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The Monkey Island Story

The Monkey Island -series is a humoristic pirate adventure-puzzle-breaking game for PC. The games take place in the Caribbean - though not in real islands. The lead character, which the player directs is Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty pirate who can hold his breath for ten minutes! Here are the plots, exit now if you have something against reading game plots...

The Secret of Monkey Island
In the first game, wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood showed up on Mêlée Island seeking instruction in his chosen craft of pirating. While passing the pirate entrance exam (treasure hunting, sword fighting, thievery) Guybrush met the love of his life, Elaine Marley.
Unfortunately he also ran into his archenemy, the Undead Pirate LeChuck, who had kidnapped Elaine. With the help of the Voodoo Lady and some other friends - like Stan the obnoxious used galleon salesman - Guybrush defeated LeChuck, scattering his spirit to the Caribbean winds.
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
In the next installment Guybrush appeared on Scabb Island and became obsessed with the legendary treasure of Big Whoop.
In the process he nearly lost the love of the beautiful Elaine and unwittingly aided LeChuck’s first mate, Largo LaGrande in the zombie resurrection of the Undead Pirate. Only through the aid of the Voodoo Lady and the myopic cartographer, Wally - well, alright, also Stan the used coffin salesman - was Guybrush able to survive. Nonetheless, Guybrush ended up hexed by LeChuck, believing himself to be a little boy trapped in the Carnival of the Damned.
The Curse of Monkey Island
Guybrush has somehow escaped and once again ound his true love. He accidentally turned Elaine into a golden statue with a curse. With the help of a singing barber-pirate trio, Murray the Skull and a giant chicken Pollo Diablo he sailed to Blood Island where he - met Stan the insurance salesman too - un-golded Elaine, but was caught by LeChuck (you thought he wouldn’t be in this came, didn’t you?) and taken to the Carnival of the Damned...

There is also a number four, but I haven’t played it, so if someone would be so kind.... pliiide?

The islands in the game:
Mêlée Island
Monkey/Dinky Island
Scabb Island
Booty Island
Phatt Island
Plunder Island
Blood Island
Skull Island

Monkey Island Weaponry (I had to take this here, it’s just so bleedin’ funny)
Pirates lead a rough and adventurous life, and this calls for weapons... and not just conventional weapons like the cutlass, pistol or cannon. In a tight spot the clever (or desperate) pirate could turn ordinary household items into weapons... and given pirate hygiene (or lack thereof), even a papercut might prove fatal...
The cutlass
Any pirate worth his salt carries a sword because he never knows when some other brigand will challenge him. Of course, in Guybrush’s part of the caribbean, sword fighting is always accompanied by insults. The pirate must have a tongue as sharp as his blade if he wants to hang on to his treasure. DAMAGE: One point (It’s on the other end of the blade... get it?)
The Pistol
Firearms are still pretty primitive at the time of our story, so they are mostly used for one-shot situations like a duel of honour. DAMAGE: Either .45 or .38 RANGE About ten paces.
The Cannon
At this time, cannons are pretty much the ultimate weapon. They can sink a ship or demolish a fortress. Even an impoverished pirate could probably afford a generic model cannon for his ship, but high-grade weaponry demands a major hunk of booty. Aspiring buccaneers must work their way up, preying on ships with inferior cannons to boost theirarmament budget. DAMAGE: A hole in one. RANGE Depends on the grade of the cannon and wind resistance, but once these are factored in, the range can be determined easily using the following formula: Distance = (2v2 Cos F Sin F)/G. Or, as Rampaging rucksack Newton, the pirate physicist once said ”Ya keeps firing at ‘em till they falls down!”
The Serrated Knife
Guybrush finds that thought the serrated knife is of little use when defending himself, he can do some major property damage with a knife sharp enough to saw wood. DAMAGE: See Cutlass
The Scissors
Only pirate barbers would think of using these as a weapon, but they might be useful if you were attacked by a hydrangea or a bougainvillea. DAMAGE: A really bad hair day.
The Cream Pie
Only a rat would use this as a weapon. DAMAGE: Sugar rush. RANGE: Depends on the fluffiness of egg white meringue and weight of pie pan.

See also Pirates

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