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2005-04-25 20:46:43
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Banner made by [la vie lemon]


Do You Want Some Live (kinda) Action?
This is where to come to settle scores, when distance and a webcam cant be found.

Meet in the Comments Section of this page to battle to the death. This is a battle of wits. Only One (1) Comment at a Time.

An offical must be appointed to make sure that the fighting is clean.

Are you Ready? Lets Get it ON!


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2004-11-29 [Pillowthief]: First Fight-[Pillowthief] vs. [Whim] at 3:40am on the 29th of Nov.

2004-11-29 [Pillowthief]: The Offical appointed will be [Sunrose], so keep it clean!

2004-11-29 [Pillowthief]: As the maker of this page, I think its fair for my adversary to throw the first punch.

2004-11-29 [Sunrose]: oeh! :D what will be the prize? :D

2004-11-29 [Pillowthief]: Hmmm...Rabids really good at making banners, I'll ask her if she has any ideas

2004-11-29 [Whim]: Wow...I must admit--I am impressed that you, of all people, were the one to set something like this up. Granted Sunrose was your inspiration, but I guess some people need a muse every now and again. Anyways, I’m ranting--how did you want me to begin?

2004-11-29 [Sunrose]: whee I am a muse! I am honoured! *^___^*

2004-11-30 [Pillowthief]: You think I know what Im doing?!? HA! I threw up this wiki in about 5mins. I dont know. Do you want to do a "Insult" battle or maybe a "I am Holier than Thou" battle? Who cares. Just hit me.

2004-11-30 [Whim]: Um...insult battles are hardly witty. And I'm not very religious, so the holier than thou bit is off. I think maybe you should rethink this. It's your wiki and sunrose's idea. I'm just a fabulous contestant.

2004-11-30 [Pillowthief]: Fabulous contestant? Hardly. I heard that you're a rebel.

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