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Saverad: Age: Unknown Hair: black Eyes:Gold

Saverad is a powerful soul forger and demon summoner.
He seems to know what is going on around him, and rarely shows
respect to others, except the Warlord, whom he serves.
He also seems familiar with Lilian and her family.

Name: Raven
Age: 18
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: Light brown/ hazel
Raven is Zataria's older brother, he was the only one who survived when their family was butchered. He had run off into the woods, when he had seen the culprits coming. Zataria forever blames him and has often tried to kill him. He is sad about his sister, but has seen the harm that she causes, so he trained with a sage, and is now a healer. He knows all of her weaknesses having followed her everywhere she goes. He is good, and warm and always friendly. He hurts inside though because of the loss of his sister and will do anything to prevent her from harming anyone else. He almost killed her once before but let her go, he swore that the next time would be different, he would either capture her alive to see if he could reason with her, or be forced to kill her. He came to the Tower, after he heard that Zataria had been causing trouble, and had joined up with another person.
Abilities: He has the ability to control earth, and is a remarkable healer, he has the power to stop Zataria's daggers and her mind tricks don't work with him. He can make her stop her attack and freeze by catching her gaze.

Okay... well, I only saw one other character with this name, but it's a male and my character is female so...

Description:Raven has amethyst eyes and long black hair that she keeps tied back in a braid. Some of the shorter hair arcs down over her face. She is thin from years of starvation, but her appearance of frailty is very decieving. Sometimes she wears normal, femenine attire, but she prefers to wear slacks and a blouse.
Abilities:As I said before, appearances can be decieving. Raven was blessed with superstrength from a young age and elemental powers. Generally she can speak with animals...
History:Raven was orphaned as a young child and took in by a cruel aunt who forced her to bed in the dilapidated barn with the single horse, pig, and chicken. This is where she picked up her ability to speak with animals. After about a year of being misused she fled the farm with her comrades to live on her own. For a while she was able to live in peace, but then she lost them to disease and bandits.
While living alone she wasn't able to feed herself as easily as she had when she had her friends and she slowly began to starve before being found by an elderly couple who nursed her to her current condition. Her heart seeks adventure, and this is where it brought her. Currently she is being sought by her aunt, and has been spreading rumors that Raven murdured her husband, who had consiquently been stabbed to death the very night that she had fled.
here is Raven: <img:>

User:[Xeroh Kanoe]
Name: Xeroh Kanoe
Age: 19?
Hair: Black. Tied in a ponytail. Except for the front.
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Occupation: Guardian User through Alchemy
Race: Human/Demon
History: Xeroh at heart is a peace loving, not-a-care-in-the-world kinda guy. He fights only for the sake of those around him, only when they might need it, and if they didn't instigate the fight to begin with. He has a rather calm demeanor and even though he's a little on the scrawny side, that doesn't mean he can't hold his own in a fight. He wanders around with no real place to call home and no real intention of finding one. He always wears a long black trench coat over a green shirt and denim pants. At his waist he keeps his sword, a long slim sword called the Demon's Fang, sheathed.

At first glance he doesn't seem like a half-demon, and even he doesn't know what kind. But if you look closely you'll see slightly sharp teeth and even slighter slitted pupils

A rather unusual young half demon with a rather unusual power. By attaching alchemical seals to objects, such as a necklace, he binds a type of spirit that can either create or destroy strong barriers to the object that are coerced into either protecting or destroying the person that wears the charm. There are many types of these spirits, each with different effects. All fall under the command of the Elementals, the five spirits that control the basic five elements. Xeroh has gained the favor of all the Elementals and can use their power at various skill levels.

User:[Aki Neko]
Name: amane ryo(aki is what others call her)
age: 14
hair: dark brown
Eyes: hazel
this is her.^ ^. she is with the love of her life, shoro.*faints*
race:cat demon.half

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2007-05-01 [Silver Moon]: lol ok what is her race, alignment, and class?

2007-05-01 [Aki Neko]: ...uh...alighnment and class?

2007-05-01 [Silver Moon]: good evil or neutral. Go to the Seletar class page

2007-05-01 [Aki Neko]: kk...

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