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New Communities

If you have any idea of a new community built on the same base as Elftown and please let [Hedda] know!

What I need to start a new community is that there are about 30-60 people that would really enjoy it and are willing to write stuff on it, use it, promote it and help newbies using it.

Example of ideas:

A photo community for people that are interested in taking pictures.Photography Community has been started so members can bounce around ideas and show their support. Related links may be found here

A chess community for people that want to talk chess (I can't make it possible to actually play it with clients though, but that people can do that via instead.).

A general community in some language. (Remember that I still need a big group of people to start it! And I need a lot of translation-help for this.)

General community with lots of diverse people, or alternatively a general community for artists, not just ones affiliated with a certain site.

Community for people interested in philosophy.

A community for people interested in cars and MCs.

A horse-lover-community.

An international community for musicians of all kinds (And how do I make this to not be a place for little kids to exchange mp3s? Invitation only?). It's started! Message [All_Most PUNK] if you want to help out to start it! This is the last chance for graphic-creators, and non-musicians to enter!

How about a place for the younger members because I'm pretty sure we're dicrimanted against in elftown I'd know. It's started! Message [Lerune] if you want to help building it!

A Film-Lovers Community, where we can tell everyone about up-coming's taking on members! See: new communities - film makers for information and to sign up and support!

A Role-Playing Community, where people who love the art of role playing can role-play in a community especially built to fit the need:
(It's being worked on! See: rpg realm for information and to sign up support!)

A community for parents only, run by parents, where people can share funny stories about their kids, and post pictures of them without having to fear the freaks. Features would include parenting tips, mass uploading of pictures (like on EP), resources for single parents and low-income families, and community competitions, all on an invitation only site! Kids can even have their own house, with a parent's consent, and can make cross-country or even world-wide penpals! To sign a support petition, please go to Parents Only Community Petition! and leave your ET username or your name and email. The wiki is editable by not logged in members, so talk to your friends and family about it!

Just tell if you want to help starting up something like this!

A community for scifi for the people who like that sort of thing?

A community for people completely new to the whole 'Heddate' realm, Like maybe people training to become guards, or people who dont know how to use the psuedo HTML, or the Heddate functions, or mayby people training to become magicians or programmers?

A community as a nudist colony for artist - for those who photograph/paint/write/etc etc in the nude or of nude people - like SPADNAA only as a community. It could be invite only.

A Heddate-based role-playing environment (not a role-playing community per se) in wich every wiki would be a location, & the profile would have role-playing related statistics (perhaps for an integrated battle system). An artificial economy could be established to structure the evolution of the characters & the universe ("points" could buy better character statistics, new items, "wiki-land" for new locations, etc...) In other words, an RPG MUSH in wiki format.

Gamesmad - An 'All about games' heddate site, for anyone and everyone that likes any type of game & discussion about them.

That Government 'Game' Community I talked about. A palce where members can create their own goverments and be voted into power giving them more control over the community. The 'Government in power can control main page activities, change the quick links etc' There would still be a 'god' and admin team to make sure thew Gov don't go too crazy. Govs can buy advertising points at election times top put banners and advertisements up on wiki pages and Main page.

A community for people who are interested in cooking.

Username (or number or email):


2008-01-27 [Hedda]: Of course.

The biggest problem is to get people who are interested in actually doing something to join. People who join are mostly just looking around and then leave because everyone else is just looking around.

And then you of course have the competition from for example Elftown. Why not make a Game News wiki-page here and post links to wiki-pages about new games and what you think about them.

2008-01-31 [999999999227747 3734]: Ok, I have started that wiki page, but i will need some volunteers to help me get the wiki working becaue i only have experience with Sony Playstations and Computers, Any helpful people that play games interested in helping out?


2008-02-03 [Hedda]: If you make the wiki-page(s) filled with interesting stuff that you know about, I'm sure others will help you out. But no one is going to start working on writing news there until there is a lot happening there.

2008-02-05 [999999999227747 3734]: I suppose and that is a good point... I will get to work on that wiki and see how it goes.

2008-11-18 [Hedda]: A community for people who are interested in cooking.

And the big question is: How should I get the interested people to join it? And for how long is cooking fun to just babble about...

2008-11-18 [Duke Devlin]: I quite agree with your reservations there. =/ Although the idea could theoretically work.., most are going to get bored by it. =/ At least after a while. D:

2009-03-20 [Rook.]: [Hedda], if you create a new community, I'll be willing to ship over there and get to know it and help newbies with it.

2009-03-21 [Hedda]: But I want you at Elftown. <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

I think the right action is to develop Elftown instead of making more communities.

2009-03-22 [Rook.]: of course you do, I ddin't mean taht I would STOP comming to ET! Et is my HOME! XD

2009-03-23 [Hedda]: It's easier to get things going here actually. If you create something you think people are interested in, you can (for example) invite the ones who might be interested to the wiki-page.

It's much harder to make people join a new site.

2009-03-23 [Rook.]: hmmm, good point.
XD I know what I would do, but I'm 16 and a 'leader' (notice teh air quotes) XD

2009-04-05 [Fade_in2_Dark]: You would have do another community that was really good, like when the sister site was created. That was a very good community site because, lets face it there are lots of people who love sex out there. Sex dosen't really ever get boring either. But I do agree that the focus should be working more on elftown and the other community sites that we already have set up. Alot of them still have great room for improvements!

2009-05-15 [Alexi Ice]: Role playing community...ROLE PLAYING COMMUNITY!!! That would be AWESOME, if you could take on the persona role of your character. Wah! I lurve role playing...the 'Enviroment' sounds like .Hack/sign.

2009-05-15 [Fade_in2_Dark]: that is basically what elftown, elfpack and fake focus on already. I mean yeah theoritcally you could do a role playing community...that is just why would strictly RP....but seriously... why would people go to a new website for that when they can do it on the sites already established. Espically when the people they already enjoy role playing with are already here. And not all of them are going to be willing to go to a new site. Alot of people are very particular about the people they role play with...Depending on the type of role play they preffer to do

2009-05-15 [Alexi Ice]: Lol. Fine, fine. I will stick to Gaia even though Elftown is far more superior. People who like that sort of thing don't like Elftown because there is too much going on, too many other things. Role playing is way down on the list for most Elftowners.

2009-05-21 [Skydancer]: Maybe because its a fans of artists, and artists hang out... rather than rp? :D

2009-05-24 [Fade_in2_Dark]: That and the simple fact that alot of people that started on elftown arent as active on this website as they were when they first joined. But eh, that really cant be helped people do have their real lives to lead more than being on silly website on the internet

2009-06-24 [hanhepi]: my husband and i would both be interested in a car community, and helping out on one. (and since he is a mechanic, he would also be interested in helping people with their car related problems.)

2009-06-24 [Alexi Ice]: That would be awesome. I am a car fanatic, but my Mustang is a peice of shit.

2009-06-24 [hanhepi]: most mustangs are. :P

2009-06-24 [Alexi Ice]: Especially ones you buy used for 5,000 dollars while ur mom is drunk and not knowing the difference. LOL.

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