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2009-02-19 01:10:45
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I want to thank [Lord Dog]
for both his suggestion
and providing with the inspiration to create a page to keep idea's to visit in the future.

[Lord Dog]: I would offer by way of suggestion for a future round a collage piece even revisiting the original theme of entering Elftown
THat way everyone takes a piece and connects it to the previous piece.

[wicked fae mage]: I like [Lord Dog]'s idea. I've also thought about a diety/mythology contest in the future since the nature of so many gods and goddesses is hidden or altered slightly from how it was initially supposed to be viewed or interpreted.

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2009-02-19 [LynnAnneBrown]: I love it, [wicked fae mage] a bit of a peek behind the veil, A look at the many forms the God's and Goddesses have chosen to wear in times both ancient and modern. Sounds really good to me.

2009-02-19 [wicked fae mage]: Thank you. unofficial mythology contest I do believe that's the link.

2009-02-19 [LynnAnneBrown]: Goody, Goody, Another place to play. I can't wait.

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