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Welcome to my menagerie!

Here you will find creatures who are in search of a story!

These are all creatures I drew for stories that popped into my head over the years that have never been used. Feel free to take them out for a walk or a ride in your own story- just let me know where they have gone (I'll happily post a link to anywhere they have gone!)

The images themselves are copyrighted to K. Raeside/dragonwrangler- feel free to draw your own versions but please do not steal these. Thank you and enjoy your visit!


The Dragonmount


This is probably the oldest of the bunch. A "dragonmount", he is a cross between a unicorn (or more likely a japanese kirin) and a dragon. He has evolved into a more horselike creature in the universe he is originally from so he is now in search of a world of his own!


Another Winged Horse


Next up is another winged horse. I originally found him flying over some snow covered pine trees but but when I developed the picture he ended up over the mountains. As long as he is flying he is happy!


A Furry Mount


This one is a bit of a shape shifter. He was originally designed to carry a full sized person on his back but I think he would be just as happy shrunk down to carry a much smaller rider!

Hopefully will be able to round up a few more for your viewing pleasure soon!

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2006-12-14 [Ciorstag]: Well, kinda inbetween- she's definitely a presence though!

2006-12-14 [moira hawthorne]: thats cooll what is the story... and is she bluejay bird sized.... or horse sized?

2006-12-15 [Ciorstag]: Horse sized- big enough to carry two people-

"Josh pulled back on the reins and Russell tightened his grip once again around the cowboy’s waist as the mare’s hindquarters dropped. Russell easily imagined himself sliding off her back and down to a nasty end on the jagged rocks below but with a quick flick of her tail feathers the mare turned in place and leveled off, quickly swooping across the distance to land gently on the edge of the narrow ledge jutting out from the canyon wall."

She's the one in my drawing of Josh over at y!gallery- I thought she was a regular winged horse till I wrote that paragraph!

2006-12-15 [moira hawthorne]: oooooooo very cool! the tail make so much more sense... as much as winged horses can make sense... i made a race of winged horses up when i was a kid.. but they could travel thru time and space... they used their wings to steer thru the jumps...

2006-12-15 [Ciorstag]: I like that idea- that they would use their wings to steer through time!

2006-12-15 [moira hawthorne]: well when you dont have ground underneath you you might need some extra help to balance and keep on course... but the winges didnt really support their whole weight and function as the interior mode of momentem... they ran,leap,and created a portal, and the wings were in addition... they also used them while running on the ground... sortta like a child puts out their arms while running... wjhich they did for the same reason.. for fun... they could leap and glide abit then...

2006-12-15 [Ciorstag]: Love the image of them doing it for fun!

2006-12-15 [moira hawthorne]: yah.. when ever they appeared in my storys they are like children in horse suits... very much the trickersters... tho loyal companions aswell... but they're riders always had to had a strong will to be able to win their hearts...

2007-02-08 [Galatea]: If you dont mind me asking, how did you do the picture of the pegasus, what medium did you use? Did you draw it on black paper or did you photoshop it?

2007-02-08 [Ciorstag]: Actually it's all Berol Prismacolor colored pencils on black mat board. I'm hoping to do a wiki of how I do colored pencils on mat board soon- just had a little water problem in our basement (where my art and art supplies are keep) and haven't straightened things up yet so can't get to my supplies right at the moment. Hopefully by the end of the month though.

2007-02-08 [moira hawthorne]: how is the clean up going?

2007-02-08 [Ciorstag]: *laughs* at the moment nowhere. We really need a dumpster but we have gotten a few things cleaned up and have figured out how we want the house to look so thats a good start!

2007-02-08 [moira hawthorne]: well thats something... I want a dumpster too... their is this impluse of mine to never throw out anything...

2007-02-09 [Artsieladie]: I forgot I was here until I clicked here. I guess collaboration is not the word I meant, then. I meant the colors & how they are all used together. They all work so well together. Anywho, I still find your works amazing & wonderful. :D

2007-02-09 [Ciorstag]: Thanks!

2007-03-13 [NOOOPE]: wow... these are sweeeet. Keep it up! I wish to see more!

2007-03-13 [Ciorstag]: Thanks! Hopefully will have a few new critters up soon!

2007-03-29 [Kyrinn]: Oooooo very nice!

2007-03-29 [Ciorstag]: Thanks!

2009-01-15 [TheSwedishBot]: Wow, impressive amount of detail, kudos!

2009-09-26 [hanhepi]: cool! i love your work. there is a lot of tiny details. :) and they look so lifelike. (i mean, i assume they look lifelike, never having seen any of them in real life before.)

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