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Monday! Metal!

Eh... OK, no metal, but that was quite much metal. Yelana XXX - BAD! (congratulations Poland!). Bekele #1. Fraser #1 and most happy.

Then some feet moving.
A young hedgehog. He/She has no clue on how to behave, but survived this encounter. 
Hanna (Y), Randi (from Uppsala) and Linus (C)
Hanna and ...
The drink bar
Drunk German guys dancing on the dance scene.
Maxim and Uli.
[aidee] more and more D-group.
Our Turkish-Swedish friend, Hedda and Adde.
And Turan.
An M-student. With a wooden monkey wrench.
Jonas from Åland. I think I promised to sent his picture to Åland.
Ikshu (friend of Pontus) and ...
Johan and ?
The Turkish guy and the German guy... That took quite a while to explain.
That's good!

/ [Hedda]

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