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2010-02-22 05:16:26
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My Camera Problem

My camera has been treated pretty badly, but not as badly as it has treated me!

OK, first I dropped it into the asphalt and it got a big wound. It was a minor problem. Later on I've dropped it in snow so that it got wet, and that was no problem when it dried up.

And a few weeks later, the day before yesterday, I took some cat images and finally this image from inside my bathroom:
And after that it totally refused to come out! After hours of pulling and so on, I desperately put a little oil on it (Don't do that! It will break the camera) and then it just started to work. And smoothly.

Well, so I took a couple of images today and it all worked fine many times, but Stefano with tho girls was obviously too much for any camera:
After that it just went out and in and then demanded to be turned off every time I turned it on. Even hours after Stefano was gone... 

But after pulling and hitting and cleaning it, I accidentally ripped that ring off. And the camera works perfectly as you see!

I cleaned the ring and camera a little and put it back and now it works again.
I guess until it get something really scare in its focus... Like a glass of water or something!

/ [Hedda]

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2010-02-22 [Hedda]: OK, the layout of this page sucks, but so does my camera!

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