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January, 2003

2003-01-03 (11:44:55) <news:3000 members!>
More than 3,000 members have joined Elftown although only 800 are active at that time.

2003-01-03 (18:45:15) <news:New buttons!>
New buttons created by [Grumble] to replace the old wiki buttons (also made by [Grumble])

2003-01-05 (13:25:53) <news:Forum-management>
Postings were deleted out of "serious" forums that didn't belong there. This was to considerably clear up crap from forums that don't need it.

2003-01-19 (23:22:49) <news:Elfwood down>
Elfwood went down for unknown reasons.

2003-01-20 (09:58:06) <news:Elfwood up>
Elfwood went back up.

2003-01-21 (19:08:35) <news:New stuff!>
The diaries were created! Now members can record their thoughts in the once buggy system. Also, the 'Wiki Watch' function was created which allows you to get a notice when something changes.

2003-01-26 (15:02:17) <news:Gallery NÂș's Changed>
Elfwood news: Gallery numbers in the Lothlorien galleries have changed when Thomas got rid of empty galleries.

2003-01-27 (21:34:22) <news:Front-Page Image!>
The first official contest! The last call is sent out for entries to the frontpage-competition. Deadline is 2003-02-03.

2003-01-28 (23:33:40) <news:Everypage bookmarks!>
Bookmark notes changed so you can view them on every page.
- Elftown is faster
- You only get 201 members per page in a search
- Other fixes made

February, 2003

2003-02-01 (15:31:11) <news:Searches in messages>
It became possible to search in your messages.

2003-02-01 (21:33:09) <news:No more logins!>
Now you can stay logged in forever. Sever re-starts no longer log you out.

2003-02-02 (14:55:52) <news:Short break>
Some errors occured when [Hedda] moved the Elftown database.

2003-02-03 (01:39:01) <news:Wiki-comments!>
Wiki comments are born! Along with options including deleting comments on your own wiki, letting the page-owner delete comments, etc.

2003-02-04 (09:41:55) <news:Wiki-notes-bug!>
The wiki pages that were added to members notes used to be stuck on that version they added. That bug is fixed but the bookmarks weren't changed, thus the members have to change them themselves.

2003-02-06 (11:32:07) <news:New frontpage!>
The winners for the frontpage-competition are announced! The winners are [Dr.No] and [Liv]!
Also for the first time the names of members are no longer red linked to the news page. They are now able to be clicked like today (green links).

2003-02-10 (21:35:55) <news:Secret forum links>
It is now possible to give private forums passwords so anyone can join with a link. Example: <joinforum:44:AllHailHedda> (The mayor's fanclub).

2003-02-11 (12:39:41) <news:View messages>
The view messages button is now takes you to a list of most recent messages instead taking you directly to your newest unread message. Suggested by: [Serwa]

2003-02-12 (01:27:21) <news:Elfwood down>
Elfwood went down again for unknown reasons and then went back up mysteriously.

2003-02-13 (00:40:26) <news:LINKs...>
New browser links for the forums. Works for those tiny links that say 'view', 'watch', and 'hide' above any post in a forum. Other than that read about the tech stuff in the actual post:

2003-02-16 (17:32:27) <news:Current mood!>
The mood feature is created! Members can use this to write short messages that will appear at the top of their house, and that all their friends can see. You can use it to tell your friends how you're feeling, advertise a wiki or use it for something even more creative.

2003-02-17 (15:12:20) <news:Elftown crash>
Elftown went down when tested with threads. The threads pretty much allow [Elftron] to multi-task allowing members to get to things faster. More information (because it's tech matters again) can be found in the original post.

2003-02-19 (22:18:49) <news:Googlist News>
Googlelist News about elftown:
- elftown is a community for elfwood artists and hangarounds
- elftown is the official community for elfwoodian writers and artists
- elftown is quiet and not very active as the other parts of the city
- elftown is relatively self
- elftown is governed by its own set of laws
- elftown is provided with a capitol
- elftown is more or less a legal world of its own
Elfwood constantly crashes and re-boots

2003-02-20 (02:06:26) <news:New buttons again>
New member house buttons by [akilah] and new poem buttons by [Ashy]

2003-02-21 (05:12:13) <news:Time warp>
The Elftown time was messed up from the crash last Sunday.
There's now a box on the right where you can see a list of your online friends.
Also, one can now upload mood-icons to the mood section.

2003-02-22 (17:20:20) <news:New mood-images>
The first mood icons have been created by [SenkanoKoneko] for free use.

2003-02-24 (13:37:35) <news:5000 members!>
Over 5,000 members on elftown but only 1,000 or so were active

March, 2003

2003-03-02 (21:17:19) <news:Watching members!>
The ability to Watch Members has been added - now you can watch your fellow members as you would do a wiki-page, and get notified when something changes in their house. Also you can now search for members without having to remember their full username - so if you want to search for 'Hedda', you can now just try searching for 'Hed' and he'll still show up on the search results.

