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This page is for neutral characters
The Tower of Seletar
The Mercenary Hold

characters must have this info:

[♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀] Ayla
Age: 25
Hair: Bright blue
Eyes: Black
Occupation: Traveling entertainer

Ayla is a twenty five year old women stuck in the body of a twelve year old girl. Her voice sounds like the voice of a goddess when she sings and her dancing hypnotizes the most stubborn of men but little opportunity is given for her to perform considering the age she appears.

USER: [Nae.palm]
NAME: Rio Mikael
AGE: Appears to be 23
RACE: Demon
CLASS: Fighter/ magic user
APPEARANCE: short, unevenly cut, black hair. brown eyes with a slight red tint. small, but toned body. boyish facial features (something of a pretty boy). pale skinned, glassy claws.
ABILITIES: has the ability to shadow-jump (this is done by sinking into shadows and reappearing only where another shadow is present.), also rumored to have telepathic abilities, but he has yet to read someones mind. creates orbs of energy (appears to be electrical energy) for offensive attacks, the size of the orb conveys the strength of the attack.
PERSONALITY: very cautious of what he says and does. a bit clueless, and tends to start trouble with his words by accident. normally stays quiet because of this fact. he comes off as the weak needs-to-be-protected type. only opens up when he feels that he can completely trust someone.
History: Rio was beaten out of his village (the name of the village is still unknown) since then he's lived out on his own in the woods. a scar across the left side of his chest shows how he's had to protect himself from rogues over the years.
EQUIPMENT: he has a small daggar that he's carried around with him since he was very young. the daggar is just a simple blade made by his mother. he also wears a hemp necklace with a fairly large black jewel attached. it is unclear what the jewel is for or does, but Rio holds it as dear to him as he does the blade.

USER: [Nae.palm]
NAME: Rae Himora
AGE: appears to be 24
RACE: demonic
CLASS: fighter
APPEARANCE: A bit longer hair than his brother, Rio's. his eyes are an unnatural blue. his facial featured are much more masculine than his younger brothers. He can normally be found near a kitchen somewhere, or where food is sold.
ABILITIES: he has the ability to shimmer in and out of situations and places. most abilities are the same as Rio's but more advanced. He can and has read someones mind, and, naturally his powers are stronger than his younger brothers.
PERSONALITY: outgoing, can seem cruel at times, but not often. cares deeply for those that he loves, especially his daughter, Ciara. a big flirt at times.
HISTORY: After being abandoned by his already abusive parents along with his brother Rio, they were beaten out of their village. since then they have parted ways and Rae has built himself a family. sadly, his wife died about 5 years back. he has seemed more cold towards everyone since then. all except for his daughter. He and Rio have no idea that they are related.
EQUIPMENT: similar to Rio, he wears a fairly large black jewel around his neck. He always carries a small locket with his deceased wifes name engraved on it. he has little use for weapons as he is highly skilled in evasive maneuvering.

USER: [Mekashef]
NAME: HaMekashef (basically, the Sorcerer)
AGE: Unknown
RACE: Unclear
CLASS: Sorcerer
APPEARANCE: Imprecise. Rumors say his true form is that of a young man in a long black robe.
ABILITIES: Invocation & metamorphosis.
PERSONALITY: Extremely secretive, with a dark & cynical sense of humor.
HISTORY: HaMekashef's history is shrouded in mystery. Half-forgotten tales speak of shadowy figures influencing the course of history before spontaneously vanishing; HaMekashef may or may not be one such apparition.
EQUIPMENT: Unknown, although sorcerous robes are reputed to have many pockets...

