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-these r not all the nautical terms! i only put in what i thought was necessary. i excluded amny of the ship parts, and many terms describing actions, and i only put in what i thought would be useful for the RPG. if you have any questions about this (or complaints), message [test_drive]

Nautical Terms!

Deck Departments

Captain - oversees and is responsible for the entire operation of the vessel
First Mate - navigating officer and supervises lower officers, reports only to the captain
Second Mate - takes place of the first mate when the first mate is not available
Cook - cooks for the crew
Deckswabbers - ordinary seamen, responislbe for cleaning, gerenal maintenance
Helmsman - man responsible for steering

Ship Terms

Able bodies seamen - any member of the deck crew who is able to perform all the duties of a seamen
Above deck - on the deck
Amidships - in the middle of the ship
Anchor - a hook which digs into the bottom of the sea to keep the ship from drifting
Anchorage - a sheltered place where a ship/boat can anchor
Anchor watch - a member(s) that is assigned to watch the boat/ship while its docked/anchored
Astern - behind the boat
Avast - a command to stop or cease in any operation
Aweigh - to raise an anchor off the bottom
Barratry - any wrongful act done on purpose without the consent or knowledge of rightful owner (ex. captain)
Beam - the widest part of te boat
Berth - (1)a place for a person to sleep (2) a place where the ship can be secured
Bulward - solid rail along ship side above deck to prevent men/gear from falling overboard
Burgee - a type of flag to represent a ship
Cabin - a compartment for crew
Canvas - sails
Chanty (shanties) - a song sung in rhythm to the working of the crew
Clipper - very fast sailing ship
Cockpit - the area that is somewhat more protected than the open deck, from where the tiller or wheel is handled
Companionway - staricase that leads to the cabin
Crow's nest - protected look-out position high on the foremast
Dead ahead - directly ahead
Dead astern - directly aft or behind
Ditty bag - a small bag for carryin or stowing personal articles
Dorade - a vent designed to let air into the cabin but keep the water out
Douse - to drop a sail quickly
Eye of the wind - the direction that the wind is blowing from
Flotsam - floating debris
Founder - when a vessel fills with water and sinks
Galleu -the kitchen of the ship
Gang plank - board or ramp used as a walkway from ship to dock, dock to ship
hardover - turning the wheel as far as possible
hatch - and opening in the deck for entering below
Hold - the space for cargo below the deck
Hull - the main body of the ship
Hypothermia - the loss of body heat-greatest danger to anyone in the water. as the body loses heat, body slows down and leads to death
Jacobs ladder - a rope ladder
Jettison - to throw overboard
Knot - a speed of one nautical mile per hour (6076 ft per hour)
League - measure of distance three miles in length
Leeward - downwind
Lifeline - stout line around the deck of the boat to keep crew from falling overboard
Old salt - a very experienced and/or old sailor
Salon (saloon) - main social cabin of te boat
Scurvy - disease common to seamen caused by lack of vitamin C
Squall - a sudden violent blast of wind
Starboard - right side of the ship when facing forward
Windward - upwind
Yarn - sea tale
Zephyr - a gentle breeze, the west wind

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2004-02-03 [thestranger]: Oh my, this is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much, have no doubt this will be used a TON!

2004-02-03 [test_drive]: if u want, i can add alot more...depending on wat u need ;D...n ur very welcome!

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