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2006-08-16 15:05:09
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<img6*6:> Nationalities Photography Contest <img6*6:>

Presented by [Charybdis] and [sequeena_rae]


This contest is closed!

Congratulations, [Ocean Soul]! Your entry, representing Germany, has been chosen Judges' Favourite! Well done :)

Here are the results of the public poll:

1st place: [Jitter] - Greece
2nd place: [spincrus] - Turkey
3rd place: [Hedda] - Sweden

Well done, all of you!
And of course a big thank you to everyone who entered :)
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Welcome to the Nationalities Photography Contest! As we all know, Elftown is a worldwide community, with people of every imaginable country and culture represented somehow. This contest aims to celebrate that by giving people a chance to highlight aspects of the nationality they associate themselves with. Think of it as an opportunity to show your pride! ;)

<img6*6:> Theme: <img6*6:>

Submit pictures that you feel really capture a unique aspect of your country or culture.

What we want: It doesn't just have to be a national symbol, although that's certainly an option... Something illustrating heritage, an odd quirk particular to where you live; be imaginative!
What we don't want: Pictures of subjects that have little or nothing to do with your nationality. This one is a no-brainer :P

<img6*6:> Rules: <img6*6:>

1. Be sure your entries follow the Uploading Art Rules! Your own work only, or face the consequences. Which will not be pleasant. We shouldn't have to say this; you ought to know it by now.
2. Each member may submit up to two entries.
3. No photomanipulations this time. :)
4. Follow the theme, for goodness' sake. No random prettiness, not without reasons! If your entry has some symbolic value and the theme is not immediately obvious, a short explanation of why it fits wouldn't hurt.
5. Nothing violent or pornographic, please, although we'd be worried if you thought that was a good way to represent your country or culture to the world.
6. Have fun! :D

<img6*6:> Judging: <img6*6:>

One entry will be selected as Judges' Favourite. A poll will then be set up to determine three other winners (the same entry cannot win more than once.) Four unique badges will be awarded for these, and a general participant's badge will also be made available once the poll is closed.

** Deadline: Ten entries **


<img6*6:> This contest is closed!
See the photos at NPC Entries. <img6*6:>


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2006-06-30 [shotokan_gal]: If there's any here?

2006-06-30 [sequeena_rae]: Mmm, [Delladreing]? XD

2006-07-02 [Charybdis]: This is a bit late, but - what I had in mind for this contest was more the highlighting of positive aspects of your nationality... though I realize I didn't really specify besides the pride thing :/ In that sense, I can't really disagree, but I would prefer if you found something more celebratory than derogatory :)

2006-07-02 [sequeena_rae]: I'd say the pride thing was enough to determine what this contest was for =/

2006-07-02 [Fizban]: I don't know any americans...who actually like america @__@. None of my friends or family are particularly happy with it...infact, the only person I even know at all who is, is my 11th grade american history teacher :'3

2006-07-02 [Paz]: I'll have to agree with that as well >.> I have two friends who like it but no one else I really know... but I'll think of something :3

2006-07-03 [iippo]: You're all victims of political correctness then. :P As we know, it is politically correct to hate America. :( But since it is not a special country in any way, it is no different from any other country: it has good sides and bad sides. Everyone is just blind at America's good sides, because that would be politically incorrect. :O

2006-07-03 [Fizban]: It's soo annoying...older days people used to be obsessively proud of America, now poeple obsessively hate it...extremes. Thats what america's about.

2006-07-03 [iippo]: There's an idea for a photo :P

2006-07-03 [Fizban]: how would you represent that though?

2006-07-03 [iippo]: Extremes... a black marble at the edge of the image and a white marble at the other edge? :P

2006-07-03 [Fizban]: :O!! gasp! they might fall! lol

2006-07-03 [iippo]: XD And the grey marble at the middle, wins! </Mortal Kombat man sound voice>

2006-07-03 [sequeena_rae]: *doesn't get it* o.o XD

2006-07-03 [Paz]: lol, live in america for awhile (or just a read a book about it) and you'll get it.... guaranteed >.>

2006-07-04 [iippo]: Americans also have the chance of taking a photo of absolutely anything at all and saying it's about New York :P

2006-07-04 [Paz]: True :P Isn't it amazing? The only thing with america is that we really don't have much culture that is overly separate from the rest of the world. In fact we get most of out things from other countries -_-'

2006-07-05 [Fizban]: Well to me thats fine, cause its not like we have some rich heritage---ooh thats right, we do have a rich cultural backround for this land mass...we just killed and displaced the natives. So, thats really not what the country is about.

2006-07-05 [Fizban]: But getting everything from everyone else, is fine cause thats what were made of, easterners and orientals...Europeans and Africans,...But I dunno...we dont reflect anything other then the warping and destruction of them...hmmms.

2006-07-05 [sequeena_rae]: Weeelll....Be proud that you live in such a multi cultural country XP

2006-07-05 [Fizban]: What do you want me to go to NYC and get a bunch of poeple to hold hands of different racial orientation or something? lol, then take the picture?

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