2003-03-04 (19:11:41) <news:Speed demons...>
Some speedbugs were fixed to make elftown much faster than it used to be.

2003-03-05 (00:08:47) <news:Demons ate mailboxes>
There was an error with the messaging system that stopped it functioning for a while, but it's fixed now.

2003-03-09 (18:17:04) <news:Elftown icon>
We now have a shiny new icon that rests beside the URL of elftown in web address box at the top of your browser. It also appears next to the Elftown link in your bookmarks.

2003-03-10 (12:31:22) <news:Friends-requests>
Friend requests no longer redirect to the persons house, rather there is a link on the right.

2003-03-11 (14:37:10) <news:Wiki-comments>
page-owners now have the ability to turn wiki comments section of their off and on a wiki, guards also have this ability.

2003-03-13 (10:36:27) <news:Elfwood was down>
Elfwood news: Elfwood went down for an unknown reason. Then went back up later on.

2003-03-14 (23:19:33) <news:Elfwood down again>
Elfwood news: Elfwood went down due to probably failing hardware.

2003-03-16 (13:05:29) <news:Less messages...>
Users no longer get messages when a watched wiki is changed. Instead, there is now a box on the right that lists wikis that have changed.

2003-03-16 (23:55:08) <news:French forum!>
New french forum added, fixed presentation by [GreyCloud].

2003-03-17 (12:51:07) <news:Sign Language>
Sign language has been added as a language attribute.

2003-03-17 (12:51:56) <news:Watching houses>
Notification of changes in watched houses are now placed on the right hand side like wiki changes are, rather than in a message.

2003-03-19 (20:36:04) <news:Daily Poem>
Apologies from [Mistaya] for not updating the Daily Poem in a while.

2003-03-22 (12:42:36) <news:Message-problems?>
Message problems kept sending out an error message probably due to a memory problem with the elftown server and the database. It was fixed once the server was restarted.

2003-03-23 (11:57:59) <news:Elfwood down again>
Elfwood news: Elfwood went down again and then went back up.

2003-03-25 (00:41:52) <news:Elftown Icon Contest>
Elftown icon-competition is now open to find a new .ico image to be next to the URL and in your bookmarks.

2003-03-27 (22:18:35) <news:Elfwood is down>
Elfwood news: Elfwood went down.. again. Then back up and then went down again for unknown reasons.

2003-03-31 (22:37:06) <news:Member cleanup today>
The first April Fool hosted by the Elftown crew. They demanded that all members must have a photo of themselves up by April 1st would be deleted. People who complained about would be deleted but brand new members didn't have to worry about it. Perhaps if you're nice you won't get deleted ;)

April, 2003

2003-04-05 (09:22:36) <news:Elftowners fooled>
People were still fooled by the April fools joke even after declared it was just a joke. Results of the joke can be found here: Fool's_Day_In_Elftown

2003-04-20 (12:15:25) <news:No news>
[Hedda]'s bored again and posted that there seems to be a shortage of new news.

2003-04-20 (23:45:36) <news:Non Original Art>
A 'gentle' reminder that all copyrighted art should be referenced to the original artist's name and where the image was taken from.

2003-04-22 (19:10:09) <news:New places to live!>
On the scroll list for 'Places of living' the counries Canada and Germany now have options for where you live within those countries.

2003-04-23 (10:46:07) <news:Strange letters!>
Characters from Russia and Eastern European countries can now be typed in messages, wikis, etc. Was only usable in Internet Explorer but now should work with every browser that supports UTF-8

2003-04-24 (22:06:07) <news:Elftown member gone>
A member was lost in the database: [Concrete angel]. She was restored.

2003-04-26 (14:47:22) <news:Deadline Set> Deadline set for the Elftown icon-competition. The deadline is 2003-05-16.

2003-04-27 (21:24:27) <news:New titles>
Every elftown page has its own title. Suggestion by [Nita].

May, 2003

2003-05-13 (10:40:29) <news:New attributes!> Members can now type or write in their exact town of living. Along with a field for the ICQ number.

2003-05-13 (20:37:46) <news:New button>
There's a new corrected version for the View-this -member's-last-posting button. Correction made and spotted by [Gryph].
(and for some reason name titles once again don't work in the news)

2003-05-18 (21:50:02) <news:Elftown crash>
Elftown crashed! Harddisk was full and decided to crash. A different computer fixed the wiki-database problems but the back-up system wasn't working properly and was very buggy as a result. Hedda also wishes he made the hardware for the machines, to fix everything that way.

