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The New Republic

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It has been a century since the fall of the Galactic Empire and the rule of the Rebel Aliance has reigned supreme while the remnants of the Imperial fleet had taken refuge in the outer rim territories. As soon as the empire had been overthrown, the Alliance had reinstated the Senate to restore peace and justice to the galaxy.

For several decades the Senate has ruled for the population of the free galaxy, but in later years the laws that have been seen as tainted with corruption, aimed for the powerful and not the rest. It is because of this that trust for the Senate has lowered and less star systems follow the rule of the Alliance.

Meanwhile, Master Skywalker has set up a Jedi temple on Yavin Four, and the Jedi Order has slowly but surely started to rise. Even though the Jedi Order has grown, it is still very much unknown to most of the galaxy, seeing how almost no one has come into contact with Jedi knights for centuries. Starting with just several Jedi padawans, overtime the Order now has over a hundred and fifty Jedi, but not all Jedi are true to the cause. Two Jedi knights, Sark and Malth, have abandoned the Jedi way several years ago and no one has heard from them since. 

But now, Sark and Malth have returned, commanding an impressive armada with the mission to rule the galaxy with an iron fist. The more star systems join them, the more support they gain and with that more followers. Even Jedi are turning from the light side and joining the dark. The Republic has amassed their army but the more support Sark and Malth get, the bigger their army grows, which now outnumber the Alliance. 

You're on an Alliance cruiser on their way towards the outer rim territories, when suddenly it is ambushed by Sark's fleet. Whether you're a soldier, criminal, or simply being transported, your ship is under attack. You, along with those around you need to get off the ship immediately. Will you survive? Only time will tell, may the Force be with you.

I, [Thallion], reserve the right to refuse your character or eject you from the RPG at any time. You get one warning before you are removed. Powerplaying and extended absences have the potential of removal if there is a serious problem. Tell me if you are gone for >3 days. Please be dedicated RPGer. By the way: PG-13 for language, which can go up at any time.

The New Republic Cast - Character Auditions here
The New Republic Art - If you're an artist and are in the mood to express yourself about this game, put your drawings/paintings/etc here

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2011-01-22 [Thrice]: :O Star Wars. <3

2011-01-22 [Thallion]: Yup :) send an audition if you want to play!

2011-02-22 [Kyrinn]: Id love to do this, dont know if I have the time but I will seriously consider it. Sorry it took me so darn long to get in here, spotty internet and work interfering! D:

2011-02-26 [Thallion]: So it's looking like this game will be put on hold, so sorry for those who already signed up :( Life is getting a lot busy now since I got the full time job. But I hope to start this in the future

2011-02-27 [Kyrinn]: I will keep watching though. Im in the same boat, work seems to eat up all my free time. :X

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