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This means that
Mr. Sneakers
won 1st place for
Best Wiki
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Mr. Sneakers says:
"Thith wiki ith a Thafe Zone... Tho be Nithe!"
I think is what he's trying to say is this...
"This wiki page is a Safe Zone... So be nice!"

Mr. Sneakers has also been featured
June 5, 2005 - June 11, 2005 as:
Kitten of the Week.


This is, 2 month old, [Mister Sneakers] on May 22, 2004, the night before things went all wrong.

Also, please don't forget to visit his online store!
Hope to see you soon! ,,,>^-.-^<,,,

Visit him and his littermates for their 1st Birthday, they just turned 1 year old:
Happy Birthday Mr. Sneakers - The page to commemorate the first birthday of Mr. Sneakers, Snuggles, Stryper, and Streaker.

Please read his story, the reason this wiki was made:
Mr. Sneakers: The Accident- R.I.P. Sweetheart.

Find out what Mr. Sneakers went through beore the accident:
Mr. Sneakers: Life Before
(Not really done yet, got to warp my mind to remember alot of stuff, keep in mind this was 5 mos to 3 mos ago.)

View photos of him from newborn to the most rescent:
Mr. Sneakers Photos [3 Pages worth]

Show support by signing on:
Get Well Mr. Sneakers

Give your last respects:
We miss you Mr. Sneakers
Memory Book

And then drop by and pick up a banner for your house and/or wiki:
Mr. Sneakers Banners

Just what the title says:
Mr. Sneakers Thanks You!

See things myself and other Elftowners have made for Mr. Sneakers:
Mr. Sneakers: Art -

Feel free to visit his house here on elftown:
[Mister Sneakers] - R.I.P.

Mr. Sneakers has finally made it to Rainbow Bridge!
Look for him and other pets on:

Mr. Sneakers is now on the WWW!
If you use Google, AOL, Dogpile, or search engines, just to name a few, just type up his name and you'll find his site, titles simply "Mr. Sneakers" and his memorial. However, his site still doesn't show up on MSN or Yahoo Search.


What web banner do you like best for Mr. Sneakers' Official Web Site?
Let me know: <poll:39977>

Thank you for stopping by!


Love always,
Mr. Sneakers

P.S. If anyone knows where I can upload short mpeg videos to the internet and link back to them from here freely, please message [Archeress of Mirkwood]. Thank you.


[Mr. Sneakers Art Request!!!]

If anyone can draw furries really well, I'd like someone to draw Mr. Sneakers as a furry and color it. It will be displayed right here on his wiki page, and you will recieve credit on "Mr. Sneakers Thanks You!" and on this page (Or wherever else the art may go) But please keep in mind, that I will also be putting it up on Mr. Sneakers' official web site on the World Wide Web. Thank you!



Thanks to [65tyjvw45b] for the great graphic headers at the tops of the pages. Make sure to send a shout out!

Please visit Mr. Sneakers on Rainbow Bridge

[Mr. Sneakers says:]
Don't forget to visit the newest wiki on Elftown!
Elftown Cat Awards

Elftown Memorials Wiki Ring

Want to link to Mr. Sneaker fromoutside of ET?
Use this banner.

Rainbow Bridge Poem

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2005-04-29 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Aye... and she is very happy an comfortable at Rainbow Bridge ^_^

2005-04-29 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: Yeppers! And Mr. Sneakers has Bailey to play with! I bet she's like an older sister to him! ^^

2005-04-30 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: I bet she is too! SHe prolly lets him beat her at a few games... ^.^

2005-04-30 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: Yeah; Bailey was always nice like that ^^

2005-05-02 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Hehehe... ^_^

2005-06-09 [spongemonkey]: yo!

2005-11-21 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: [Attention: Mr. Sneakers has his own online store! Please stop by and at least have a looksie!]

2005-11-25 [Punkity spaz91]: awww he is adorable! <3

2005-12-29 [spongemonkey]: o.o wow. Mr. Sneakers is doing pretty well...well, not in that sense, but online store for a pet cat!!! thats love right there.

2006-03-30 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Yep! I'm gonna be back on at some later time, to work on his store, as well as another store of mine.

2007-12-04 [elphaba]: Doesn't this page seem... a little over the top?
Kittens die all the time.
It's sad, but it happens quite frequently.
Having a page about a kitten you had for a few days dying seems a little insane.

2007-12-05 [Little Insane Cat]: maybe to you, but love for your kitten can grow in a short period of time for some people. and as a result of the death of a kitten that means so much to you makes you want to lament it to the world wants to make you do wahtever you can to keep the memory alive makes you do crazy things makes you want to have other people see how awesome your kitten was. And it's obvious Mr. Sneakers was loved and yes, it is insane but love makes us do insane things.

2007-12-06 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: And by the fucking way it was far more than a few days. He was 6 months old. And as far as being over the top, just ask Elftown themselves... oh, wait, the Elftown Wiki Awards alrady did, and this wiki won first place! Go read the people that signed his Memory Books and paid their last respects to a little kitten. A little kitten that faught for his life for 4 months. A kitten that overcame so many odds to run and play like a normal kitten, when he was believed never to even have mobility in his left side. A kitten who was more brave in the face of death and pain than any human could ever dream of being. Mr. Sneakers was more than just a little kitten, he was my pet. He was my family. He was my friend. So if you don't like my page I got two words for ya...


2007-12-06 [moira hawthorne]: to [elphaba] in case you are watchin this wiki... which given your opinion of it seem unlikely... but just in case you do come back... know that negative opinions are not necessary to be shared... if you dont have something nice to say... say nothing!... any additional negative comments by you will be deleted... you may say nice things to atone for your rude behaviour, but otherwise you will be ignored... unless you continue to be a bother repeatedly ... than you will be reported.

2007-12-08 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Takes deep breath* Great... now that cooler heads have prevailed... I will try to bring order back to this wiki. How is everyone? *Big Cheesey grin*

2007-12-08 [Little Insane Cat]: ha ha ha you so funny :P

2007-12-21 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: I love it when I get wound up, because I only know what I'm saying after I go back a read it the next day. HAHAHA!! Sometimes it's funny, sometimes I feel retarded, and sometimes I just ask myself why the hell I'd say something like that. lol

2007-12-22 [Little Insane Cat]: ROFLMFAO i'm always like that! it's so funny because when you're really worked up the words don't really make sense and you're just throwing them out there and then once you're calm enough to read it you feel soooo stupid or lame lol and then it's like 'why the hell did i say that?'

2007-12-22 [moira hawthorne]: *huggggles*

2007-12-26 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Group huggles* I can usually make something good out of the 'why the hell did I say that?' moments though. LOL!

2009-10-22 [another brick in the wall]: oh my gosh. I remember way back in 05 stumbling across this wiki somehow, and reading it, and was to tears. I never knew Mr. Sneakers, but I've never been able to forget about this, after all these years.

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