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No August News

March, 2002

2002-03-22 (16:29:39) <news:News!>
The first news posting was posted by our very own mayor [Hedda] announcing that the news section was created!

2002-03-25 (18:48:31) <news:Admin comments>
Admin Postings! The invention of the infamous secret service comments was created so guards/administrators could write those ugly comments over your house for all the world to see. Except you that is...

2002-03-26 (21:50:52) <news:More members!>
9 New Members meant to help beta-test the website as it was still new at the time, were contacted.

2002-03-27 (16:11:53) <news:A little better news>
The news was modified so that when a new news posting was created it would pop up in your status bar like it does today. So every member can now know that a new posting was posted without needing to take the time to check Main Street.

2002-03-30 (20:14:51) <news:Search a posting!>
The Posting search button was created. This button was installed at the top of every members house so you can read through the latest postings made by that member.

April, 2002

2002-04-01 (14:14:57) <news:Interforumthreads>
Inter-forum threads were created! This means that we are now able to post a reply in a separate forum that the one the one that the original posting was created. Also the go-to-next-posting button was added so a member could see the posting even in a forum they're not apart of. Another forum feature was added as well enabling you to post in forums that you are not a part of.

2002-04-03 (23:41:12) <news:Easier to make CSS>
CSS or stylesheets became easier to create! Members with the level 100 priv can access the tech page to upload their stylesheets. These uploaded stylesheets can be accessed through the Update Attributes Page.

2002-04-10 (11:52:39) <news:New attributes>
The fantasy race personalities were added to the Update Attributes page along with some new interest sections. All thanks to [LazyJenny] and [peura]!

2002-04-15 (15:05:58) <news:elftown.lysator>
Elftown got a new accessible URL name: (, the old version: ( is still accessible as well as another variation to the URL.

2002-04-25 (02:36:32)<news:New style!>
Elftown got a make over. The status table, font, colours and style was changed.

2002-04-29 (14:12:51) <>
Elftown can now be accessed via <>

May, 2002

2002-05-12 (01:20:11) <news:Credits!>
The Credits page was created to record what people did what around the community to make it a generally better place.

2002-05-19 (17:16:49) <news:Better re-logins>
A new better re-login. This was used (apparently) for when you're automatically logged out for whatever reason other than being banned, when you're re-logged in you will be sent directly to the page you were last on.

2002-05-21 (18:46:49) <news:New Town Guards>
The First Town Guards!! [LazyJenny] and [akilah] are appointed as the first two town guards for all of their work around Elftown.

2002-05-23 (14:01:41) <news:Italic in postings!>
New short cut to make your text Italic. Just add a '>' at the beginning of your sentence and voila!

June, 2002

2002-06-14 (17:14:35) <news:Pie-charts!>
Pie-charts are added to the poll page.

2002-06-22 (14:12:01) <news:More correct news!>
All Admin's and Guards can access already posted news to edit errors and fix the occasional typo.

2002-06-25 (15:35:50) <news:Changing postings>
The ability to edit an already made posting (yours) was created. However, by changing your posting you make any reply after it obsolete.

July, 2002

2002-07-07 (23:02:41) <news:Font-sizes>
All the font sizes were set into permanent pixel settings. You can choose a general font size to use by updating your House.

2002-07-30 (11:53:57) <news:Elftown down>
Elftown went down for that weekend and then came back up.

September, 2002

2002-09-06 (16:41:39) <news:Powerfailure>
A power failure in Linköping affected the Elftown hardware just a little bit.

2002-09-21 (17:36:23) <news:Worldmaps!>
The world map was created or at least posted publicly. So now everyone can choose their position on the world map for the members to see.

2002-09-25 (11:49:12)<news:New buttons>
New buttons are created by [LazyJenny]

2002-09-28 (14:14:40) <news:Random member!>
"Random Member" link is created and fully functional on every member page.


2002-10-15 (20:30:05) <news:Wiki>
The wikis are created! They were originally meant to document the way to work elftown. There was no way to add image to them yet without inlining URLs from other sites.

2002-10-23 (22:01:50) <news:Welcome Elfwooders!>
Elftown is linked to Elfwood so there could be hope to get more members.

2002-10-26 (16:38:49) <news:New forums>
The Junk, Elftown Wiki, Roleplaying and Games forums are created. Some bugs are fixed as well...

2002-10-28 (12:29:30)<news:Guestbooks!>
The guestbooks are created! They are available in every member's house. A member can do everything from read old comments, delete comments, change their own comments, comment on guestbook text, and look at recent guestbook texts.

2002-10-28 (22:23:23) <news:Friends-problems!>
There has an issue with the relation set-up. Whenever someone requested a relation with you, you couldn't log in. It was fixed and [Hedda] was able to to Riga in the end.


2002-11-03 (16:31:44) <news:1000 members!>
Elftown reached 1,000 members!

2002-11-03 (23:16:13) <news:USA-states>
The ability to select a state if you live in the USA became avaiable.

2002-11-04 (21:13:50) <news:Languages!>
The language section on your house is added.

