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2009-03-28 11:23:29
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all pictures are clickable for full view

note: there are pictures with nudity on this page, don't look if it offends you




<img150*0:stuff/Nehirwen-TreeRoots-WIP.jpg>  <img150*0:stuff/Nehirwen-TreeRoots-WIP2.jpg>  <img150*0:stuff/Tree-rootsValesWIP1.jpg>  <img150*0:stuff/Tree-rootsValesWIP3.jpg>




<img150*0:>  <img150*0:stuff/Nehirwen-Warrior-Wip.jpg>  <img150*0:stuff/Nehirwen-Warrior.jpg>




<img300*0:>  <img300*0:>


two fights and a dancer


<img200*0:stuff/Nehirwen-RockTrolls-WIP.jpg>  <img200*0:>  <img200*0:>

For the dancer I used photoreference from <>


Wild & Paradise


<img200*0:stuff/WildWiP.jpg>  <img200*0:stuff/NehirwenPortfolioParadiseWiP.jpg>


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2007-10-29 [Jitter]: Looking good :) *watches*

2007-10-29 [nehirwen]: *does the happy dance*

2007-11-07 [Jitter]: Going good with the conductor :D

2007-11-08 [nehirwen]: ^^ thank you, I'm quite happy with the results too, as far as it is at the moment (just added picture 6) :)
still got much to do xD

2007-12-18 [bye bye all]: i like to see how drawings step by step become the final result.
I like your art and style very much^^

2007-12-24 [Jitter]: I can't wait to see your satyr finished with background :D ^_^

Merry Christmas! :)

2007-12-24 [nehirwen]: I have an artist block on that background :(
it's very empty this way, but I've got no idea what to do with it *sigh*
anyway, thank you :)
I think I'm going to watch some paintings for inspiration :)

have also a Merry Christmas Jitter! 

2007-12-27 [Jitter]: It's going along great ^_^ Maybe add some grass on the ground too or leaves :D

I lurve it so far!

2008-11-13 [Thunder Cid]: Wonderful work as always.

2009-05-08 [de Morte]: *watching*

2009-05-18 [nehirwen]: I should update this some time then. x)

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