 2008 are announced.

March, 2008

2008-03-09 (13:25:47) <news:[ECM Dragon@wiki] Winners!>
Winners of the ECM Dragon are announced.

April, 2008

2008-04-01 (15:42:31) <news:Mass Unbanning in a Week!>
Mass unbanning! :O The council and guards unbanned everyone! Even the most deadly of offenders were allowed back with a simple plea!
Haha, April Fools! :P

2008-04-03 (14:14:30) <news:Elftown moving>
Big post! Elftown's server [Elftron] was being moved and due to many a technical issue Elftown was crashing periodically for a few days. The address for Elftown changed too, you no longer need the 'lysator' in the address to reach the site. Good news! Now you can just use!

2008-04-30 (19:01:26) <news:[Elftown's Means of Transportation@wiki] contest Winners!>
The Elftown's Means of Transportation contest winners were announced! However, due to an error concerning the Main Street poll, these winners were not the real deal.
This post does NOT contain the real winners!

May, 2008

2008-05-04 (06:46:30) <news:[Elftown's Means of Transportation@wiki] Voting>
Written apology for the poll issue stated above in the Elftown's Means of Transportation contest. Main Street poll was reposted.

2008-05-26 (22:15:33) <news:[ECM Phoenix@wiki] & [Magic Competition@wiki]!>
The ECM Phoenix and Magic Competition opened. The theme for the ECM being the same as the previous, and the Magic Competition, being vague, is looking for 'magic'
There are also two sections in the magic one, one for newbies and one for veterans.

June, 2008

2008-06-02 (09:04:25) <news:[Elftown's Means of Transportation@wiki] contest Winners!>
The winners of Elftown's Means of Transportation contest are announced!

July, 2008

2008-07-05 (16:15:34) <news:Big bad crash>
Elftown had a major meltdown thanks to an old image disk and about a month's worth of material was lost. Including diaries, guestbooks, the member database and the like. Wikis and images were saved and as a result of this crash, [Hedda] decided to re-vamp Elftown's look to what it is today.
See: Updates 2008-07-04

2008-07-09 (18:13:26) <news:[Crafty Fairytales@wiki]>
A new competition was announced. The contest Crafty Fairytales was opened to the public with the idea to create (as in sculpt, etc) something from ones favorite fairytale.
2008-07-12 (03:12): Elftown decided to crash again, the probable cause was a broken disc.

2008-07-16 (18:05:16) <news:[Elftown Museum Temporary Exposition@wiki]>
The Elftown Temporary Exposition was opened with the public in order to have members create their own exhibitions for the public. It could be art themed, story themed, Elftown themed, etc.

2008-07-19 (10:53:16) <news:New crash... Solved>
Another crash occured. Wiki comments failed, guestbook messages were lost and the reason was believed to be a smarttools program.

2008-07-21 (06:14:53) <news:[Elftown Gardens Competition@wiki]>
The Elftown Gardens Competition opened to the public with the idea to have the members create what they believe would be the gardens of Elftown. What do you think of when you hear 'Elftown' and 'garden' in the same sentence?

2008-07-27 (18:03:44) <news:Big crash again>
Yet another big crash. The believed reason was general overheating and thus the servers were moved closer to a fan. Many comments, postings and members' data was lost as a result.

August, 2008

2008-08-05 (09:54:25) <news:[The Town Herald - Issue 17@wiki]>
The Town Herald - Issue 17 was released, at long last. Also, the Magic Competition's veteran entry section deadline was extended.

2008-08-26 (11:55:36) <news:[ECM Fairy/Fae@wiki] Winners! [ECM Elf@wiki] started!>
Winners of the ECM Fairy/Fae are announced. Also, the new ECM contest ECM Elf was announced.

September, 2008

2008-09-23 (09:29:28) <news:Halloween Contests Are Open!>
The Halloween art, poetry and costume contests for this year are now open!

October, 2008

2008-10-08 (20:04:43) <news:[The Town Herald - Issue 18@wiki]!>
The latest issue of The Town Herald is now ready and waiting for your perusal. The theme is 'Zodiac'.

2008-10-19 (12:29:22) <news:Winner of the [Champion's Tournament@wiki]!>
The winner of The Champion's Tournament is announced - [Lerune]!

2008-10-26 17:49:03 <news:[Magic Competition@wiki] Newbie Winners!>
The art, photography and writing winners of the Magic Competition for Newbies have been announced.

2008-10-31 (19:39:57) <news:Halloween Winners & [Elftown Photo Reference Marathon@wiki]!>
The Winners of this year's Halloween contests are announced, as is the start of a new marathon photo contest designed to generate lots of reference photos for our artists.

November, 2008

2008-11-08 (13:06:15) <news:[Halloween Costume Competition@wiki] 2008 Winners!>
Winners of the Halloween Costume Competition are announced.

2008-11-16 (10:54:48) <news:[ECM Phoenix@wiki] Winners & [Reviews@wiki] Feature!>
Winners of the ECM Phoenix are announced, along with the start of the ECM Werewolf and ECM Drow Art. The Reviews feature is also announced.

2008-11-28 (16:34:25) <news:Contribute to [The Town Herald@wiki]!>
The Town Herald is looking for more writers and contributors. Think you've got what it takes to write for Elftown's Official E-Zine?

December, 2008

2008-12-02 23:11:06) <news:Christmas competitions now open!>
This year's Christmas Art, Photography and Poetry contests are now open.

2008-12-07 (21:07:04) <news:Elftown Gardens revealed!>
The Winners of the Elftown Gardens Competition are announced.

2008-12-25 (09:03:32) <news:Christmas Art and Poetry Competition Winners!>
The Winners of the Elftown Christmas Competitions for Art and Poetry are announced.


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