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Welcome to Myth of Altaride RPG !

This is the main page of Myth of Altaride, a fantasy oriented rpg. Though this amateur rpg is being under construction, fair bases have been achieved to allow playing, and more especially roleplaying by wikies. Besides, roleplayers, illustrators and writers are sought by us creators in order to improve and deepen the developing of Myth of Altaride’s project, as publishing is intended to be achieved in the long run.
This page will provide a very general overview of Altaride’s world in the following introduction. For the ones who are already familiar with these topics, here are given the links to more specific domains of Myth of Altaride rpg :

A general overviw about how to play on Elftown in Myth of Altaride RPG : Myth of Altaride rules
A wiki help for creating characters : Basics for Altaride's characters
The Myth of Altaride character sheet
The Altaride adventurers recruitment page
An adventure in Northland : Mortak's cave
An adventure in The Pact : Chaos in Khitarl
Pictures of the world of Altaride : Altaride's illustrations
The state of our works concerning the developing of the rpg : Myth of Altaride project situation

Myth of Altaride – Introduction

Myth of Altaride is a medieval-fantastic rpg which is named after the planet where the adventures take place (Note : Altaride is pronounced « Al-tah-reed »). This world is filled with a particular energy that came to be known as Magic. Altaride is a land of adventures where heroic achievements fade to legends while myths surround mystical secrets.
These lands are shared between the peoples from eight different races who take part to the construction of the civilisation. Those races* belong to the human-likes, the greenskins and the fairy imps. These peoples have made and unmade nations, they created new religions and fought for their influence, so that the world is under the domination of the five Great Powers in the end of the first millennium following the beginning.

* These are the races that can be played normally. Note that they can be very various, since there are 10 feet tall giants and 1 foot tall fairy imps, for example.


Altaride: the origins

Once, the peoples of Altaride were living in peace and harmony, guided by the kindness of the Ancient Gods. They gave gifts that could allow everyone to do things that could seem unbelievable. The legends say this was a world of happiness and joy, but only misty memories remain from these times...
Times of darkness came, as a huge cataclysm shook Altaride to its depths. A gigantic army of demons fell from the sky, with the only purpose of destroying any life. Fountains of flames, eruptions of rocks and rains of lightning were tearing the world. The Ancient Gods struggled, but Altaride’s fate seemed doomed.
The Ancient Gods chose their last resort: they banished themselves from the world, thus making the demons disappear (how these two events are linked belongs to the mystery of the myth). Therefore, this last solution could allow a few survivors to live and rebuild a new era.
So ended this period of cruel disasters called The Apocalypse of Blood.
Altaride was in ashes, but the dark clouds that had invaded the sky faded away, letting the remaining survivors to new hopes for a new start.

Main historical aspects

From the Apocalypse of Blood, the survivors developed a new civilisation, whose evolution corresponds to a blend of inspirations (middle-ages, romans, vikings, other fantasy worlds, etc…). This development was quite heterogeneous: while a few nations began to rise in technologies and social institutions, others remained in a situation of clans rivalry. These differences in evolution let appear the emergence of powerful countries known as the Great Powers.


Two of them came into being from evanescent reminiscences in the first days following the end of the Apocalypse of Blood: The Malgard Republic and Northland.
One other, named Yartal, was formed by an overpowerful mad sorcerer (Xarziv) who extended his domination on many greenskin peoples, leading them as a dictator with an iron hand (in a steel glove).
In the middle of the second century, a charismatic knight lead a war between human-likes and ruthless red dragons. His successes federated all the countries in the area, which resulted in the establishing of a new Great Power: The Empire of the seas.
With the passing of the years, Xarziv’s power grew bigger and bigger while he began to seem eternal. His will of domination became a threat for the whole world. The other Great Powers decided to join their forces to lead a fight to bring the mad wizard down in the middle of the third century. This war was maybe the biggest of Altaride’s history. Finally, the evil magician was defeated, and the Great Power of Yartal was no longer.
A new Great Power appeared in the sixth century, with the gathering of several countries willing to resist their barbarian neighbours. Their association is known as the Pact, but the aim of this Great Power is rather social progress that military expansion.
In the following centuries, no major planetary event occurred, but some tensions grew as the relations between Northland and the Empire were deteriorating.
The last and tenth century saw the rise of the fifth Great Power: The Barbarian Kingdoms Alliance. A strong giant leader managed to unite divided countries and lead a massive invasion upon vast greenskin territories. Once their military strength shown, they threatened the other Great Powers to fight against them if the Alliance wasn’t recognised itself as a Great Power.

