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January, 2007

2007-01-17 (20:37:09) <news:Prose contest winners>
The Elftown Prose Contest winners are announced. First place Good Neighbours by [thoughtfox], second place My neighbours, the Zwierszowskis by [Priscilla Primkin].
- Don't forget these other competitions either! Horse photo reference competition,ET Photograph Competition, Link to Elftown competition and Council Portrait Galler Donations

2007-01-20 (20:15:45) <news:Valentine Competitions!>
The Valentine Art Competition and the Valentine Poetry Cometition are now open.
- Remember to check out these other Elftown Competitions: ET Photograph Competition, Horse Photo Reference Competition, Link to Elftown Competition and the Council Portrait Gallery Donations

2007-01-30 (12:19:05) <news:[Elftown Mood Contest@wiki] Winners!>
The Elftown Mood Contest winners have been announced! First place is [Black Raven] and Second is [LvSha]. To see more moods take a look at <URL:all_mood_image.html?show=public>
- Remember to vote at the Elftown Photograph Competition!
- Please check out these other competitions that are currently running: Valentine Art Competion and the Valentine Poetry Competition,the Horse photo reference competition, Link to Elftown competition and the Council Portrait Gallery Donations.

February, 2007

2007-02-04 (11:45:32) <news:[ET Photograph Competition@wiki] winners!>
The two winning entries of the ET Photograph Comptition for the theme of Glamorous Hollywood portrait have been announced! The winning entries were by [Empee] and [Nocternity S.]. The Council and Assembly thank everyone who participated.
- Remember to enter these other contests which are currently running: Valentine Art Competition and Valentine Poetry Competition, Horse photo reference competition, Link to Elftown competition and the Council Portrait Gallery Donations

2007-02-10 (13:33:39) <news:New competition for the role-players!>
A new competition for ET role-players! the Patrons' Challenge is ET's second RP-related contest and will give a new meaning to "character creation". There will be two winners, one artist and one writer.
- P.S. Don't forget these other current contests: Horse Photo reference competition, Link to Elftown competition and the Council Portrait Gallery Donations

2007-02-14 (22:13:51) <news:Valentine Competition winners!>
The Council and Assembly are proud to present the Valentine Art Competition winners. The two winners are [The all powerful Midori] and [zandra]. The winning entries of the Valentine Poetry Competition can be found at the Daily Poem
- Remember to partake in these other contests: Patrons' Challenge, Horse photo reference competition, Link to Elftown Competition and the Council Portrait Gallery Donations

2007-02-27 (13:44:31) <news:[ECM vampire@wiki]>
Calling all Vampire fans! ECM Vampire is presenting three new contests just for you. ECM Vampire Art [ECM Vampire Photo@wiki], and ECM Vampire Text are all open to your enjoyance :)

March, 2007

2007-03-04 (21:19:45) <news:[Colour the Guard Uniform@wiki]!>
Colour the Guard Uniform is a brand new contest complimenting the Design the Guard Uniform contest. Your job as contestants is to colour in the winning lineart piece by [Just.Kate].
- Make sure you check out these other contests: ECM Vampire, Patrons' Challenge and the Council Portrait Gallery Donations

2007-03-21 (19:54:47) <news:[ET sci-fi logo contest@wiki]!>
The ET sci-fi logo contest is opened to create an image that can represent Elftown in a science fiction theme. In other words a new logo that would go along with the current one created by [Saffron] years ago:
The winner's logo gets to hang with the current logo! ;P

2007-03-27 (21:20:26) <news:New [ET Photograph Competition@wiki]!>
Another photography contest is opened:
ET Photograph Competition with the theme to find something that looks like science fiction. Or a photograph that represents science fiction themes without use of manipulation.

April, 2007

2007-04-04 (20:28:54) <news:[Trunk Dragon Competition@wiki]!>
The Trunk Dragon Competition is opened with the theme to design a 'Trunk Dragon' or a dragon with an elephantine trunk that breathes smoke.

2007-04-14 (18:28:46) <news:[Colour the Guard Uniform@wiki] winners!>
Winners of the Colour the Guard Uniform contest are announced! They are: [Sturmi] with, [NOOOPE] and [Black Raven] in second.
It was later learned that the original image was stolen in the first place >.> Winners were still allowed to keep their badges for the colouring.

2007-04-20 (22:52:19) <news:[The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest@wiki]!>
The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest! is opened in celebration of Elftown's 5th year.

2007-04-29 (11:39:18) <news:[Horse photo reference competition@wiki] ended!>
Winners of the Horse photo reference competition are announced. First went to [Joneya] and the runner-ups were: [Demon Epona], [Zab], [Lady Di] and [Ricco].

May, 2007

2007-05-20 (21:12:24) <news:Did you know that about Elftown?>
A basic list of some things that Elftowners generally do not/did not know about Elftown. It ranged from the new features at the time to its passage of 200 donors of funds, etc.
Basic, need to change the news fun ;)

2007-05-31 (17:57:56) <news:Issue 14 of The Town Herald!>
Issue 14 of the Herald is/was up! Town Herald - Issue 14 Theme: Arabian Nights

June, 2007

2007-06-10 (11:19:48) <news:Trunk Dragon Competition Winners!>
Winners of the Trunk Dragon Competition are announced. They are: [Artsieladie] and [JajaJulie].

