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       The Tower of Seletar 
        More Good Characters


User: [Fearathress]
Name: K'htressa H'kar
Race: Elf
Appearance: (long) Blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and pale skin. When in public she wears a black cloak, over the traditional clothing of elven mages.
Abilities: Detect hidden passages and immune to sleeping effects. Mage wise she is truly gifted in minipulating air.
Relations: She is the last living person in her family.
History: During the last war her parents died to save her, she vowed she would use her gift to revenge their death as well as others. She came to the temple as a "young" elf, but now she is reaching her adult year, and ready to kill all traitors that cross her path...
Though there is one, one who is evil and haunts her dreams until she dies. The man she fell in love with but was betrayed at the eve of their proposal for marriage. He never lets her have a peaceful night sleep. For he haunts her every movement.
Special items: Collapsing staff, and a broach that can hold one spell in it at a time.
Deity: Silvanus

Here is a picture of K'htressa... it is not the best but it is good enough


username: [Sir Riddle]
name: Skarrg Ragemaster a.k.a. the fireblood crasher
age: 37
element: earth
appearance: a large bearded troll-like man of about 8 feet, covered in scars and tattoos and walking a little bent, uncombed dirty hair, deep, brown eyes, overhung by his eyebrows, a beer-belly, a big beard with remains of food in it, an overwhelming stench of blood and other things you wouldn't like to know the origin of...
clothing:he wears a pair of heavy leather, chain mail covered boots that reach to his knees, a pair of strong leather trousers, alo covered with patches of chain mail from different sizes and making, a cotton vest, covered with blood, beer, and dirt, he wears a pair of forged iron bands around his wrists with rings on it so you can attach something to it (he attached his war hammers to it) he also wears a long, strong, and heavy chain mail vest with pieces missing, he also wears a beautifully forged silver ring around his neck, containing magic to ease him when he gets in a rage (only the one he yields the control over the magic to, can use it, and he can take it away whenever he wants)
personality: dumb and aggressive, he needs simple words to understand, can only take short orders like:"guard!" or "attack!" or "raze!" or "kill!", and that combined with a lot of pointing to the targets he needs to protect or attack and gets confused by long or difficult words easily, and speaks human language hardly.
he knows an unconditional love and loyalty to his masters (or the ones who bring him a lot of beer) and he would gladly die for each one of them, separately, but his thick hide protect him from most damage, and his weapons protect him from the rest.
if he is angry, or taunted he attacks destructively, crashing everything in his path (including friends, or innocent people) once tarted fighting, he doesn't know when to stop and needs to be taken down by magic (his neckband) from his masters.
he falls in love easily, and tries to 'seduce' the targets of his love by showing off his strength and balance, and his destructive power (not that they fall for him...)
history: a troll father, a draconian mother, he didn't have a happy youth, left to die by his parents, he survived by eating rats and mice, and other small things.
growing stronger and bigger, he could easily strike down larger animals like wolves, and boar, at his 15th he was 8 foot tall, and strong enough to slay a bear with his bare hands, more then able to join the army, he was selected as the warlord's legion's champion.
as he fought, he collected his war hammers from mages he killed.
when he tried to kill a warlord for his ax, he was banned from their protection and army, now a hunted man, he took jobs here and there, scavenging, killing, drinking, and hunting, he came to the tower of Seletar, where he stood amazed by the beauty of it, and he joined them immediately, stunning them by his filth and loyalty, he i there at the time being.
weapons: two war hammers, inlaid with great magic from the mages that carried them, he often talks to his hammers, convinced that one day they'll speak to him a well...
a battle ax from the fallen warlord (he killed him, and took his ax) capable of cutting through stone, metal, and even magic itself!
engraved with runes, his broadsword also makes a powerful weapon, when he takes it, and wounds or kills an enemy with it, it drains his opponents life-force, and heals his wielder in return, he doesn't understand how it happens, but he like it, and is often tempted to kill something when he is injured, no matter how small the wound...
he carries a magic shield that unfolds from his arm when he says or thinks "protect", again he doesn't know how it happens but he worships it like a god.
transportation: a huge black steed of about 9 or 10 feet is his only friend and walks him everywhere, it has sabre-fangs, and dragon-wings and a horned skin.
it likes him for his aggression and fury, it is saddled with a big red saddle of strong dragon-leather, and it has the ability of speaking a couple of languages.
skills: destruction unequaled, if he starts fighting, he is ending it as well, mostly in a deadly inferno, he always ends up being a total savage, killing, or in better words, annihilating everything in his path, he always gets in a rage, and a so strong one that he partially transforms in to something far more deadly then anything he ever came across, in that phase he is ale to breath fire, and the ground surrounds him like a second skin, if he gets in that phase, there's nothing anybody can do for him, not even the ones who have his neckband under control, because he won't be affected by it anymore, his mind is then filled with needs for destruction and death, and his back will be filled with earthly spikes.
profession: berserker/golem/hireling
alliance: neutral, although aligned with the good at the time being
friends: he considers everybody who brings him lots of beer, meat, or a good fight, a friend...