2003-05-20 (15:36:18) <news:Donations!>
It became possible to mark your elfwood donations as elftown donations. So now one can donate money for new elftown hardware.

2003-05-21 (18:12:10) <news:Elfwood down>
Elfwood news: Elfwood went down to an upgrade that went horribly.

2003-05-23 (20:42:50) <news:New icon>
Despite the fact that the icon-competition hadn't quite finished, the current leader is being used for the moment anyway.

2003-05-24 (21:51:31) <news:Winner chosen!>
The winner for the icon-competition was [yesidiaz], so that's the icon being used at the moment.

2003-05-28 (01:07:37) <news:Next active member>
New links to the 'next' and 'previous' active members have been added (not buttons, but the links themselves). Suggestion from [Bonedust].

2003-05-28 (23:57:42) <news:A lot of new buttons>
New buttons by [Cherries] have been added!

2003-05-29 (21:15:47) <news:Competition Launched>
The Elftown-graphic-for-Elfwood-competition is now open to try and find a graphic for Elftown that would be placed on Elfwood as a link or 'footprint'.

June, 2003

2003-06-03 (23:07:11) <news:New moods!>
New mood images created by [Calico Tiger] and [yesidiaz] for free use up in the moods images section.

2003-06-04 (18:56:25) <news:New Competition!>
A new competition Elftown-Donor-logo-competition has been opened to find an image that can go in the 'Titles and Orders' box on a member's page.

2003-06-08 (23:25:02) <news:Lightning struck>
Elftown was hit by lightning. More like elftown's servers died due to a power failure and then restarted. The database was still messed up and needed some repairs.

2003-06-08 (23:25:03) <news:Lightning struck>
Same posting as above, prehaps an error, or lightning still playing with Elftown!

2003-06-21 (13:54:36) <news:New mood-icons>
New mood icons made by [yesidiaz] have been added to the mood spot above.

2003-06-23 (09:10:48) <news:Smaller homes>
Smaller 'Next Active Member' buttons have been made by [wiccanmaiden] to make the houses screen friendly and smaller.

2003-06-27 (15:23:03) <news:D20>
The D20, 20 sided dice on wikis (that change every version)has been added to help some games that needed a dice to play.

July, 2003

2003-07-04 (09:59:49) <news:About banned people>
A whole slew of members, especially young boys from Wales were banned. A reminder about how the banning works and the fact that if someone gets banned through your computer then you may be locked out too.

2003-07-07 (15:46:04) <news:Competition Deadline>
A deadline has been set for the Elftown-Donor-logo-competition, which is July 10, 2003.

2003-07-15 (00:26:50) <news:New features>
New features have been added to the messaging. There are now links to the previous message and next message. Also the pageviews 'last minute' spot on the status bar has been added to see how busy elftown is.

2003-07-15 (10:42:00) <news:Donors!>
The winner for the Elftown-Donor-logo-competition has been announced and it's [liiga]!

2003-07-22 (21:50:47) <news:Elftown updated>
Elftown was upgraded! It was down due to these upgrades though...
- New database engine for faster speeds (hopefully)
- Database moved to a faster disk
- Database also moved to a bigger disk
- Other things...

2003-07-23 (20:48:57) <news:Upgrade!>
Elfwood and Elftown are going to be temporarily shut down due to getting some new hardware that will optimize the speed performance.

2003-07-25 (12:39:19) <news:New hardware!>
Elftown got some new hardware (Elfwood's old hardware) and should be much, much faster.

2003-07-27 (23:42:15) <news:Great forum update!>
New forum features added and updated:
- The go-to-next-posting-button no longer shows deleted postings
- Skipping comments or a thread with or without subjects became available
- The view-by-thread-view works better
- The link to the starting posting is under the posting number

2003-07-29 (12:57:38) <news:Deadline Set!>
The deadline for the Elftown-graphic-for-Elfwood-competition has been set for August 1, 2003.

August, 2003

2003-08-02 (09:27:52) <news:Elftown down>
A file disappeared resulting in elftown's server going down for a few hours.

2003-08-02 (12:54:29) <news:The Town Herald>
An announcement for the Town Herald has been posted (it's due out with its first issue next month). The Herald is sending out a call for volunteers to help write for the advice columng.

2003-08-07 (13:16:39) <news:Even more moods>
More moods have been added to the 'moods' section.

2003-08-11 (09:55:19) <news:Elftown Herald>
The first issue of The Town Herald has been released! It can be found at!

2003-08-25 (18:21:02) <news:Elftown Logos>
The winners of the Elftown Logo competition have been announced, and they are [tankerman] and [Saffron]. The results can be found at Results of the Competition. Along with the Elftown Logos wiki so members can choose their favourite one to display.