2007-06-16 (22:26:13) <news:Pegasus!>
Winners of the ECM Pegasus are announced. They are:
Best image: [Ciorstag]
Best contributor: [Artsieladie]

2007-06-18 (16:22:52) <news:Elftown Academy Make-over!>
Because it was so difficult to maintain with the constant comings and goings of both students and professors, the Elftown Academy was made unofficial, and given a re-vamp. You can still set up classrooms there, and there are badges that you can put in your profile to show you're a student or teacher, but they're not official badges.

2007-06-25 (10:07:24) <news:Aligning images and tables>
New feature added: aligning images and table features. See <URL:psuedo_html.html> for more info.

July, 2007

2007-07-02 (14:52:03) <news:Show us your song contest>
Show us your song contest is opened with the theme to illustrate your favorite song through art or photos.

2007-07-07 (21:32:54) <news:Change to the Uploading Art Rules - written art!>
New rules were added to the UAR to bring our rules about copied writing up to par with our rules about copied art. From now on you are not allowed copied texts over 4 lines long in your presentation. You can still put them on a wiki and then link to them in your house - just like you can do with art (as long as you're not trying to claim it's yours when it isn't of course). You can read the rules on Uploading Art Rules

2007-07-13 (23:31:27) <news:Winners Patrons' Challenge!>
- Winners of the Patrons' Challenge are announced. Best character went to [Somewhereoverth erainbow] - Entrant XXI and best description went to, [Kachichan] - Entrant XVII.

2007-07-20 (12:50:12) <news:ET Photograph Competition Winners!>
ET Photograph Competition - Sci-fi photos are announced. In first is [Ilana] and in second is [playslashwrite].
Elftown now responds to just instead of all that lysator business that you used to have to type.

2007-07-26 (09:52:46) <news:Winners of The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest!>
Winners of The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest are announced! They are [Mom] in the art category and [Misty Lady] in the poem category.

2007-07-31 (12:14:49) <news:Winner of the ET sci-fi logo contest!> Winners of the ET Sci-fi Logo contest are announced. And they are: [BinaryPhoenix] with [NOOOPE] and [Yncke] as crew favourites.

August, 2007

2007-08-06 (18:33:12) <news:Issue 15 of The Town Herald!>
Issue 15 of the Herald is/was issued! The Town Herald - Issue 15 Theme: Reincarnation & Resurrection

2007-08-14 (10:40:30) <news:'Doodle Where You Can'-contest!>
The Doodle Where You Can contest is started with the theme of well... doodle everywhere.

2007-08-20 (17:38:06) <news:Poetry competition!>
The Sci-fi poetry competition is opened with a pretty obvious theme ;)

2007-08-25 (12:16:35) <news:Vampire-winners>
ECM Vampire winners are announced. They are [Black Raven] as best image, [xido] as best contributor and What is a Vampire? by [Lexi. Short and Sweet!] for best text.

September, 2007

2007-09-09 (10:42:30) <news:The Seven Deadly Sins Competition>
The Seven Deadly Sins Competition is opened with the theme to draw, photograph or make a poem about a sin or seven.

2007-09-22 (15:29:58) <news:Halloween 2007!>
The Halloween contests are opened! Theme was to depict what a Halloween creature would dress up as for Halloween.

2007-09-29 (19:05:12) <news:[ECM Dragon@wiki]!>
ECM Dragon is opened to the public along with several photo competitions courtesy of the Elftown Creature Marathon.

October, 2007

2007-10-17 (20:28:22) <news:Show us your song contest winners!>
Show us your song winners are announced! They are: [5thwitch] and [Jitter] in art. [Jitter] and [Kito-Tai] in photos.

2007-10-31 (10:41:14) <news:Halloween Competition Winners!>
The Halloween 2007 contest winners are announced! They are: [Yncke] and [Jeccabee] in art. Check the poem slot for this day for the poetry winners ;)

November, 2007

2007-11-10 (09:38:31) <news:Halloween Costume Competition Winners!>
Halloween costume winners are announced. They are: [Captain Thorne] in his Darth Mal outfit and [Wa+cher] in a Battlestar Gallactica costume.

December, 2007

2007-12-05 (17:56:25) <news:Christmas Contests>
Christmas contests 2007 are opened! Theme is to draw a Elftown theme nativity scene (or write a poem, take photos, whatever fits your fancy).

2007-12-10 (11:39:01) <news:About the crash 2007-12-09>
Elftown crashed! The server basically overheated thanks to an error in the cooling systems and databases needed to be repaired, changes were lost and the like.
Everything was fixed after another seven hour down time session :)

2007-12-18 (18:05:37) <news:Doodle Winners!>
The Doodle Where you can contest winners are announced. They are [Iske] and [iippo].

2007-12-22 (15:00:19) <news:[The Seven Deadly Sins Competition@wiki] winners!>
Winners of The Seven Deadly Sins Competition are announced. They are: [Black Raven] and [Jitter] in art. [Aldalome] and [Synsae] in photos.

2007-12-25 (11:29:00) <news:Christmas Art & Poetry Winners!>
Winners of the Christmas Art Competition - 2008 and the Christmas Poetry Competition - 2008 are announced! The art winners were [Yncke] and [Triola]. The poetry winners are listed in the poem slot of this date ;)


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