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Neal Gabler: Walt Disney review

Neal Gabler was the first reporter who had free access to the Disney archives and it shows. The biography of the world known Walter Elias Disney gives us the man behind the story. It's a detailed description on how Walt grew from a young boy to a businessman who actually didn't like the business at all, but was all about perfection whether it was animation or a theme park.
From time to time even a bit too detailed book is a massive piece to read: it tells us everything - how Mickey Mouse was born and how this character boosted Walt's dream further, how he started experiencing with colour and sound and then long animations; how he brought movies and tv together and above all: how he together with his brother built the industry which is still known by the name Walt Disney.

I still would have wanted to know more, especially about the comic branch of his empire, but this book concentrates more on the animation side and how the first Disneyland was created.
It would also have been interesting to know more about Disney's monopoly and perfectionism when it comes to copyrights and censorship.

But still, it's a remarkable piece and I recommend this to anyone interested in biographys and the Disney Empire.
/ [Caterin S.]

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