The situation in the end of the first millennium

In the end of the first millennium, everything looks quiet on the surface but tensions are growing in actual facts. The Empire prepares secretly big plans of war, while other Great Powers become unstable. Hidden threats are floating over many regions. More and more prophets claim the foretelling of the resurgence of myths. Will legends reveal themselves, or is this just the consequence of unfounded fears ?


Roleplaying perspectives


Myth of Altaride is also a rpg with its own set of rules. As a “regular” rpg, the rules are based on a dual system “characteristcs/abilities”. Characters can belong to various races: dwarves, elves, fairy imps, giants, gnomes, goblins, humans and orcs. The evolution of the characters consists mainly in learning approaches (without xp levels): the player has to make his character try to learn something if he wants to get new skills. A set of hundreds abilities is available, with no strict restrictions for anyone (a warrior can learn magician skills if he tries hard enough, and vice versa). Evolutions perspectives are practically unlimited.

Online playing

So far, so as to begin new adventures in the world of Altaride, I’ve at least two complete scenarios at hand. More info will be available at the wikis dedicated to the recruiting of adventurers ! Please consult Basics for Altaride's characters and Altaride adventurers recruitment page.
Please check out the Myth of Altaride rules to have a first overview about the organisation of Myth of Altaride RP games on Elftown.
You may also send me a message if you wish further details or if you’re willing to play [syagre].


Myth of Altaride project

Myth of Altaride is an amateur rpg project which is currently under construction, even if much work has been done so far. However, our aim is to achieve something sufficiently serious so as to consider being published (in some years). Anyone that would be interesting in helping us or taking part to the project is welcome. More info about the state of affairs of this rpg will be available at another wiki page Myth of Altaride project situation.
For further details, don’t hesitate to send me a message [syagre].

Username (or number or email):


2005-01-09 [syagre]: Actually, I'd prefer that people would discuss with me in order to see to their character's creation, rather than "I have a character ready, do you take it ?". Mainly because characters' backbone is revealed during adventures (and quite unexperienced at the start), and also because of some of Altaride's specific features

2005-03-03 [The 5 Elements]: can i be part of this

2005-08-27 [Akayume]: interesting....

2005-09-17 [syagre]: The banner has changed ! Neater banner in transparent .png format by [Yncke]

2005-10-02 [*Joe*]: very interesting. yes indeed. hhmmm

2005-12-02 [3.00 x 10^8 Meters/Second]: impressive...most impressive

2005-12-02 [syagre]: If there are any question/remarks/suggestions/miscellaneous stuff/pancakes/cactus just message me, ok ?

2006-01-27 [~_//That Which Is Lost\\_~]: PINK FRILLY GRANDMA BUKETS R GUNNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-01-27 [syagre]: mmmhhh... thanks for that useful information that deserved to be explicitly revealed. I wonder if this wiki-page has been the most accurate place for mentioning it, though.

2006-03-26 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: How can barbarians have an alliance?

2006-03-26 [syagre]: Roughly, the barbarian kingdoms alliance (well, [smeet666] could correct me if I'm not accurate) was originally several kingdoms with a rather chaotic situation. It's been like this for centuries, and even within some kingdoms, the regime was more constituted of clan rivalries than of a united institution

2006-03-26 [syagre]: Then, one army leader took the reins of a powerful kingdom, and lead it to major conquests. Then, he suggested an alliance with the neighbouring countries

2006-03-26 [syagre]: Either the other rulers saw in him a charismatic and capable leader able to draw a great destiny for their countries, and thus, accepted the alliance, or the ruler didn't accept at first until the warlord put enough threat on them to make them bow

2006-03-26 [syagre]: The alliance was formed by very different means, but eventually they constituted a trmendous war force, which invaded a large part of the continent where they dwell. They threatened the other Great powers to carry on their invasions unless they ware recognised as a Great Power themselves

2006-03-26 [syagre]: That's basically how those barbarian have come up to this alliance and then, to build a Great Power.

2006-06-17 [Akayume]: May I ask if this is still taking characters? (or not?)

2006-07-16 [syagre]: You can always ask, it doesn't cost you :P

2006-07-16 [Akayume]: True. :p

2006-08-15 [xido]: Excellent page, excellent map, and excellent outline and format. I am amazed.
I nominate this page for acceptance into the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay Guild. Please let me know by message if you would like to accept this nomination. I am highly impressed by your work, [syagre]. ;)

2007-02-18 [Darian Hawke]: Wow. I love what you've done here. I started my own RPG wiki The knights of Vangaard but it isnt nearly as detailed as this one is.
How did you make the map??? I love it! Everything here's really fantastic! Great job!

2007-02-18 [syagre]: Thanks for your comment ! I'll have a check to your own RPG... as for the map, it is actually done with paintshop Pro, picking the colours from an Earth Satellite picture ;)

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