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2010-09-05 01:54:44
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Nature's Dreary Spring

Please Note: These images are FREE to use stock for art reference, photo manipulation etc. You may use them without restriction unless otherwise noted. You do not have to credit me each time you use them, however a link back would be appreciated. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me

Thanks and enjoy!
Please see also Reference Pictures

<img150*0:stuff/holylogv.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/holylog3v.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/holylog5v.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/naturejunkv.jpg>
<img150*0:stuff/treeentcloseupv.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/treentv.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/fieldv.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/weedfieldv.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/bushv.jpg>
<img150*0:stuff/mossh.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/mossh2.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/mossh3.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/mosslogh.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/hollyh.jpg>

/ [Lothuriel]

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2009-04-03 [Skydancer]: ah, very nice. :)

2009-04-03 [Lothuriel]: Thank you!!!

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