User: [Arcanien]
Name: Arcanien Lothlorien
Age: Looks 17
Race: Lythrin Elf
Class: None (Knows thieving skills to survive, and thats it)
Appearance: In his Wolven form, he is a Silver Wolf that is 5'6 feet tall, 9 feel long, 12 with tail, and is Silver enough that you would think his fur is made of silver.
In his elven form his skin is Dark, long silver hair, no one has seen his eyes since he is always hiding, and his never looks at the person talking to him, has a nice a firm build, is about 5'9", and weighs 189.
Personality: Is very quite, and is shy, he doesn't like to talk much because he has a hard time trusting others, and he likes to keep to himself, but with the few that do know him, he is very kind and gentile, he knows that stealing and stuff is wrong, but that is the only way for him to survive.
History: Is an orphan, the only Item that he has is a old Artifact from his father before he disappeared, he is an orphan and has lived on the streets just to survive.

User:[The Last Dragoon]
Name: Xyran
Age: 30
Race: Azca
Class: Fighter/Cleric
Appearance: Short platinum hair, silver eyes, brown wings, wears a red tunic with a blue sash and simple brown boots, and a brown traveling cloak to cover his wings.
Abilities: Has several mystic abilities, mostly focused on healing and combat, skilled in Swordplay and can sense magic in any form.
Personality: He can be cold at times but that’s because he has little experience with other races, and thus has little knowledge of the world outside the Aerie.
History: His life has been a sheltered one because of his gift to sense magic so he was trained in the mystic arts to give him the mental discipline to control this power, however he also trained with the sword in order to help him to understand all aspects of combat, when he was 25 he left the Aerie to learn all he could about the world he knew from books, and became a traveling adventurer to meet that goal.
Equipment: Carries a mythril Short-sword held horizontally across the back of his waist, and special gloves with arcane runes scribed on the backs and palms to amplify his healing arts.

Name: Obsidian
Race: shadow dragon mix, with elfish blood
Gender: female
Appearance: She has black scales, with dark purple markings that cover her wings, with two stripes around her neck. She also has a dark purple stripe down her face that has a dark red jewel embedded in her forehead. She has green patches under her jaws and on one of her spine membranes. She has dark red spines that run down her neck; she can erect them at will to form a stiff crest that injects poison into anything that it touches. She also wears a collar or necklace made of an unknown natural metal around her neck. A crystal made of obsidian hangs from this collar. She has a long tail that has spikes that have melted into each other on it. In human form she appears as a young woman with ebony black hair and milky white skin, black scales lightly sprinkle her waist and act as a shield for her heart. She is dressed in a loose dark purple shirt with black pants that allow free movement. She has green eyes with black slit pupils.
Abilities: The jewel on her forehead gives the ability to travel to different realms, dimensions and even the land of death, this jewel is seen as a tiny red speck in her eye when she is human. Her spikes are known for containing a powerful toxin that can be applied to anything and will only harm the intended victim. Very few people manage to survive this toxin, but if they do the gain the ability to see her past and into her mind. This is a double-edged weapon because sometimes the details of her dark past will render the person useless giving her an opening. The black jewel that she wears used to belong to her deceased parents, it used to be a brilliant green and the chains it hangs from was silver. It’s now stained black by the blood of her deceased mother; it represents what is her heart and mind. When she turns human her jewels meld together along with the chains into a dark wooden staff with an orb made of obsidian perched on top, held in by the claws of a gryphon.
Gods/goddess: Death, Sorrow, Pain
History: Obsidian is the daughter of a wind dragon and her elfish rider, she is fairly young, being only 175 years old, appearing about 17 years. She was a hatching when the dragon riders of Semedia were attacked; her parents went out to fight leaving her in the fortress. Close to the end of the battle her parents came rushing in, they picked her up and took her deep into the mountains, they were both badly wounded, the silver chain and jewel that represented their bond was stained black with blood, they reached a cave and had just managed to hide her before they were attacked. She watched her parents die, frozen in fear, after the attackers had left, she quietly took the necklace her mother had worn, and hung her father’s jewel on it. She swore revenge on the people who had killed her parents. You as she was though she couldn’t live on her own, she was almost dead before she made a deal with the god of death. He would allow her to live and give her power to avenge her parents, if she would serve him and act as his vassal here on earth. She agreed, and he also gave her the red jewel, that she carries. He caused her to fall into a deep sleep and while she slept he changed her body, her spikes and horns transformed into fearsome weapons. While her body was going through this she had used her jewel to go into the world of death and lived with her parents there. She learned to fight and use magic and when she finally came back, her body had grown and she was frozen in a crystal deep within the cave her parents had died in. She awoke in the crystal and broke out, and now roams the living world.
Username:[July 47]
Items:long sword,helm,staff,cloak,dogs 4,padded mail,spell book,holy symbol,darts 20 and long bow. 
Abilities:magic missile,no hands,hand craft.