September, 2003

2003-09-01 (14:39:01) <news:The Town Herald>
The second issue of The Town Herald was released and can be found here:

2003-09-21 (18:31:02) <news:Update personal data>
The button to update your personal data has been moved so it should be easier to locate. So hopefully people would stop messaging [Hedda] and asking him where the button is :P

October, 2003

2003-10-07 (21:24:31) <news:Halloween poems>
Elftown is getting prepared to celebrate Halloween! The Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition has been opened as a result!

2003-10-13 (14:10:16) <news:Halloween poems>
Some new things added:
- The '?','*', and '-' were added to the friends list indicating whether someone is online, logged out, or logged in but inactive.
- You now get a blue link in your Elftown status bar if someone replies to your posting in a forum you're part of.
- Lay-out fixes, buttons by [Cristina], more guard features, etc.

2003-10-19 (20:37:33) <news:New stuff!>
Some new Elftown luxuries:
- There's now no painful process to find an old uploaded image.
- "Go to posting #" box has been added to the forum pages.
- You can use this search option to edit a bad posting the next day.
- People that are not in your forum can no longer post messages to it.
- Some other things on the posting that relate to forums

2003-10-29 (21:59:45) <news:Newer Stuff!>
[Khisto] is the winner of the first Halloween poetry competition. Some Halloween art has been made by [May-lea], [TheRogue], and [Aya723]

November, 2003

2003-11-12 (01:06:55) <news:Halloween continue>
There was a database error resulting in some of the wiki-changes notifications some times not working correctly. Editing pages was wonky as well. It's been fixed.

2003-11-20 (00:55:16) <news:Happy!>
[Hedda] thinks that Elftown makes everyone happy!

2003-11-21 (21:56:14) <news:A ray of light...>
[Hedda]'s birthday was announced in a tear jerking manner by the one and only [Isilando]. So apparently it's Hedda's birthday! There was also briefly a 'Wish Hedda a happy birthday or be deleted', but Hedda got tired of it.

2003-11-24 (14:52:59) <news:<pre>-tags!>
The <pre> tag has been updated so it will work better. No double spaces and filthy <br> tags either.

December, 2003

2003-12-01 (21:13:12) <news:The chat>
The chat temporarily stopped working but was fixed thanks to [Samael].

2003-12-02 (08:54:26) <news:Exporting wiki-pages>
It is now possible to export wiki-pages so other people can access a wiki page without being logged in to Elftown. This also resulting in Elftown being down for awhile.

2003-12-06 (16:21:32) <news:Christmas! >
The Christmas competitions have been opened!
Christmas FrontPage competition
Christmas poem competition
Christmas image competition

2003-12-07 (13:50:20) <news:The Town Herald>
The Town Herald is once again active.

2003-12-08 (01:29:06) <news:Wiki-passwords!>
It's now possible for wiki-page owners to password protect their wiki-pages. Password protected pages can only be edited by people who know the password.

2003-12-11 (15:41:04) <news:Banned places>
Many schools and libraries were going to be banned because of bad behaviour from some members using those schools/libraries. In order for 'good' members to still be able log in an Antiban has been created. This option enables members to log in from banned places.

2003-12-13 (16:17:35) <news:Tip of the day!>
Tip of the day courtesy of Hedda! If you have loads of friends here on Elftown, make a private forums so everyone can chat together!

2003-12-15 (10:44:11) <news:Badge-eating bug!>
There was a badge eating bug! It went around and deleted badges from people's houses that had that badge.

2003-12-16 (12:50:34) <news:Update-bug>
When Hedda killed the Badge eating bug it turned into an Internal Server Error when updating your personal data bug. It's been fixed now, so everyone should be able to update their personal data again.

2003-12-21 (15:43:48) <news:X-mas Frontpage!>
The winner of the Christmas FrontPage competition has been announced, and it's [liiga]!

2003-12-27 (12:42:56) <news:Stolen art...>
Some members just don't get the point of Elftown and Elfwood. They attempt to steal images that are blatantly not theirs ;) [Hedda] loves to poke fun at these people! (read the posting)

2003-12-29 (08:52:35) <news:Elftown down>
Elftown went down. The server possibly overheated and some member stats were lost. Some members were lost in the crash and a call was sent out to restore their numbers. Only the members (less than a month old) were lost.
Update: the old members were updated and new members were restored as much as possible.
Elftown went down once again and it was [thomas] who found the error, it was a broken fan.


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2006-06-11 [Stephen]: 2003-12-16 (12:50:34)- When Hedda killed the Badge eating bug it turned into an Internal Server Error when updating your personal data bug. It was taken care of so members could update <-----Needs to be fixed.

2006-06-11 [Paz]: Oh boo hoo:P Fixed

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