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Player Name: [Chel.]
Character Name: Monty Flowers
Codename: Chlorophyll
Mutant Power: Can control all forms of plantlife. However, he cannot generate it.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Physical description: Almond-shaped, brown eyes with thick brown eyebrows. His hair is dark brown, short and very curly. He has a thick, cockney accent and has no visible facial hair. The very gentle curve of his jaw is borderline feminine. When Monty smiles, little dimples form on his cheeks. His body type is thin to somewhat lanky.
Monty wears black black skinny jeans with a yellow belt. He often wears a loose button up shirt with a sloppy black tie. One side of his shirt is tucked in while the other side hangs out of his pants. Over this is a dark brown vest with a daisy in the right chest pocket.

Personality: Monty has always been a very confident lad. There is even a slight happy "bounce" in his stride as well. Coming from a family of all girls, he was a naturally good speaker. However, his lack of patience tended to make Monty come off as a complete blabbermouth. Some might think that he has an undiagnosed case of ADD.

History: Monty had a fine childhood despite growing up with all females. He was the youngest of two sisters and they were very protective over him. They were born without mutations, so when his abilities began to surface, it was quite a shock. The girls, along with Monty's mother were all very supportive of him throughout high school. He was really on his own for most of his high school years, but managed just fine. He would practice manipulating plants in his mother's garden almost every day.
After graduation, Monty wanted to learn even more about his powers and decided to go to college at the X-institute in Ireland. 

Hometown: London, UK

Relatives: Mother and two older sisters.

Years at the Castle: 4

X-Men: Ireland * X-Men Students and Teachers

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2010-09-18 [Chel.]: Wtf was edited?

2010-09-19 [Mrs Vicious.]: Oh I put the links to the Ireland RP and the student and teacher at the bottom, nothing else. thought it would be a lot easier for navigating and I was asked by flisk to put it on mine, hope you don't mind.

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