User: [Doc_D]
Name: Lucas Silver
Age: 23
Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair usually held back by a head band, his eyes are a bright green, he also has a dark red beard. Mostly he just wears a simple tanish tunic and slacks with high hard boots and a bear skin claok.
Abilities: Usual ranger stuff, he’s a good woodsman, able to tame wild animals, has knowledge of some druidic spells and is a decent tracker and hunter, can drink twice his weight in booze and is rumored in some places to have a cast iron liver.
Personality: Mostly laid back and relaxed when sober, when drunk he’s more then a bit goofy and a blatant flirt and skirt chaser.
History: Lucas started life in the small village of That Village Over There (yes that was it’s name, nestled between Them Mountains and A Lake). At the age of 15 he enrolled at Adventure U in their Ranger program and internship graduating with a masters in woodlandery. Lucas and several of his fellow graduates went off on many great adventures together, facing the dangers of Amber Castle, the Perils of Dread Island and even facing down the Cult of Kreasha. One day however after a bender to celebrate his group’s latest victory he found him self on alien shores with a tattoo of a monkey fighting a crab.
Equipment: Most of it is kept in his trusty bag of holding, but in greater detail he has access to a large number of survival tools, a bow and arrows, his dragon crafted sword and armor and a nifty helmet of translation.

User: [Breenn]
Name: Breenn Ironbeard
Race: Dwarf
Age: 87
Class: Fighter
Appearance Dark brown hair pulled back into a pony tail, long brown beard with 3 intricate braids, dark brown eyes
History: Not much is known about Breenn. One day, he just stumbled onto the Tower training grounds drunk, and defeated 10 people unarmed before he was subdued. After he sobered up in custody, he explained his allegiance to the Tower, and his tendency to fight better drunk than sober.
Personality: Very friendly (sober or not), although quiet. When someone tried to take away his alcohol though...
Equipment: Chain mail coif, vest, pants, boots, and gauntlets. 1 handed ax and shield hang on his back with a cloak, and a flask hangs at his side, always filled with some kind of alcohol for whenever his next fight might be.

User: [neoqueen serenity]
Name: Rosette Ningawa
Race: Elf/Vampire
Alignment: Good
Appearance: (long) Curly red hair, pale skin, slender body familiar to a half elf/vampire,and emerald eyes. In the church she wears the regular white and blue robes, but out and about from the church she wears a forest green cloak, black briggas and shirt.
Weapons: Short sword, long bow w/ never ending quiver that also has one pouch of holding.
Class Fighter/Cleric
Abilities: Immune to sleep spells and effects. Vampire side- ?
Relations: All the family was killed in the last war by her when she was turned into a Vampire. The only living relative alive is Lenwe Anwaruya.
History: During the last war she killed her whole family when she was turned into a vampire by Lenwe's cousin. When she finally realized what she had done she vowed to never turn evil. Despite everyones thoughts and actions she came to the tower to heal others and to one day be able to be reunited with a good Lenwe.
Special items: An amulet of Seluine that can hold one maximum healing spell and one minor turn dead spell
Deity: Seluine

Username: [Ravendust]
Name: Elyria
Age: 17
Personality: She’s soft spoken and tends to trust too easily... Elyria is truly kind-hearted and helps anyone whom she comes across that is in need of aid...
Description: Elyria has a fair, silver colored hair and eyes of the same hue. She is small with very little muscle mass on her body, though she is far from weak. Elyria tends to wear simple, silver or white corset style shirts with faded designs. She also wears a pear of black pants that can be pulled up to her knees and tied to appear more like capris. She has a golden horn set upon the middle of her forehead, which tends to glow when she's happy... the horn is due to her partial unicorn heritage...
Elyria wears a simply charm-type bracelet on her left wrist, something that she has had for as long as she can remember. What she doesn’t know is that it is this bracelet that protects her from the darkness that resides in her own heart. She is a pure being, susceptible to evil because of her own innocense...
Abilities: Elyria is a unicorn, and as result she can shift between human and animal forms easily... she is blessed with great and fantastic light magic abilities, including the ability to heal wounds of others, and bringing something back from the brink of death...
History: She can't remember much of her past, and anytime she tries Elyria becomes hysterical without really knowing why. She bears many unknown scars that vastly stand out on her flesh, when she thinks about them faint emotions come back- pain... fear... anger...
Image: <img:> I finally got around to doing a photomanip for her, so there you go!!

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