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2006-06-25 19:39:06
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2006 nominations


Rules: Most informative wiki
About this year's competition: Most informative wiki 2006


Place your nominations here. Write a link to the wiki and a short description of why you think that wiki-page is so informative. If the wiki-page is a part of a bigger set of wiki-pages, then feel free to select both the best subpage and the main page of the wikis. The crew will try to decide which one is best to select.



- Tutorials - A lot of helpful pages about how to create images and drawings.

- The Art Store -A good community of artist who create tutorials, help one another with art questions, and displays a wide variety of art styles. [Hedda] comment: A bad name, no direct content, but linking to other places and no direct information. Many of its subpages might be informative though.

- What the hell does RPG stand for? -It's a wiki all about roleplaying. So if you're ever lost, and don't know what to do in a roleplay game, this helps out alot. [Hedda] comment: Not informative.

- Playgans - A wiki hosted by [Delladreing]. Basically, it dispels all the myths and taboos surrounding Paganism, and hopefully teaches people what Paganism really is.

- Analog - this is a classroom in the elftown academy which teaches about black and white analog photography. [Hedda] comment: Bad name! It also needs more images and links.

- Role Playing for Dummies - This is a very informative wiki that covers just about every topic you can think of about roleplaying. It includes character building tips, playing tips, and lots more. It's very worthwhile even if you're a veteran roleplayer!


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2006-06-12 [Hedda]: elftown academy is too broad! Please select a page that is describing a more specific subject!

2006-06-12 [RiddleRose]: woops! sorry! can do! can i put a page from the elftown academy?

2006-06-14 [Hedda]: Yes, of course! That is the idea. To pick a page that describe one thing very well

2006-06-15 [RiddleRose]: excellent, thank you

2006-06-16 [Hedda]: You have to export the pages! No more non-exported submissions please! First export the pages, then submit! I'm trying to fix the ones here now.

2006-06-20 [Hedda]: See About wiki-ratings for what is demanded from a good informative wiki-page.

2006-06-25 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Aw, someone already nominated Playgans! :P Can I second it?

2006-06-25 [sequeena_rae]: Hehhee, beat you :P

2006-07-21 [Hedda]: Oupps! Seems I've forgotten about this. Now I kind of need a voting or winner... Brain not working today though.

2006-07-21 [Sunrose]: What? :P Edit: Oh! Never mind, I thought I was at a different wiki x) brain is not working either..

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