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2004-05-12 [Spikéd One]: I found a small problem on this page, the link for Masters of inspection leads to the Masters of Builders instead; as does the great grand masters of inspection link.

2004-05-12 [Nita]: Scroll :)

2004-05-12 [Spikéd One]: sorry

2004-05-12 [Spikéd One]: *turns head, hiding his blushed face*

2004-05-13 [Nita]: It's OK ;)

2004-07-03 [jesska]: im not sure if this works for everyone but on this page the pictures for great grandest and greatest grandest dosent appear.

2004-07-12 [True, plain and simple]: That is because they are on the to-do list.. :)

2004-08-21 [Pyro Mac]: how would one become one of these?

2004-08-24 [Nita]: By reporting bugs in the Bugs forum :)

2005-04-20 [Ace118]: No bugs as yet but has crashed

2005-09-06 [Thunder Cid]: When you create a new wiki and have a return link to an original wiki (example from chemistry to the elftown academy) but the wiki says that it is new, would that be considered a bug?

2005-09-06 [Sunrose]: That link works for me: I am directed to the academy from chemistry.

2005-09-06 [Thunder Cid]: No you missunderstood, I was using that as an example, It's mainly when your trying to create a new wiki and that's when it happens.

2005-09-06 [Sunrose]: I can't really understand what you mean without an actual example. Maybe someone else can though.

2005-09-06 [Thunder Cid]: It's hard to explain, but I try one last time, I was working on an alchemical liabrary, when I finished one part and made a return link everything was fine, but when I went back to the previous page it said that it was empty. I tried to get it back but it was lost. I expiremented with this bug for sometime but still haven't got a positive result. Even [Hedda] coulden't explain it to me. Is this a bug or something wrong with all 8 computers I used?

2005-09-06 [Sunrose]: You edited the page and despite that it disappeared even when you tried refreshing or using F5?

2005-09-06 [Thunder Cid]: Yes ma'am I did.

2005-09-06 [Sunrose]: Never heard of it and since [Hedda] fixes the bugs and you already spoke to him, I don't think anything can be done :/

2005-09-06 [Thunder Cid]: Then I just stumped the lot of you huh? *pats myself on the back* Well I did my part for the community and now I leave it in your hands to solve this puzzle.

2005-09-06 [True, plain and simple]: I'd have to see it first hand to even bother with it. If you can recreate it, tell me.

2005-09-06 [Thunder Cid]: I'll try, but it will have to be a nother time.

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