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Most informative wiki is an annual competition in which the most informative wiki on Elftown is selected.



§1 Anyone can nominate a wiki. Write a link to it and a short explanation why it should be selected on the nomations-wiki-page.

§2 Previously winning wikis can't win again the next year and the year after that.

§3 The prize is that the wiki will get a link from <URL:start.html> for an entire year. The 5 best wiki-pages will be listed on this page.

§4 The winner will be selected by the Elftown crew.

§5 The wiki-page must be exported and readable for everyone. It may have restricted edit-possibilities though.


So what does "most informative" mean?

The thing is that the wiki-page should describe something very well, and the content should be unique and something that some people want to read about. It doesn't have to be anything of common interest.

Do a google for "orc poetry" for example. There Elftown has the best ranked and most informative page about orc poetry and I think that anyone that is searching for orc poetry, will be happy to find Official Orc Poetry Contest.

So what I'm trying to do is to find pages that are unique and are describing something very well. No matter what it is, even if halfling football jokes (Still empty...) is a little bit too narrow... ;)


Most informative wiki 2006
Most informative wiki 2006 nominations (Deadline 1 July)


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