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Nationalities Photography Contest Entries


Remember to number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

0. [sequeena_rae]
Example entry:
The bear is wearing traditional Welsh costume, and the other ornament is Merlin or Merddyn Emrys.

1. [shotokan_gal]
Fish and chips!
Very English ;)
(naturally, click for larger)

2. [Hedda]
A Swedish midsommer May-pole
May-poles used to be erected before May and there used to be fires on Midsummer. But the fires didn't look that good on Midsummer as it already was warm and very light. So the fires moved to May, and the May-pole to Midsummer. This pole is two weeks old. It was green as it should on Midsummer. The building behind is Herrgårn (årn).
More photos and link on
<img200*0:stuff/maypole.jpg> (Of course it somewhat breaks rule 5)

3. [Lady of Lore]
The U.S. Blend of cultures to create a unique one
This chior is made up of people from all over the world, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Japan, etc and they can come together in schools to sing in chior together to sing Christmas Madrigals in several languages including one in Korean. It is through the combining of everyone and the acceptance of people from the world that makes up the "American" nationality. There is no specific physical appearance of nationality that is American, all the varieties compose it. Without it we are nothing.

4. [Jitter]
The Greek Islands, Sun, blue seas, cyan skies, white houses and friendly people! Typical Greece ^_^

5. [Atayemi]
Llandudno - North Wales. Full of seagulls, fish and chips, rock, Punch and Judy shows and a beautiful clear sea! And of course..signs with Welsh writing on them! :)

6. [Magdalena Snow]
Mount Susitna: Anchorage, Alaska; United States.
While I may be from the United States, I'm also from Alaska, and we're known to be a different breed. This picture illustrates how even Alaska's biggest city nestles comfortably in the heart of nature. Alaska, as well as the United States as a whole is still a growing frontier.

7. [dew_farie]
Ever been to Louisiana?
I am not sure this picture really needs a whole lot of explaining.

8. [Ocean Soul]
I didn't want to submit the typical beer and leather pants photos :P So, this is something that also represents Germany: castles and half-timbered houses.. lots of trees and nature.

A part of me
Snow, hockey, familly...what more can I say it's part of who I am. Proud to be french-canadien with all the typical heritage I could ever want...

North and South
From what I see on TV I think Italy presents a distorted image of what it really is, there's a lot of confusion between the north and the south, so different in culture and landscapes. we feel it, and you can see it...
<img100*0:> <img100*0:>

- First thing that pops into someone's mind when Turkey is mentioned is, for some reason, all those stuff from the Ottoman era and anything that has to do with Islam. Well, I was going to challenge that view at first, then I said to myself, "why even bother?" and went ahead with more traditional stuff.
- The first picture is from inside the Hagia Sophia. You can see both Greek Orthodox Christian and Ottoman-style Islamic decorations at the same spot, together with tourists. Quite a contrast I'd say.
- Second is the Great Blue Mosque.
<img200*0:stuff/spincrus-nationalphotography-entry1.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/spincrus-nationalphotography-entry2.jpg>


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2006-07-28 [shotokan_gal]: The first photo comp, 'tis the season' I think, had quite a lot of entries. 4 pages maybe. Though didn't have to vote on them back then not being council.

2006-07-28 [Charybdis]: Quite possibly. I don't remember either ^^;;

2006-07-28 [sequeena_rae]: Eeeeeeeee! Lotsa entries :D

2006-07-28 [sequeena_rae]: Go vote for your favourites at: Nationalities Photography Contest - Voting ;)

2006-07-28 [Ocean Soul]: Mh.. any reason why my photo isn't listed? :(

2006-07-28 [Charybdis]: *pokes* Look at the main page :P

2006-07-28 [Ocean Soul]: Oh jeez! I complain and I didn't even realize that I won :P I'm dumby.. that's what you get from not watching the mainpage -_-

2006-07-28 [Jitter]: lol grats Franzi :)

2006-07-28 [Ocean Soul]: Thank you :3 Soo.. now everyone will come here and visit me, right? As a price? =3

2006-07-28 [Jitter]: haha I wish.. Germany is one of my 'To go' countries x)

2006-07-28 [Ocean Soul]: Mhh *invites*

2006-07-28 [Charybdis]: Can I come? :D Actually my parents just got back, and I didn't get to go to Bremen to visit friends with them ._.

2006-07-28 [Ocean Soul]: Mh sure :D Bremen, huh? How come you have friends in Bremen? =D

2006-07-28 [Jitter]: *goes*

2006-07-28 [Charybdis]: Whee :p They come to Canada once every couple of years. We met them when they came to our church, years ago ^^ We even spent Christmas with them when I was five, since my dad took a sabbatical and we all went to France ^__^ That was before they were in Bremen though. I think they lived somewhere around Cologne? In any case, we still correspond, and when my parents went to Germany a month or so ago they spent a good part of that time in Bremen with them ^^ I've seen loads of pictures. It's a lovely place ^^

2006-07-29 [Ocean Soul]: Never been to Bremen actually, but I think it really is a nice place. Many cities are uite nice, and Bremen is not one of these extremely modern and boring ones ;)

2006-07-29 [Charybdis]: That was the impression I got too. My friends' house looks almost like a hobbit-hole actually :P

2006-07-29 [Jitter]: haha hobbit hole? :D

2006-07-29 [Charybdis]: Well, kind of x) It has a low sloping thatched roof, and one of those doors with the top half missing that looks hobbity even if it's not round. It's not actually in a hill, but it looks like it should be :P

2006-07-29 [Jitter]: hehehe

2006-07-29 [Charybdis]: Even the rooms inside are laid out in a hobbity pattern - an old barn was actually transplanted from somewhere else and put around the original house, and the space created between the two walls has turned into a set of rooms that come off the main corridor x)

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