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2004-07-24 13:44:49
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Character Name: Nazgule
User:[Elvin Boy]
Race:Angel (black-winged)
Rank/Class/Title: Ranger (prefered weapon: sword)

Appearance:Nazgule has, Shoulder length brown hair, Hazel eyes and when he looks at you it is asthough he is scaning your soul for evil. Nazgule's complexion is a slightly tanned white and his height is around 6 ft. and sprouting from his back are two black, crow like wings. Because he has been traveling since he was 16 years of age he wears simple clothes, Nazgule also wears a long dark cloak, as to not draw attention to his wings while in towns and villages. Under his clothes he wears light chain mail, also the Ranger's weapon of choice; single handed sword, is carried in it's sheath between his wings. His trousers are simple and Nazgule's boots are shin high, but light.

Skills:Nazgule has the ability of flying and is especially good at swift attacks, while flying he cannot carry heavy loads eg. other people. Nazgule is mortal and is similar to a human.

Personality:Nazgule is calmly spoken, and though with the ability to fly he does not use his 'gift' all the time, he is also quite stern, he doesn't talk to much about himself because he feels if people get close to him they will get hurt. Nazgule is skilled at making battle stratigies, but doesn't like being a leader for he feels he is not worthy of such a title.

History: His true origin is still unknow, he was found as an Infant by a family that already had a daughter aged 4 at this time, these people where human, and though Nazgule was different in appearance they treated him as their own, as he grew so did his wings Nazgule leant how to fly by watching crows flying to the near by forest, his 'father' was one of the most experirencied swordsmen in the village, Nazgule learnt how to fight Because of his 'father'.when he was 16 his village was attacked by an army, Nazgule put up a fight but in the end it was pointless, his 'parents' had been killed and his 'sister' was kidnapped, ever since then he has been searching for her. Nazgule's travels took him to a small town simlar to his village, war was upon the village but Nazgule offered help to steal the battle plans, from the attacking neighbor town. With the help of a dwarf Know as Athor he succeded. He is still searching for his 'sister' but offers help to towns or villages in need of service.

Other: Nazgule's sword was crafted by his father and has the words 'the light shines stronger in the pitchist darkness than any where else' on the blade

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2004-07-29 [metallickittycat]: yours is pretty much the only one with more then two sentances per category*claps*

2004-07-29 [metallickittycat]: could you add a: back to: [ wolf town characters @ wiki] plz?

2004-07-29 [Kai Ken]: yeah do that...

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