[Fearathress]- Lenwë Anwarünya
Age: 159
Description: Lenwë had long blond hair with red hilights. He wears black robes and black armor. When he looks at people in his eyes all they see is gray.
Abilities: Wind Walker; blades of Arta once per week
Deity: Parasa
Relatives: One. His mother. 
History: At a young age Lenwë was discovered to have the powers of the wind. His father then trained him of the ways to use his power while the elder of his people trained him what his power was and it was used for good. At the turn of the last war however he found there were more uses in the dark side of his power than the good. Though during the war he fell in love with another elf named K'htressa H'kar. Though once he found the new ways, he knew that she would never except him. So on the eve of their proposal he betrayed her. The worst of betrayals. He told her that because of her she will be haunted by him until it killed her. Though he made a vow the moment he betrayed her, No one will kill her without me helping..

Username: [Bloody Remnant]
Name: Raydion
Hair: kinda long and black
Eyes: green
Race: human
Gender: male
Class: mercenary
Items: light wieght sword and 2 daggers
Abilities: electric elemental, telepathy, empathy
Description: black wings, ordinary shirt and pants both dark grey, black trench coat modified for his wings, fingerless gloves, a belt with several pouches on it.

Name: Tristin Blade
Hair: long and black
Eyes: green outer ring blue inner ring
Race: half human/ half vampire
Gender: male
Class: bounty hunter, ex-assassin
Items: 2 light wieght swords that can connect at the hilt and a dagger
Abilities: can melt into the shadows (he can't travel in them like before), telekenisis, hightened senses, telepathy
Description: black light weight cloak, ordinary black short sleeve shirt, black pants, a belt with small pockets, bracers, black boots and a pendant.

Name: Lucius Vicnan
Hair: long and black
Eyes: blue
Race: half human/ half elven
Gender: male
Class: bounty hunter
Items: whip, darts, one dagger.
Abilities: can charge things with psychic energy, telepathy
Description: dark grey light weight cloak, ordinary black short sleeve shirt, black pants, a belt with small pockets, black boots and a pendant.

Username:[Night Prowler]
Name:Sylge Gnovixe
Hair:dark teal
Eyes:no color, just black&white
History:age 3-6 he lived with his parents, they raised him and made him ready to go live with his uncle, they wanted to keep him but due to their troubles with the law they were executed by the time he was 7.6-10 was spent living with his uncle, who had a bunch of weird ideas and plans which Sylge decided to get done once his uncle died.from then on he lived with his grandfather, who taught him a bit about mechanics, air currents and stuff like that which would help a lot in completing his uncle's work.he lived out in the woods until he stumbled across the town, now he looks around for anything that will help him in his quest...
Items:a decently sized leather bag on his waste with a few tools and some food. a pretty heavy sword on his back in case he gets into trouble, thanks to his mom and dad he knows how to use it pretty well, luckily the weight isn't a problem prints for a few things his uncle made.
Abilities:he can fly for short distances(works a bit like a bullet, he just doesn't take off too quickly:P) another thing his grandfather taught him was how to make and control fire (and withstand a lot of heat) can do the same with water, only he's much more talented with it because he has more interest in water.can also control wind,self-taught,figured it to be a bit like water and fire control and was right.none of them are used for any sort of violence, could be but won't be.
(because i'm too lazy to type that out)

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