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Nebraska School Marching Band Competition. review

So, I was watching these marching bands dragging along the street, a bunch of kids and some song the director hoped would make them look good. There were bands from every town that had a school large enough to group one, and about two that didn't. I watched each of them... disappointing fits almost all. I don't really know the make of good marching bands by convention, but posture should not be like they all just came out of a desert journey for walking four blocks. I won't go into the outfits really because I get that funding for them was certainly no hat trick, but really, do these kids do anything but eat?
Sure I'll be permissive for remember the experience of an uninterested youth doing some waste of time people say is good for you, but they all looked a little too much like they're mom forced them to.
Then the choices for the songs... maybe three that seemed appropriate, and I don't know what's supposed to be good, but when the majority of the time all that's happening is a single drum on a flat beat... maybe I just don't like marching bands.
There was once that did well... from the largest school... the public high school of the host town. Everyone attentive, full music, not getting obvious support from the instructor, timed pretty well...
Well I'm glad I didn't have to judge it, factors that wouldn't add to the score would probably have made me ill because I wouldn't have been allowed to just look away.
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2011-05-18 [Pseudonym]: Ha. crap.

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