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The town of Monick lies in the eastern parts of the kingdom of Stilya. It is a small town with around three-hundered inhabitants, most of them work in the nearby forest. Monick is usually peaceful, except for goblin raids from the mountains and the odd group of bandits there has not been many threats to the place. Lately though, rumors have begun to spread that aggressive beasts have begun to roam in the nearby forest and in the mountains, attacking woodcutters and travelers, but the cause of this is still unknown.

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2007-02-04 [xido]: Sounds great, Kim. I'd also throw up a Map/Eastonia link so that people know what they're looking at when you say mountains and woods.

I like it. Sounds like a great starting point for an adventure. Maybe even the next town on the map to begin Adventurer's Tavern's InterContinental expansion... ;) Feel free to begin one, and let me know if you ever need any extra details or ideas for how to work it.

Remember that Stilya is a Magocracy, meaning that a high council, known as the Arcane Covenant, rules the land. This town sounds small, and mostly quiet.

The beasts beyond the mountains have been held at bay for many years... A reason to their trangressions is a great idea for a story hook.

Check for info on the Eastonia pages for 'Temple Romulus', and let me know if you have any questions about them. The monks there are readily on guard along the Dredge Mountain Range, which separates the 'goodies' from the 'baddies'. ;)

Best of luck in this. I wish I could help further by throwing in a character, but I think it is time for the WFR Guild Members and applicants to get in on the action. I have had a lot of good years of playing on here. I think my Mod days are in full swing now.

I am going to do the Purple Vortex posts until my large plot line is out and working, and the Human Wraeththu RPG is going to headline this next week (because of a week off from school) and some into the future.

Best wishes,

2007-02-05 [Kim_Lundin]: Map and some links added. And yes, I added the creature thing to make this place look more interesting for adventurers.
I'll take a look on the pages.

2007-05-16 [xido]: yeah, that works well. ;) Thinking of incepting some new blood for a RP one day?

2007-05-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Would surely be interesting to start something fresh. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to spend here on ET, but one day...

2007-06-03 [xido]: one day... ;)

2007-06-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Seems like it's been very calm on the roleplaying front in general, at least the pages I've been watching. Of course, I may just be watching the wrong pages.

2008-09-18 [Phyn]: I want to people to remember, and acknowledge that they don't have LEGAL rights to the world of Estonia and therefore they shouldn't be continuing to play and or host games within it's parameters. If I have to contact the wiki boards and have this permanently removed I will.

-Nicholas Hudson, creator and holder of Copyright of the world of Estonia.

2008-09-21 [xido]: You even posted something HERE?!?! Jesus Christ, Nik, why don't you just claim ownership of the Bible while you're at it?

This village was one that Kim and I talked about making because he wanted to try something new. It wasn't even based off of ANYTHING of yours except a location on a map that you all but abandoned a long time ago.

Just go away. You have no right to anything here anymore. You gave it up when you walked away the first two times.

2008-10-09 [Phyn]: Actually you didn't have the right to post any of this stuff up in the first place. Nor did you have the right to "create" stuff into it. I had this conversation with you then... I'm fed up and can sue you for this... and since you wouldn't have anything of monetary value for me to take... you'd end up in jail... that sound fun doesn't it?

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