2002-11-05 (17:59:26) <news:No message-list!>
The message-list was taken away (more information in the news).

2002-11-05 (23:42:00) <news:German & Spanish!>
German and Spanish forums are created for anyone who speaks German or Spanish.

2002-11-07 (14:40:35) <news:Comments in GBs>
Members are now able to comment certain things in guestbooks.


2002-11-09 (15:44:15) <news:More GB-features!> More Guestbook features. A page with all the guestbook messages was added.

2002-11-12 (22:00:29) <news:Read forum by topic!>
The 'Read Forum By Topic' option was added but only so new postings can be read.

2002-11-13 (01:05:54) <news:Your own poll!>
The ability to create your own polls was created.

2002-11-13 (21:42:41) <news:More Polls>
The "Show Private Polls" button was added. So now the members can view every private poll.

2002-11-14 (15:49:21) <news:German and URL-attr>
New German manuals were added, and forum hints and the FAQ page was added. The Lothlorien or Elfwood gallery URL and Fanquarter URLs were added to the 'Update Attributes'.

2002-11-18 (14:37:09) <news:New message-style!>
New messaging style was created. The messages are ordered in reverse order and only 10 of them are shown at a time.
Suggested by [Serwa]

2002-11-18 (19:25:25) <news:Help in Spanish>
Spanish translation of the help pages created.

2002-11-18 (21:18:33) <news:New Entrance-image!>
New entrance image created by [akilah], replacing the old, old one (also made by [akilah])
Old, old, one: <URL:new3/entrancegrass.jpg>

2002-11-20 (14:21:14) <news:Attributes checked>
Height and Age attributes were set so now one could be 3000 years old and no more microscopic and giant people.

2002-11-20 (22:24:33) <news:Guestbookproblems>
Some guestbook problems caught and fixed.

2002-11-26 (01:50:58) <news:New languages!>
New languages added to the 'Update Attributes' selection. Also some new titles (Street Child and Adventurer).

2002-11-26 (21:10:41) <news:New in the Wiki>
The 'wiki-page' box to the right was added so one could get to a wiki much more easier.
[Hedda] also apparently had a bloody nose while adding this ;-)

2002-11-27 (00:48:44) <news:Elftown mail lost!>
Elftown wasn't able to send emails to members who lost their passwords for a while and the problem was reported by [f_4ever]. The issue was fixed.

December, 2002

2002-12-01 (02:04:55) <news:Nothing new>
Nothing new happened.

2002-12-01 (03:04:10) <news:New forums!>
Elftown World Domination and Advertsing Elftown forums were added.

2002-12-01 (05:03:38) <news:Improved messages>
Links added to the messages so you can read the messages that you previously replied to and the messages commenting. Also, a new deleting feature added was that messages can only be completely deleted when the reciever and sender both delete the message.

2002-12-02 (16:58:23) <news:New buttons>
New buttons created and added by [LazyJenny]

2002-12-03 (00:39:56) <news:New forum-features!>
New forum features added. Now possible to change topics while reading a posting and vis versa.

2002-12-03 (05:08:25) <news:Wiki-locks!>
New wiki locks. So people can't edit the page at the same time as you. Only lasts for 10 minutes and by opening a new page you can't lock the page anymore.

2002-12-03 (06:16:27) <news:Elftown can mail!>
The ability to have elftown email you when you have a message or guestbook message was put into effect. Suggested by [gsveda]

2002-12-03 (17:15:52) <news:New buttons!>
New buttons added by [akilah]

2002-12-04 (02:26:40) <news:Links to polls> Links to polls were created. Suggested by [Avaz].

2002-12-10 (21:48:50) <news:Member stats>
Member stats for the week that this news posting was posted. Approx. 730 members logged in that week.

2002-12-25 (20:40:33) <news:Stylesheets?>
Stylesheet mix ups with the normal members who set their stylesheets to anything other than index.css.

2002-12-17 (07:28:04) <news:Private forums!>
Private forums were created so members can now create their own.

2002-12-18 (23:56:52) <news:Network problem ;-)>
There was a networking problem so bored ol' [Hedda] created some new features ;-).
- The Daily Poem was created and is currently run by [Mistaya].
- The option to turn away from a forum that you accidentally hit 'Join' to became operational. 
- The ability to vote in old Main Street polls without being sent to the current Main Street poll
- New buttons for reading forum posts
- Some more things Hedda had forgotten

2002-12-19 (00:17:58) <news:The Daily Poem>
The Daily Poem came into effect (once members started submitting entries). [Mistaya] ran it and started by using a poll of her own.

2002-12-19 (14:34:30) <news:Elfwood down>
Elfwood was down. There were problems with the harddisk and web-connection/software that resulted in the staff having to back up tons of assorted data.

2002-12-20 (07:14:35) <news:Elfwood up!>
Elfwood went back up

2002-12-21 (14:28:30) <news:Christmas Poem>
Daily Poem sent out a request for Christmas poems.

2002-12-21 (23:11:25) <news:Christmas!>
Christmas decorations for Elftown created by [valkyrie]. A wreath design for the side border, and a red background


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