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Neil Gaiman: The Eternals review

At first I must confess that I don't know much about the basic DC and Marvel superhero comics. I've come accustomed to them mostly by the movie versions. Yes, shame on me. So I apologize for any mistakes in my review.
But I do know the name Jack Kirby, who has created many important and popular superhero comics like The Eternals.
The famous Neil Gaiman has written a story based on Kirby's characters and this album is illustrated by John Romita Jr.

The story starts with Mike Curry who thinks he's like any human being who works in a hospital. But then comes a man named Ike Harris who claims Mark is not a human, but an immortal being, an Eternal.
Millions of years ago, big robot-like aliens called Celestials came to Earth, perhaps they brought the life here. All we know is that they created the Eternals, the Humans and the Devians and left the two latter ones to fight each other. The Eternals were meant to help to protect the planet and its inhabitants.
But now it seems like what is left of the Eternals have forgotten who they are and someone is wanting to take over.

I have never really liked the basic superhero comic illustrations which is one of the biggest problems with this album. The story however is intriguing though quite confusing at times. Perhaps for those who are familiar with the idea and the characters the comic album offers much more.
I found some of the characters really interesting (like Druig) and it was fun to realise that other famous superheroes made appearance in the story, like the Ironman, who is one of my favourites.
Also, like always, the narration of Gaiman was hilarious at times.

I recommend this album for anyone who loves superhero comics, knows Kirby and if you happen to also love Neil Gaiman - this is perfect for you.
/ [Caterin S.]

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